Our Place Dream Cooker

There should be no compromise with time when it comes to unfolding even the subtle texture of flavour by every spoon – this is what every connoisseur admits at once. But balancing taste with time is the significant challenge we all face due to busy schedules. As a result there is no option left but to hunt for a rift where the symphonies of tastes would impeccably be balanced sparing minimum time and effort. Our Place takes steadfast care of thie factor and introduce its latest’ creation – the Dream Cooker, where a whole smorgasbord of flavour can be cherished just sparding a few minutes. So, as a perfect and classy choice for your kitchen uncover a comprehensive review before you stock it. Here you go.

Our Place Dream Cooker Review – Uncover Why It’s A Meticulous Fit for The Kitchen

Adhered to a foolproof scientific structural bases, the Dream Cooker is an epitome of modern kitchen where delicacy makes a fusion between science and architecture. Flaunting a chic, sleek, sturdy look not only it is optimized to cut the cooking time straight by 80% but maintains every nodes of tastes unchanced for a versatile range of dishes. So, lets pay a head to all those features that turns the multicooker exclusive and abstract from others.

Flexibility to 4 Modes of Cooking

Albeit, more or less almost multicookers can perform wide ranges of cooking, there has been serious complains about tastes considering cooking modes. Luckily, Dream Cooker has a proven strategy to coping with all such drawbacks. Instead users have found the quality of tastes as unchanged with cooking modes. Currently it is coded with 4 cooking modes.

Slow Cooking

Our Place Dream Cooker

Be it a slow-cooked beef casserole or one-pot beef, beans and cabbage, experience the heaven of tastes duly and after cooking. And the platabale redolance after the dish is ready simply takes zero minute to crack up your gustatory and stomach. From 30 minutes to 12 hours you can seat relax on home despite being worried about stirring and checking in minutes. Just set the time on and chill on. 

Pressure Cooking

Our Place Dream Cooker

Supported by advanced risk-free built-in structure and accidental leak-proof lead there is no time to be pricked while letting the dinner to be pressure cooked. Once again no compromise has been entertained to tastes. However, the pressure cooker mode cooking has made a special fan base by those who loves broths and soups.

Satue & Stir Fry

Our Place Dream Cooker

There is a small alumium pan comes along with the cooker which supports satuing and any range of stir frying. Be it pot veggies or beacon chips, anything cany be fried leaving zero stains or being burnt, either. 

Keep Warm

Lastly, the Dream Cooker has mindblowing potency to keep the meal warm inside till 12 hours. The range is applicable to any dish; watery, dry, sloppy, and so on. The surprising fact is that even after a long time from being cooked the dishes taste as delicious as it was from the beginning. 

Sturdy & Sleek Design

The Dream Cooker flaunts a super sleek design in together with 6 sturdy spare parts. Thes are a wide outer cooker shell, electronic cooker base, inner cooking pot, locking lid, condensation collector, and detachable power cord. While the cooker base and kid top are made up from enduring plastic, the lid underside is made of stainless steel and the cooking pot comes with a stainless steel body with non-toxic ceramic coating. At present, the cooker is available in 4 colour combinations; char, blue salt, steam, and spice. A full 1-year warranty and 100-day trial is provided duly purchasing.

All-in-one Easily Optimized Control Panel

The Dream Cooker is designed with an easy 3-funcionality all-in-on electronic control panel base. The entire procedure is very simple and uncomplicated. Take a look to the image below for better clarity.

1. Indicates the overall synchronisation of the control panel
2. Button for automatic steam release
3. Monitoring temperature and pressure i.e. high, medium, and low.
4. Choice of cooking mode i.e. slow cook, pressure cook, saute/sear, and keep warm

A Wide Range of Functionality

While it’s been already revealed that the Dream Cooker cuts the entire cooking by 80% and supports a wide range of functionality, let’s peddle down a bit more inside it to dig more details. 

  • Size: 15.2 in. height; 12.4 in. diameter; 13.3 in. depth
  • Weight: 12.9 lbs
  • Capacity: 6 qt
  • Watt & Volt: 1200W & 100V
  • Temperature & Pressure: low, medium, high
  • Timer
  • Pressure cook: 00:01 – 02:00
  • Slow cook: 00:30 – 12:00
  • Statue & stir: 00:01 – 01:00
  • Keep warm: 00:30 – 12:00
  • All-in-one Features 
  • Advanced built-in safety measures
  • automatic , hands-free steam release
  • All-in-one touch pad controls
  • Cool exterior while cooking

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