Roaming the world on two wheels–will be more precarious than your fantasies if not accessorized properly. The underlying reasons are quite straightforward, who does want to break their ribs while crestfallen from the rider’s seat? Hence, to deter all such severe turmoils while at full-fledged speed, proper riding essentials are paramount.

Now the question is, is there a real store for such adventure games? The answer is yes and the name is Fox Racing which serves the entire nation since 1974 with top quality motocross (MX) and mountain bike (MTB) essentials. Fox Racing believes where there is a stoke, there is a fire. Hence, works as an integrated entity to stitch, scissor, and manufacture its gear sets without making a single flaw and hereby encourages the idea of smashing the world from ridge to rift in the wildest ways with just two wheels. 

The key factor which makes Fox Racing what it is today includes, MX and MTB clothing set following essentials accessories namely helmet, gloves, boots, rib case, neck helmet, and so on. It is redundant to highlight the types and processing of MX accessories drastically vary from MTBs. Despite the stunning getup of every inclusion the exclusive fox-headed ‘skulk’ logo impinges athletes for more aggressive gameplay. Therefore, in this article let’s discuss some of the best-selling MX and MTB clothing for this season for all genders. 

Best-selling MX clothing

From the list of wild and adventurous games, motocross seats in a higher position. Since speed and balance are the main two pivotal factors of this game, a fluctuation of a second may push the rider’s life into severe injuries, hemorrhage,s and sometimes even death. So, being geared up with the right accessories is a must before starting the bike. Unlike other high-spark adventure sports, Fox adopts a technical manufacturing process while creating its products. Hence, its MX clothing sets prompt perfect fitting, stretchability, full-body coverage, and ventilation. Take a glance at the trending sets.


  1. 180 Venz jersey and pant set| Men

180 venz jersey is fabricated with 100% soft polyester which additionally infuses with elongated mesh panels around the sides of chests and sleeves in order to provide maximum breathability. The jersey is a sleek fit and has a great potential for moisture-wicking capacity. Dyed with flashy orange color with the exclusive ‘skulk’ logo the jersey is good to go for all wide rides over any terrain.

Whereas 180 Venz pant is a product of stretchable fabrics such as polyester, elastane, and cow leather. The stitching method follows RAP constructional technology in order to assure an ergonomic fit. The synthetic fabrics are processed from 6000D polyester and avail zonal appeasement supported by woven TruMotion knitting technology. While the leather panels work as heat and abrasion-resistant and hereby brilliantly deter friction from knee braces, guards, and bikes.


  1. Flexiair skarz jersey and pants | Men

Comes in dark indigo, Flexiair skarz jersey is a product of synthetic fabric that is regulated by TruDri fit weaving technology. The jersey assures a body-hugging fitting without being suffocatingly tight and releases brilliant moisture-absorbing potency.

The Flexiair skarz limited editor pant is stitched in support with 4-way Cordura TruMotion fabrication. The lightweight fabrics avail maximum stretchability and along with assuring zonal protection. The coarse leather panels resist ground frictions and bounce. The fabrics are processed from reinforced 6000D saddle panels which enhances it’s overall durability.


Legion wind vest| Men

The wind vest is flawless for a ride on a cold day of gusty winds or during rains. The upper body is lubricated with water repellent fabrics while the inside part is stitched with a breathable membrane. The vest stunningly insulates inside temperature from outside.

Women blackout jersey

Ladies who are fanatics for adventure bike sports, this jersey is the newest venture for them for Fox. it has nice moisture soaking power due to being fabricated with breathable and super stretchable fabrics. Sublimated with black and pink, the jersey provides a comfortable body fit and has drop tail lengths that can easily be tucked into motocross pants. 


Women’s 180 DJET pants

Women’s 180 DJET pant is completely engineered with synthetic fabrics which is supported by a 600D knitting technology. The TruMotion stretch panels assure maximum comfort and fit while RAP construction affirms a seamless riding fitting. There are leather panels around the knees that enhance support against riding frictions. The entire fabrication is shared among polyester, elastane, cow leather, and polyamide nylon.


Fox Racing top MTB clothing sets 

There are two premises to be prudent while shopping for MTB apparel; fitting and airflow. Since high terrain biking requires lots of energy and releases gallons of sweat, the jersey and other clothing should be meticulous sweat absorbent. Below, trending sets have been comprised.  


Ranger TruDri jersey and Ranger Utility shorts

The name of the jersey reveals what it is. Its made up of TruDri fabrics that efficiently increase the overall ventilation and absorbs body moisture at the same time. The vented textures shake up and increase the total airflow.


The technical utility short is stitched from hybrid fabrics and supported by TruMotion fabrication technology. Comes in a relaxed fit it reveals a snap enclosure and adjustable side cinch for a secure and adjustable fit. It additionally has two side zipper pockets. The DWR finish of the short works as anti-stains of dirt, debris, and more.


Tecbase bib liners

The bib liners are for those folks who are avid bikers, for example, professional bikers. However, the black bib short is textured with both mesh and perforated foam chamois. While the mesh membrane soaks moisture and sweat and the perforated foam chamois supports longer rides and avails firmness throughout the hip and thigh.


Women’s Ranger DriRelease jersey and Ranger shorts

The DriRelease long sleeve jersey is stitched from recycled polyester in acquaintance with DriRelease technology. It has mesmerizing soaking as well as insulation power. The jersey keeps the inner body cool all the time.

While the Ranger short is stitched from nylon and spandex in support of TruMotion tailoring technology. It has a snap enclosure and adjustable cinch to assure the best fit. It has great stretchability and is coated with DWR lubrication to wipe all kinds of stains away. 


Women’s tecbase bra

The bra is specially designed to avail a grippy bike-specific fitting. While the mid-sim/ bust is decently padded, the under-bust section is sculpted to affirm extra support. The back is constructed with breathable mesh and the shoulder straps are stitched with stretchable elastic shoulder straps. The bra perfectly balances the contour line of the upper body and it’s made up of 100% recycled fabrics.

Hence, this is the list of MX and MTB clothes that are currently trending inside the store. It’s a wise decision for you to go through the size guidelines before finalizing the shopping list. To uncover more about these kinds of clothes explore the site itself and find your best pair. Stay confident with your riding accessories. Go wild with your wild endeavor. Happy riding!