Our Place Wonder Oven

Owning a multifunctional oven is a dream of many epicurians. But execution of the idea mostly sounds unfroiing to major population. Surprisingly Our Place has made it possible succumbing every possible design about a multifunctional oven afloat on people’s mind. So, good news gourmets! Introducing Wonder Oven – the latest member in Our Place’s family which is beyond potent to jerk up your astonishments with thrill and upkick the fervour of toasting, baking and roasting at the same time like a catalyst. So, let’s roll in and uncover the reasons to be wondered by this Wonder Oven.

Wonder Oven of Our Place – Go Through A Succint Overview

Wonder Oven of Our Place is basically a 6-in-1 multifunctional oven coming in a petite design but highly efficient functionality. Driven by steam-infused technology, the oven preheats at 75% faster rate just in 2.5 minutes and get the cooking done at 30% increased pace. Although fitten in much tinder than conventional oven, Wonder Oven enables multilevel cooking simultaneously. Below, an overview is unveiled.

Supporting 6-in-1 Multilevel Cooking

Wonder Oven is acquainted by 6 modes of cooking which can be performed at one time. On the roof of oven there is small inlet of water which affirms the cooking stage along with indicating additional functionality. The modes of cooking are prescribed below


Our Place Wonder Oven

It won’t be boasting if you exemplify as a flagship product for toasting. Be it for milk bread or a millet bread, anything inside the oven gets perfectly roasted mellowing the gluten perfectly and without a butter brash. So, finger crosses before for a jucy, sumpptous breakfast ahead.


Our Place Wonder Oven

Although, quite smaller in sizes yet the available space for roasting a full size chicken or quarter turkey is beyond more. With this, you will give extra marks for the quality of roasting. With the thin crispy skin, the meat inside is super juicy and delicate. Supporting by 360-degree temperature nobs there is nothing be worried in middle of roasting or being tensed of burning. Everything is taken with care and caution. Just keep eyes rolled on the steam inlet in between free spaces. 

Air Fry

Our Place Wonder Oven

Excess oil or fat both triggers countless drawbacks on the health. But that does not mean to completely stay abstenaint from fritters. Wonder Oven can save you from the quagmire. With its Air Frying features you can munch on your favourite fries or chicken wings as much as you want. A special air frying rack comes along with the oven as a spare part.


Our Place Wonder Oven

With the stunning reheat functionality you can perfectly bake or roast last night’s leftover and explore new flavours while on the table. 


Our Place Wonder Oven

Broil enables a fantastic high-temperature roasting, by turning the surface crispy while inside layer as soft as butter. So, for the weekend salmon dish go ahead with guts.


Our Place Wonder Oven

Lastly, wheter for small-batch cookies, a pair of croissants or a bowl of cheese and asparagus lasagna, there would be no better option than the over. Make sure to buttercoat the baking tray well or thoroughly wrap it with butter papers prior to turn on the button.

Effecinet Functinality Powered By Seam-Infused Technology

One of the exceptional features than turn Wonder Oven truly wondering than other ovens is its steam infused technology. It reflects the stage of cooking while the oven is on working mode. In simple words, it works like an alarm clock, knocking whenever a new cooking stage is done, completed or needs something extra. To activate it you have to fill the water inlet above, the rest would occur automatically. Once the inlet is desiccated it implies the cooking is done. The inlet also control extra steam inside the oven.

Exceptional Features to Note

Now finally, its time to have a glance on sideway features as well. Take a look at the following pointers.

  • Oven + spare parts: 
  • Oven + bake pan + ary fry basket
  • Wire rack + crumb tray + attached power cord
  • Weight & capacity: 11.6 lbs, 12L
  • Heat range: 200 to 450-degree Fahrenheit
  • Timer: 0- 60 minutes
  • Watt & Volt: 1400W & 120V
  • All-in-one Features:
  • 6 multilevel cooking
  • 75% faster preheat rate
  • 30% fast cooking than conventional ovens
  • Dual-speed convention
  • Steam-infused technology
  • Warranty: 1-year product warranty with 100 days free trial

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