Our Place Always Pan Review

The kitchenware brand that sweeped the internet by storm during the COVID pandemic and made a distinguished flagship is Our Place. We all know that. While there are many other dupes in the strata of quality non-stick cookware sets namely Caraway, GreenPan, Faberware, and many more which have been there for a long time, it is indeed fascinating to observe that Our Place has catapulted an uproarious demand above all, especially through its grand launch Our Place Always Pan. Some of you may now ponder to cross-examine Always Pans and verify whether it deserves the craze it’s offering. For, it’s often been found that social media marketers excel in witty marketing tricks to allure shoppers through repetitive product ads and shoving them to be loose-controlled over mind and pockets eventually. 

However, that’s not what we are doing here. After extensive personal use, I’m writing this review article. I’ve tried to look at minute details on features, style, endurance, etc. along with paying gazes on the corners that need improvement side by side. So, if you think bringing home this new guest to your kitchen but juggling with the confusion with overall qualities I’m sure my personal experience will come out as a help.

What We Love

I’ve been using Always Pan for a long time. Unlike its dupes, the very first quality that will convince you at once is the sleek and fine design with bounteous colour assortments. Followed by this is the multi-cooking feasibility and fascinating temperature. Based on the prominent qualities, we’ve carried out a lucid discussion.

Minimalist Design & Sturdy Look

Our Place Always Pan Review

The focal aspect to turn your head to the Our Place Always Pan is its sleek, minimalist yet sturdy design. Although Our Place Cast Iron Always Pan or Our Place Cast Iron Always Pan skillet is analogous to the ceramic non-stick Always Pan, the newly smeared coating technology has placed it at the top of fame. With a 12.5” diameter (large) the pan comes with a simple and sturdy pan, brussed with 100% non-toxic PFAS ceramic coating, a ceramic pan cover and a wooden spatula. Available in 6 colour options ideal for modern kitchens, the pan entertainers gourmets of every taste.

Lightweight & Exceptional Heat Resistance

Both the pan and lid are made from superior quality ultralight aluminium which is 3-times heat conducive than others. This structural configuration made the product phenomenally heat resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. To check the verity we’ve tried a lot of recipes from brewing to sauting which are subjective to vibrant temperature extents.

Complete Enduring Non-Toxic Ceramic Coating

Our Place Always Pan Review

Our Place claims its Always Pan is 100% non-toxic and veneered with fine ceramic smear. And I don’t find it as a fallacy. In fact, the coating is genuine and ahead of any scratches even after one year’s extensive use. Synthesising non-toxicity of PTFE, PFOA, and PFAS Our Place has finalised those ingredients which are good to go for robust use without producing any chemical subdues. With this, the coating is scratch-resistant and away from stubborn greasiness.

Multifunctional Design

Our Place Always Pan Review

The productivity of the Always Pan has been multi-folded for its multifunctional approach. Supporting a 10-in-1 feature the pan is inclusive of seven types of cooking methods which lay coiled with the basics of cooking. These include sauting, searing, baking, braising, frying, boiling, and roasting followed by 3 subsequent activities namely straining, direct serving, and storing. Thus along with the ergonomic design and budget-convenient, I found the pan as a single-operative utensil for multiple dishes at one time. 

Scratch & Stain Resistant

Our Place Always Pan Review

The last part, which I find relevant to discuss is the scratch-resistant quality of the Always Pan. The pan has proven excellent abilities against adamant greasy marks and rubbing scars while washing. Whether with oil or zero oil, no abrasive or subtle stain has been spotted after washing; even the caramelized marks of pan-fried eggs or stir-fried beacons, the pan is impressive to mop any kind.

What Needs To Be Improved

With the impactful perks and benefits of the Our Place Always Pan, there are certain zones which require improvement side by side. Which is why, I prefer to roster the weak fissures of the pan and deliver a crisp analysis on these as well. I’ve summarised four points.

