Our Black Friday Bundle Deals

The holiday is right at the door and keen to have a blast this time. Well, go spicy with guests, this time and Our Place has tried all ways possible to turn your holiday vibe with ultimate fun and memories. And who does not know that the soul of a celebration lies with delicious food and sparkling ambience? Therefore, folks throw spinning swings among the guests blending elegance with class and Our Place is wholeheartedly standing by your side to make the endeavour possible. With Our Place Black Friday bundle deals, move ahead with Holiday party preparations despite any tension while enjoying lumpsum offers worth up to 40% off. 

Our Place Black Friday Bundle Deals – 8 Exclusive Sets – Chef’s Choice

 While Our Place has engraved a permanent place in crockery lovers’ hearts for premium nonstick cookware with earthy finishes, it outrages shoppers with insane bundle deals simultaneously with similar impulse. From a thick fat 18-pc nonstick cookware set to elegant tableware to a classic cast iron pan set, everything is paired on the marshall despite any partiality. However, we’ve picked the top 8 sets from all. Take a look.

Do Everything SetBlack Friday Offer: $625 $1,045
With a full 18-pc set, Do Everything Set indeed covers everything in terms of the necessities of the kitchen. From cooking to baking to brewing, the set is an impeccable choice for those, who are interested in a wholesome kitchen fix than by parts. The best part, the set is available in 6 candid colours. So, don’t step back to be experimental with your cooking skills.
Cast Iron Cookware SetBlack Friday Offer: $325 $465
Whether for taste or hygiene, no one can replace cast iron cooking sets and Our Place understands this very well. Thus, its Cast Iron Cookware set is a next-level creation which flaunts a 5-part assimilation; Always Pan, perfect Pot, Hot Grills, Grill Press, and Bonus Hot Grips. Available in 6 colour options the set sets no compromise with taste. Thus, let the kitchen brews tantalizing smokers while busy with sauteeing or grilling.
Ultimate Serving SetBlack Friday Offer: $195$245
A connoisseur is not entitled to glamour just because of their taste in foods and drinks but for their choice of selection on serving wares. In fact, suitable serving ware sets work as ultimate master strikers to mellow guests with overwhelm. You can completely bring this desire into reality with Our Place’s Ultimate serving set with pairs 4 separate objects with versatile utilities; Party Coupes, Loop Napkins, Gather Platters and Mini Bowls.
Ultimate Cookware SetBlack Friday Offer: $445 $760 The Ultimate Cookware Set of Our Place is another brilliant recommendation which holds a separate fan base for its budget amicability. Paring 3 sets of divergent usages the set features one Perfect Pot, one Always Pan and a whole baking set, the set is made up of pure ceramics coated with nonstick glides.
Baker’s BundleBlack Friday Offer: $265 $355
Thanksgiving party without some mouthful and crackling appetizers? No way possible! Therefore, for this year if your resolution is to be a bake-master host, put your hand on this cutie of Our Place. Featuring a betterbowl set, ovenware set and hot mits, your endeavour of being a true baking start would be hastened with boon and fervour.
Ceramic CollectionBlack Friday Offer: $105 $175
The subtle taste of sophistication can be unveiled after a swift glance inside one’s kitchen, that’s what is accepted by a chunky urban demography. Our Place pampers this perception with aesthetics and immaculateness. So, its new Ceramic Collection spearheads the cue of sophistication one step ahead with elegance makes alley with transcendence. Flaunting a stoneware appeal, the set pairs a wide coaster of main plates, side plates, side bowls, and mugs.
Everyone InvitedBlack Friday Offer: $425 $645
Everyone Invited is a whole-hearted venture of Our Place to compile central exclusives of Our Place. From serving ware, dinner plates, side plates, and a wide assortment of bowls, you really don’t need to peep out here and there once you own the set. The most attractive part of the set is its colour and textural symphony. With a fine golden rim around the edge, off-white base tint and smooth texture, winning the heart of the crowd is just a matter of minutes while serving.
Fully Prepared BundleBlack Friday Offer: See Here
Perfect cutting always leaves a crucial role in the overall taste of a platter besides looks. Therefore, the Fully Prepared Bundle at Our Place is an amalgamation of three different knife sets along with a wooden chopping board. Keep in mind a 100-day free trial is enacted on the set duly the purchase. 

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