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When it comes to finding high-quality auto spare parts, is a trusted online destination that offers a comprehensive range of products. With a wide selection of parts and accessories, competitive pricing, reliable delivery, and excellent customer support, has become a go-to platform for customers seeking auto parts to maintain, repair, or upgrade their vehicles. Whether you need engine parts, braking components, steering and suspension products, filters and oil, clutch and gearbox items, cabin parts, or exhaust system components, has you covered.

Auto Spare Parts from Oscaro| List The Best-Selling Car Parts

Being France’s one of the topmost popular auto spare parts supplies, Oscaro marshalls a humungous inventory with staggering verification. Undoubtedly to mention that each car part from the store are brought into the desk from genuine manufacturers. However, for a comprehensive shopping guidance, we’ve picked the best-seller categories. Take a sneak peek.

Engine Parts

Oscaro displays a wide range of engine parts to cater to your vehicle’s needs. These parts include components like cylinder heads, pistons, crankshafts, camshafts, timing belts, and gaskets. Whether you need to replace a faulty part or upgrade your engine’s performance, has you covered.

  • Cylinder heads: These are crucial components that house the combustion chambers and valves.
  • Pistons: These move up and down within the cylinders, creating the force needed to power the engine.
  • Crankshafts: They convert the reciprocating motion of the pistons into rotational motion.
  • Camshafts: These control the opening and closing of the engine’s valves.
  • Timing belts: They synchronize the rotation of the camshaft and crankshaft, ensuring precise valve timing.
  • Gaskets: These provide a seal between engine components to prevent fluid and gas leaks.

Additionally, offers products like spark plugs, ignition coils, fuel injectors, water pumps, oil pumps, engine mounts, and engine control modules (ECM) to support efficient engine performance and maintenance.

Braking Parts

Like engine parts the bevvy of braking parts at Oscaro is significantly huge. Each marshalled part qualifies with very high-quality and assure genuine product warranty. The products include brake pads, brake discs, brake calipers, brake hoses, brake master cylinders, and brake fluid. With these reliable parts, you can ensure your vehicle’s braking system operates efficiently and safely. Take a brief note of the important braking parts.

  • Brake pads: These provide friction against the brake rotors/discs to slow down or stop the vehicle.
  • Brake discs/rotors: They are the rotating metal discs onto which the brake pads clamp to create friction.
  • Brake calipers: These house the brake pads and contain pistons that apply pressure to the pads.
  • Brake hoses: These transport brake fluid between the brake lines and calipers.
  • Brake master cylinders: They generate hydraulic pressure to engage the brakes.
  • Brake boosters: These assist in applying force to the brake pedal.
  • Brake fluid: It transfers hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder to the braking system.

Besides these, other available products include parking brake cables, ABS sensors, brake hardware kits, brake lines, and brake boosters, all aimed at ensuring optimal braking performance and safety

Steering, Suspension & Undercarriage

Oscaro understands the importance of a smooth and controlled ride, which is why they offer a range of steering, suspension, and undercarriage parts. This category includes components like control arms, tie rod ends, ball joints, shock absorbers, struts, sway bars, and wheel bearings. By replacing worn-out or damaged parts, you can maintain optimal handling and stability on the road. However, prior to shop take a cursory look at the most effective parts under this category.

  • Control arms: These connect the suspension system to the chassis and allow movement.
  • Tie rod ends: They link the steering rack to the steering knuckles, enabling steering control.
  • Ball joints: These provide pivot points between control arms and steering knuckles.
  • Shock absorbers: They dampen vibrations and maintain tire contact with the road.
  • Struts: These combine shock absorbers and structural support in one unit.
  • Sway bars: They reduce body roll during cornering.
  • Stabilizer links: These connect the sway bar to the suspension system.
  • Wheel bearings: They allow smooth rotation of the wheels.
  • Steering racks: They convert the rotational motion of the steering wheel into linear motion.
  • Power steering pumps: They assist in steering effort.
  • Leaf springs: These provide support and shock absorption in some suspension systems.
  • Coil springs: They support the vehicle’s weight and absorb road impacts.
  • Bushings: These reduce noise, vibrations, and harshness (NVH) by absorbing shock and vibration.
  • CV joints/axles: These transfer power from the transmission to the wheels while allowing for suspension movement.

