Exploring corners of the globe on two wheels is neither a casual desire nor dreamt by all. Only those whose blood rushes through veins by the name of adventure and who cherish each moment of living life like a fire, this zeal impeccably suits their endeavor. Fox Racing knows this truth very well for a long time. Therefore, since 1974 it lets avid bikers glim and spark like burning stars by stoking their fervors for raging and chasing the world on two wheels and designing premium quality motocross apparel and gear. Henceforth, what does Fox Racing bring for us or whom it is made for? If you ask this question, the best answer is those who affine spending their lives with speed, Fox Racing is for them! For those, who can’t wait to dust even a single lane on the earth Fox Racing is for them! Moreover, for those who can’t imagine their lives without riding as well as conquering the world just with two speedy wheels, Fox Racing is for them. In one line, Fox Racing is another name for brevity, speed, subjugation, and adventure. Therefore, come let’s take a quick go through the latest launch of motocross gear made by the brand a few days ago!

Fox Racing Motorcross Gear & Accessories| Explore Latest Dirt Bike Series Launch 

When it comes to finding a one-stop outlet for motorcycle enthusiasts you merely have the guts to ignore Fox Racing. The store has thousands of reasons to clamor as the best. While preeminent product quality and endurance establish its excellence, entailing outstanding fitting guidance along with effective riding tips takes it to the peak of popularity. However, we’ve represented three categories of motocross gear, launched in the store, recently.

Fox Racing Dirt Bike Boots| Explore The Newest Collection

Whether as a beginner or as an experienced rider, if you dream of making victory with wheels and speed, dirt bikes are the ideal triumphant at any cost. In this case, a pair of ideal dirt bike boots yield the utmost protection to make your dream come true. For, dirt biking is one of the most dangerous adventure sports on the other side. So, the utmost shielding of body is paramount before kicking the gear to top speed. And all essentials are easily managed by the series of dirt boots made by Fox Racing.

Features To Note

With solid high-knee coverage and plenty of buckle straps alongside the hinge lines of the leg, the boot shields the whole lower part and legs with proactive affinity. While the buckle straps assure extra-tighten protection, the thickly padded underneath design throughout assures a seamless dribbling feeling with comfortable ventilation. With this, the lower ankle hinge allows smooth flexibility and upside-down movement for better control of gears and clutches. Lastly, the homogeneous foot sole supports instant control on both the body and bike in a sudden brake pull. At present, there are three power-packed dirt boot families endorsed by the brand which are Instinct, Motion, and Comp.

Fox Racing Dirt Bike Boots| Top Recommendations

Instinct RYVY LE| $579.95
Motion X Off-Road Boots| $429.95
Comp Boots| $259.95Instinct 20’ Boots| $495.95

Fox Racing Dirt Bike Jerseys & Pants| Know What’s Trending

As the core challenge of dirt bike racing entwines with speed, being well-equipped with suitable jerseys and pants is necessary to balance outer atmospheric fluctuations with internal body pressure. 

Keeping this aspect in mind, the wardrobe of dirt jackets marshalled by Fox Racing proves utmost knitting excellence. Weaved from high-quality lightweight fabrics, each product avails maximum ventilation and bears high moisture-wicking potency. Henceforth, level up the layers of comfort throughout the course of donning and eventually, prevents all types of suffocations even after being accompanied by a heavy bike jacket side by side. Popular families in the house are Flexair, Airline, 180 with the latest launch 360

Like jackets, dirt bike pants too cater to most scientific designs and premium weaving quality. All pants are supported by Rider Attack Construction (RAP) position for a perfect ergonomic fitting and woven by TruMotion zonal technology to assure agile stretchability across all panels. Besides fabrication, each pant is sublimated with 6000 dyed graphics substantiating a long-lasting endurance. Top families under the product are Flexair, Airline, 180, etc.

Fox Racing Dirt Bike Jackets & Pants| Top Recommendations

360 FGMNT Jersey| $64.95Youth 180 GOAT Jersey| $39.95
360 Vizen Pants| $199.95180 GOAT Pants| $139.95

Fox Racing Dirt Bike Helmets

Riding out for a raging dirt bike racing is no lesser a fatal step without wearing a helmet. In fact, like boots, capping a proper helmet is a must. There are myriads of helmets with outstanding qualities, displayed by Fox Racking. Each of these proves immense endurance without comprising comfort. Impinged by Multi-Directional Protection System (MDPS), helmets are designed with a low friction layer between the head and the helmet case. Besides this, the jawline and chin portion of each helmet is stretched and extra shielded to minimize accidental turmoil. Trending product families include V3, V2, and V1 with more numbers in future. 

Fox Racing Dirt Bike Helmets| Best-Seller Choices

V3 RS RYVR Helmet| $599.99Youth V1 Goat Helmet| $209.95
V1 DPTH Helmet| $229.95V1 Toxsyk Helmet| $229.95

Essential Pre-Shopping Dirt Bike Gear Guides| Read Before Buy

Shopping accessories for dirt bike accessories is not like regular motorcycles. There are lots of essential premises to be taken care of and paid attention to at the same time. We’ve glimpsed at some major alcoves, rest you can explore on your own. 

i. Find The Style

Dirt bike is not of a single style. There are plenty of variations, such as trail dirt bikes, motocross motorcycles, dual sport bikes, enduro bikes, adventure bikes, etc. So, find your style of the ride first, then proceed to the next step.

ii. Research Upon Boots Before Purchase

Dirt bike boots are something considered as most crucial for this riding. So, it’s better advised if you’re planning for a new pair carry out a profound deep research first. Know the types available, their specifications and of course the master fitting guidance. Take look inside the Fox Racing Dirt bike boots collection. It has a brilliant inventory.

iii. Know About Personal Body Shape & Size

This particularly stands as the most pertinent factor while shopping for dirt bike jackets and pants. Know your body, sizes, and shapes with profound detailing. Figure out strengths and weaknesses and the fitting adaptability. Then proceed. 

iv. Competitive Price Analysis

This is a must-do section. For, price matters most than everything else. So, carry out a comparative price analysis before you put the bucks ahead. 

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Henceforth, before embarking on a lifetime memorable riding experience keep yourself equipped with all essentials. Shop whatever you require from Fox Racing and stumble on the gear with sky-touching zeal. Happy riding.