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Looking for ways to shop electronic gadgets?

The wait is over as you can shop easily from, here you can find tips to ease your shopping experience.

Allo is one of the best retail business chain operating in Ukraine. Allo is a market leader and sets the trend for customers and help them by providing solutions of various products like sale of IoT (Internet of Things), telecom services and telecom devices. The list does not end here, Allo also provide various other products to customers like personal electronics, home appliances, etc. at best offers and deals.

Allo was established in the year 1998. It has approximately 350 communication stores which operates in more than 120 cities. Allo is working to improve its services for better customer satisfaction. Allo has various products to give customers one stop solution for gadgets, personal electronic items, household appliances, clothing, etc.

You can simply shop at Allo and enjoy great deals but make sure to check here a few tips for shopping at Allo.

How to place an order?

You can place the order after adding the items to the cart anytime on the website or whenever you are free, you can sign in or sign up and browse the products and services you want to purchase.

Tip for shopping– While purchasing the products, specify the desired method of delivery of goods- courier ALLO EXPRESS, New Mail, Meest, Ukrposhta. This will be convenient for you at the time of checkout and choose if you want or self-pickup from the Allo store.

Place the order through call or website

You can place the order of the products in your cart either on the website by simply visiting or you can also place the order through a call by dialing the number provided by the company.

Tip for shopping– Make sure you dial the correct number while placing an order as there are different numbers operating in different cities. And the numbers are active from 07:00 to 0:00 so if you have any query then also make a call between the working hours.

Note down the order number

It is important to note down the order number when you are placing an order to help you ease the shopping process as might need the order number in future.

Tip for convenient shopping– If you are choosing the self-pickup option then don’t forget to note down the order number and also inform the contact center operator the date and time which is convenient to you.

Cost of delivery

The cost of delivery is displayed on the product page. You can check the cost of delivery on the website while checkout. Delivery of goods is carried out by Novaya Poshta, Meest, Ukrposhta companies

Tip for Shopping– The delivery time of products may differ, if you make cashless payment. You can find out about this term from the manager at the time of placing the order. Service cost for large equipment is 30 UAH/floor. You can also confirm the cost of delivery through the hotline numbers of the company.

Modes of payment

You can pay for the goods through various modes like go for cashless payment, cash payment or Visa and MasterCard payment at the time of delivery or pickup from the store.

Tip for better Shopping– Make sure you to keep all your credentials ready while making the purchase like your Visa and MasterCard number and other details.

Check the shipments details

After receiving the order you have to sign the invoice and upon signing the invoice you agree that the products were in proper condition that is there was no damage to the packaging.

Tip for a good shopping experience– shopping gives you the benefit to check the products delivered to you before signing the receipt. For instance, you get 3-5 minutes to check the mobile phone delivered, you can check for external defects if any.

So, try to check for defects in the packaging and unpack the product and then only sign the invoice receipt. This will make your shopping experience with better.

Warranty and return policy

When you plan to make a purchase with, check the details of the products before buying as some of them have an option to return the items within 14 days from the date of purchase. You get an option to exchange for the product with same cost or return and receive the money paid for it.

Tip for a good shopping journey– Check the details before buying and check the product in good lighting to check for any traces of external defects. Also, preserve your invoice to claim the defects and if it gets lost then you can call the hotline number or contact your nearest Allo store, they help you to restore your invoice details. And it would be much easier to restore if you provide details like online store order number, date and time of purchase, etc.

Exchange you Old Gadget with a new one

There is an Allo exchange program, you can simply exchange your old gadget with a new gadget like a mobile, laptop, camera, smart watch, tablet, TV. The estimated cost of the items is summed up with under a big discount but it should not exceed 90% of the cost of the new gadget.

Tip for a wonderful shopping– To avoid any hassles while shopping, make sure your product that you want to exchange is not fake, has no obvious damage, there are no lock codes, all functions are working. And keep your passport and TIN Number ready before exchanging to ease the process of shopping.

You can shop in-store or online by simply browsing or you can also install their application, sign in or sign up to enjoy many benefits and enjoy seamless shopping experience by following simple tips for shopping. You need to be an aware customer, check all the product details and go through all the policies before purchasing to make your shopping experience amazing.