DIY Handle Fixer

The worst and quite annoying fact, I’ve found while preoccupied with fixing the supporting handles. Our Place does not send home a professional to place and hammer the screws at the junctures it is required. So, this is what you have to keep in mind. However, to better with this part we can go for a quick practice with the existing kitchenettes. 

Fast Down Pan Colour Fading

Our Place Always Pan Review

Though the elegant colour brush got my first impression right after strolling through Our Place’s exquisite ceramic closet and Always Pan bundles, however, the bottom bleaching needs some extra attention despite the crust. For, I’ve seen a fast deterioration of colour fade away in some cases. Plus, the colour texture appears a bit coarse simultaneously which resembles cheap coating.

Unsatisfactory Oven Safety

Our Place Always Pan Review

Even though supportive of Thermakind temperature sustainability which offers protection up to 450 degrees F, the ceramic coating does not meet the standard of durability as it’s been told. Along with this, the pan is not ubiquitously oven-safe. This further leads to aberrant fluctuations of temperature as per dishes and oven. So, Our Place must keep this point in keep for the next launch or product upgradation.

Underperforming Temperature Retaining Capacity

Our Place Always Pan Review

A lot has complained about the impulsive temperature control of the Always Pan which should not happen. Additionally, abnormal temperature drops happen even for a tiny intermittence. For example, with the second batch of deep frying of a course. Hence, I’ve found the need for practice in temperature control as well as retaining in less time.

Always Pan Alternatives

While the Instafamous Always Pan of Our Place walks on the edges of both positive reviews and weak lines, there are a few alternatives which are apt enough to be considered as its impressive alternatives. Each of these is well-structured and featured with potential qualities that pull attention. That’s why, with the review above I’m enlisting four alternatives of Our Place Always Pan with comprehensive descriptions.

GreenLife Nonstick Saute Pan

Our Place Always Pan Review

Focusing on environmental sustainability, the nonstick saute pan of GreenLife is constructed from sturdy recycled aluminium as the base element and burnished with 100% non-toxic ceramic coating as the end product. Gilted with four variant pastel shades, the pan is good to opt for any kind of sauting and versatile cooking. With leakproof leads, sturdy grips and multi-oven-friendliness the pan is a good choice for budget junkies.

Goodful All-in-One Pan

Our Place Always Pan Review

One of the most popular choices which too blows storms on social media after the Always Pan. With a 4.4 quarts volume, multifunctional design, chic gateup and sturdy design the Goodful All-in-One pan is another meticulous choice for epicures with an eye of the aristocracy. Construed from hard aluminium the ceramic coating of the pan is absolutely poison-free, especially ensuring zero release of PFOA, lead, cadmium, nanoparticles, and other toxic residues while or after cooking.

Ninja Foodi NeverStick Possible Pan

Our Place Always Pan Review

Ninja Foodi NeverStick Possible Pan soaring hypnotic hype among gourmets with a knack for collecting multifunctional kitchenettes. Boasting an intriguing design, the pan is well accessorised with essential add-ons needed. However, as the base metal forged aluminium is being used, ceramic coating is infused on plasma non-stick coating which has a temperature tolerance of up to 500 degrees F. Though a bit high priced (within $130) the pan is recommended for those who prefer one-time investing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Our Place Always Pan 2.0

Our Place Always Pan Review

Lastly, the new guest in the house – Always Pan 2.0 is considered as the upgraded version of Always Pan. Keeping the originality unchanged, the pan has placed pivotal attention on enhancing oven safety and withstanding temperature receptiveness to abide by zero vulnerability and fluctuations. Successfully, being capable in the transformation process the Always Pan 2.0 has metamorphosized the Always Pan just like magic.   

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Final Words

With this, a succinct personal review has been made after hefty usages. I hope you will find it useful before purchasing. Enkindling all points together, I’ve found the product as a good one with a rating of 7.5/10. The nuances are the reasons to cut 2.5. For an upgraded experience Alwasy Pan 2.0 is an advanced one. So, shop after counting all the points together. Happy cooking.