Clutch and Gearbox

Oscaro provides a comprehensive selection of clutch and gearbox parts to keep your vehicle’s transmission system in top condition. These parts include clutch kits, flywheels, pressure plates, release bearings, gears, synchronizers, and transmission filters. Whether you need to repair or upgrade your clutch or gearbox, Oscaro has the right parts for you. So, before you step you for the shopping know your from the description below.

  • Clutch kits: These include the clutch disc, pressure plate, and release bearing for engaging/disengaging power transfer between the engine and gearbox.
  • Flywheels: They provide rotational mass and facilitate smooth engine operation.
  • Pressure plates: These exert pressure on the clutch disc to transmit power.
  • Clutch release bearings: They allow for smooth disengagement of the clutch.
  • Transmission gears: These enable the selection of different gear ratios.
  • Synchronizers: They facilitate smooth gear engagement by matching the rotational speed of the gears.
  • Transmission filters: These remove contaminants from the transmission fluid.
  • Transmission mounts: These support and isolate the transmission from the vehicle’s chassis.
  • Shift cables: They connect the gear lever to the gearbox, facilitating gear selection.
  • Shift knobs: These provide a comfortable grip and enhance the shifting experience.
  • Clutch master cylinders: They generate hydraulic pressure for clutch operation.
  • Clutch slave cylinders: These assist in disengaging the clutch.

Filters and Oil

To ensure your vehicle’s engine operates at its best, Oscaro offers a wide range of filters and oil products. This includes air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, cabin air filters, and various types of engine oils. With regular maintenance and high-quality filters and oil, you can maximize engine performance and prolong its lifespan. Keen to know role played by each sub-part?

  • Air filters: These remove contaminants from the air entering the engine.
  • Oil filters: They remove contaminants from the engine oil, protecting engine components.
  • Fuel filters: These remove impurities from the fuel before it reaches the engine.
  • Cabin air filters: They clean the air entering the vehicle’s interior, improving air quality.
  • Engine oils: provides various types of engine oils, including conventional, synthetic, and high-mileage options, tailored to different engine specifications and requirements.
  • Transmission fluids: These ensure smooth gear changes and proper lubrication within the transmission system.
  • Coolants: They help maintain proper engine temperature and prevent overheating.
  • Power steering fluids: These lubricate and protect power steering system components.
  • Differential oils: They lubricate and cool the differential gears in the drivetrain.

Cabin Parts

While essential cabin parts you car may witness a ruined lifespan within tiny timeframe and Oscaro understands this better than anyone. That’s why you will witness a massive flair of varieties inside its cabin parts consisting of cabin air filters, interior lights, wiper blades, window regulators, door handles, and dashboard accessories. By replacing worn-out or damaged cabin parts, you can enhance the overall comfort and aesthetics of your vehicle’s interior. Necessary integral spares under this are as follows

  • Cabin air filters: These remove pollutants and allergens from the air entering the vehicle’s interior.
  • Interior lights: offers a variety of replacement bulbs and LED lighting options.
  • Wiper blades: They ensure clear visibility during rainy or snowy conditions.
  • Window regulators: These enable smooth operation of power windows.
  • Door handles: They provide access to the vehicle’s interior and facilitate door operation.
  • Dashboards: offers dashboard replacement parts and accessories.
  • Sun visors: These help shield the driver and passengers from the sun’s glare.
  • Seat belts: They provide safety restraints for vehicle occupants.
  • Carpeting: offers replacement carpets for interior floor areas.
  • Floor mats: They protect the vehicle’s floor from dirt and wear.
  • Center consoles: These provide storage and organization within the vehicle’s interior.
  • Cup holders: They offer convenient storage for beverages.
  • Door panels: provides replacement door panels for various vehicle models.


