Our Place Dream Cooker

There should be no compromise with time when it comes to unfolding even the subtle texture of flavour by every spoon – this is what every connoisseur admits at once. But balancing taste with time is a significant challenge we all face due to busy schedules. As a result, there is no option left but to hunt for a rift where the symphonies of tastes would impeccably be balanced sparing minimum time and effort. Our Place takes steadfast care of this factor and introduces its latest creation – the Dream Cooker, where a whole smorgasbord of flavour can be cherished just sparing a few minutes. So, as a perfect and classy choice for your kitchen go through a comprehensive review on the Dream Cooker before you stock it.

Our Place Dream Cooker Review – What We’ve Loved

Adhered to an advanced scientific structural synchronization, the Dream Cooker is the epitome of a modern kitchen where delicacy makes a fusion between science and architecture. Flaunting a chic, sleek, sturdy look not only it is optimized to cut the cooking time straight by 80% but maintains every node of tastes unchanged for a versatile range of dishes. So, as one of the best ceramic cookers, it’s better to mark a crisp review of the Dream Cooker and check out the corners that have turned it shopping-worthy.

Flexibility to 4 Modes of Cooking

Albeit, more or less almost multicookers can perform a wide range of cooking, there have been serious complaints about tastes considering cooking modes. Luckily, Dream Cooker has a proven strategy to cope with all such drawbacks. Instead, users have found the quality of tastes unchanged with cooking modes. Currently, it is coded with 4 cooking modes.

Slow Cooking

Our Place Dream Cooker

The queen of gastronomy is the winning slow-cooking skills. Our Place absorbs the pith from the very beginning. Therefore, mellowing guests gustatory is a matter of moments once you serve the freshly prepped dishes from the cooker. So, double-thumb to your endeavour to the cuisine genre you like to set out; be it a slow-cooked beef casserole or one-pot beef, beans and cabbage. The best part is that you barely have to worry about every minor, which enhances the taste tenfold. Just give a solid marination and keep it inside for 30 minutes to 12 hours, as required and seat relax till the cooking is done completely.

Pressure Cooking

Our Place Dream Cooker

Supported by an advanced risk-free built-in structure and accidental leak-proof lead there is no time to be pricked while letting the dinner be pressure cooked. Once again no compromise has been entertained to tastes. However, the pressure cooker mode cooking has made a special fan base for those who love broths and soups. Together, to feed your need for bringing home a new, safe, and non-stick cooker go ahead with Dream Cooker simply closing the eyes.

Satue & Stir Fry

Our Place Dream Cooker

There is a small aluminium pan that comes along with the cooker which supports satueeing and any range of stir-frying. Be it pot veggies or beacon chips, anything can be fried leaving zero stains or being burnt, either. 

Keep Warm

Lastly, the Dream Cooker has mindblowing potency to keep the meal warm inside for 12 hours. The range applies to any dish; watery, dry, sloppy, etc. The surprising fact is that even after a long time from being cooked the dishes taste as delicious as it was from the beginning. 

Sturdy & Sleek Design

Ahead of cooking styles and cusinary vareigation, the immediate factor that scratches significant attention under Dream Cooker review is its sleek and sturdy design which amalgamates 6 subparts. These are a wide outer cooker shell, electronic cooker base, inner cooking pot, locking lid, condensation collector, and detachable power cord. While the cooker base and kid top are made up of enduring plastic, the lid underside is made of stainless steel and the cooking pot comes with a stainless steel body with non-toxic ceramic coating. At present, the cooker is available in 4 colour combinations; char, blue salt, steam, and spice. A full 1-year warranty and 100-day trial is provided duly purchasing.

All-in-one Easily Optimized Control Panel

The Dream Cooker is designed with an easy 3-functionality all-in-on electronic control panel base. The entire procedure is very simple and uncomplicated. Take a look at the image below for better clarity.

1. Indicates the overall synchronisation of the control panel

2. Button for automatic steam release

3. Monitoring temperature and pressure i.e. high, medium, and low.

4. Choice of cooking mode i.e. slow cook, pressure cook, saute/sear, and keep warm

A Wide Range of Functionality

While it’s been revealed that the Dream Cooker minimizes the entire cooking by 80% and supports a wide range of functionality, peddling down deeper to its attributes would be a great idea indeed to understand the overall functionality. So, the needed portion has been tabulated below. 

All-in-one Features Know The ElementaryTime / Cooking Modes
Advanced built-in safety measuresSize: 15.2 in. height; 12.4 in. diameter; 13.3 in. depthPressure cook: 00:01 – 02:00
automatic, hands-free steam releaseWeight: 12.9 lbsCapacity: 6 qtSlow cook: 00:30 – 12:00
All-in-one touchpad controlsWatt & Volt: 1200W & 100VStatue & stir: 00:01 – 01:00
Cool exterior while cookingTemp & Pressure mode: low, medium, highKeep warm: 00:30 – 12:00

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Rooms for Extra Credits – Continued Reviews on Dream Cooker

Scouting for extra marks before welcoming this candid product to your kitchen with grand applause? Relax, we’ve tried to soil your desire in the best possible way. Therefore, again give a quick sneak peek to the attributes that will certainly give extra marks towards a splendid purchase. 