Looking for quality exhaust parts of original manufactures? Oscaro has everything for you. With its wide ranges of exhaust system parts you can easily maintain the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. This includes components like catalytic converters, mufflers, exhaust pipes, oxygen sensors, and exhaust gaskets. Whether you need to repair a faulty exhaust component or upgrade your vehicle’s exhaust system, has the necessary parts to meet your requirements.

  • Catalytic converters: These reduce harmful emissions by converting pollutants into less harmful gases.
  • Mufflers: They help reduce exhaust noise and provide sound control.
  • Exhaust pipes: These transport exhaust gases from the engine to the rear of the vehicle.
  • Oxygen sensors: They measure the oxygen content in the exhaust gases, providing feedback to the engine management system.
  • Exhaust manifolds: They collect exhaust gases from the engine cylinders.
  • Exhaust gaskets: These provide a tight seal between exhaust components to prevent leaks.
  • Exhaust tips: offers a range of exhaust tips in various styles and finishes to enhance the vehicle’s appearance.
  • Resonators: They modify exhaust sound and reduce unwanted frequencies.
  • Y-pipes: These merge exhaust flow from two sources into a single pipe.
  • Downpipes: They connect the exhaust manifold to the rest of the exhaust system.
  • Performance headers: These improve exhaust gas flow and increase engine power.
  • Muffler delete kits: These allow for the removal of the stock muffler, providing a more aggressive exhaust sound.

Why Oscaro? Unfold Additional Perks & Facilities

Now it’s time peep inside other adhesive perks side by side which take Oscare on the peak of success. These add-on various aspects like shipping, promos, product variations, and so on. We’ve paid a comprehensive outlook to these categories as well. Take a look.

Wide Selection: Oscaro. provides a vast selection of auto parts and accessories, covering various categories and catering to different vehicle makes and models. Customers can find the parts they need conveniently in one place, reducing the hassle of searching multiple sources.

Quality and Reliability: Oscaro ensures the quality and reliability of its products. They offer both OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and aftermarket options from trusted brands. This allows customers to choose the parts that meet their specific requirements and preferences, ensuring high-quality and reliable performance.

Competitive Pricing: you can always witness competitive pricing whenever you make a visit at the site. Customers can benefit from affordable prices, allowing them to save money while still obtaining quality auto parts. The platform may also provide special discounts, promotions, or loyalty programs, further enhancing the value for customers.

Fast and Reliable Delivery: strives to provide fast and reliable delivery services above 109€. They aim to ensure that customers receive their ordered parts in a timely manner, reducing downtime and getting vehicles back on the road quickly. They may offer various shipping options, including expedited shipping for urgent needs

Customer Support: Get an access to feasible 24×7 customer support services to solve ypur inquiries, product selection, and order-related matters at Oscaro. Customers can reach out to their dedicated support team through various communication channels, such as phone, email, or live chat. This support helps ensure a smooth and satisfactory shopping experience.

Trust and Credibility: Oscaro has established itself as a trusted and credible source for auto parts. With a strong reputation and positive customer reviews, customers can have confidence in the quality of products and services provided by

Environmental Responsibility: Oscaro promotes environmental responsibility by offering a range of eco-friendly auto parts. They may provide options for environmentally friendly products, such as recycled or remanufactured parts, contributing to sustainability efforts.

Hitherto we can conclude by stating that Oscaro stands as a reliable and convenient online source for a diverse range of auto spare parts. With their commitment to quality, competitive pricing, fast delivery, and exceptional customer support, has garnered trust and credibility among customers. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional mechanic, offers a seamless shopping experience and a wide selection of parts to meet your specific needs. From engine components to braking parts, steering and suspension products to filters and oil, clutch and gearbox items to cabin parts and exhaust system components, provides the necessary products to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. With, you can trust that you’ll find the right auto spare parts to maintain and enhance your vehicle’s performance.