Multifunctionality: Undoubtedly a masterpiece of wonder, acing multifunctionality is what glims at the core of the Dream Cooker. Featuring various stratum cooking of multifarious sciences and genres you can truly turn your cooking mood on with any cuisine of your choice. More clearly, whether a slow-cooker beef, cabbage stew or pan-friend asparagus or lamb-honey steak broth, Dream Cooker supports all kinds offering mastering feasibility. Therefore, unveil the hidden chef in you and start the journey towards sumptuous gastronomy with this. 

Aesthetic look: Another reason that will shove you for the grab is the aesthetic glam of the Dream Cooker. Flaunting an earthy finish presently available in four colours of decency. So, thumbs up to it if you are keen to turn your kitchen with elegance and speak for your eyes for decency. 

Streamlined monitor panel: If any doubt bubbles in the mind on the safety and endurance of the Dream Cooker even for seconds, the streamlined control panel of the cooker steps ahead to mop your confusion. With a four-button functionality, the Dream Cooker ensures maximum safety and comfort cooking despite any malfunctions. 

Gourmet’s best friend: Needless to mention although, nevertheless as gourmets’ best friend, Dream Cooker stirs their zeals with ultimate fervour. So, whether you are a beginner or a skilled one, kickstart your journey with slaying passion and preoccupation.

Affordable: Lastly and most importantly, the price scale which persuades you to a repetitive shopping is budget-friendliness. At present is handy at $199 against the original price of $250. So, go ahead for a solid shopping experience without zero.

Rooms Need Attention – Dream Cooker Reviews: What We Don’t Love

Criticism is a part of everything which demands special attention. Be it a person, a product or anything unconventional, a healthy criticism multiplies the fruitfulness of all these circumstances ten times higher. So, it is the same for Our Place’s Dream Cooker as well. Therefore, count the factors we don’t like about it.

Heavy: The very first downright of the cooker is its weight. Therefore, handling it is a bit cumbersome for some, especially the new kitchen entry makers. However, with time, persistence and practice it is manageable. 

Washing riddles: While ceramic and non-stick cookware are subject to aiding cooking comfort, on the contrary cleaning and maintenance count knots of riddles at the same time. And in case of Dream Cooker, the complication flaunts a bit high-standard because of the multi-functionality. So, you have to be a little more prudent while washing. However, the entire cleaning can be done with soft sponges with gentle hand rubbing. 

Maintenance prudence: Same as washing, maintenance of the cooker requires some special attention. So, don’t be in the hustle while washing or keeping on the rack on post-cleaning.

Adverse to high-temperature cooking: Although coated with premium-quality non-stick gild the Dream Cooker is averse to very high-temperature cooking. So, be a little careful when dealing with scorching heat.

Our Place Vs Caraway | Alternatives with Similar Standards – A Quick Comparison 

Is it only the Dream Cooker in the rack of premium non-stick cookware? Isn’t there another option? Huh, who says that? There are always alternatives which sway on the same standards like Dream Cooker. Consider the creations of Caraway for better lucidity. Therefore, let’s step up and carry out a smart analogy between Our Place and Caraway cookware. 

Features of ConcernOur PlaceCaraway
Main StocksNon-stick collections; cookware, appliances, serving ware, glassware, stainless stocks with kitchen accessoriesExcellence in both non-stick and other materials. Collections include cookware, bakeware, serving ware, containers, prep ware, and more
Most Popular Non-stick cookware in both sets and in single along with individual items e.g. Dream Cooker, Wonder Oven, etc.Each product witnesses a separate demand base. With this, Caraways hauls head-spinning fame for ranges of prepware and storages.
Cookware Sets Available in bundles and sets of 2. Popular one is the Our Place bundle cookware set. Apart from celeb and festive exclusive collections namely Selena Gomez collection, Holiday gifts, Diwali collection, etc. Available in bundles and sets of 2. Popular ones are Caraway ultimate cookware bundles, meal prep bundles, 16pc cook and bake sets, kitchen sinks, etc. 
Gift SetsFeatured in numerous options considering prices starting under $50 to scale up beyond $200.Featured in numerous options considering prices starting under $50 to scale up beyond $200.
Promotions & SalesKeep coming all year round based on events of concern, holidays, and other prominent festivals.Keep coming all year round based on events of concern, holidays, and other prominent festivals.

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Bottom Line

With the discourse above, I am very confident at this point that you have a clear idea of the dexterity of Dream Cooker and why you must welcome this one as a permanent member of your kitchen. So, go ahead with the idea and impress the guests at the next housewarming party with your excellent cooking skills.