Being stuck in the awful humdrum of traffic is a daily problem among the citizens of the United States. As a result, reaching the destination is a common problem. However, the good news is the nuisances seem to be vigorously trimmed with the grand initiative of Enterprise. 

It’s almost been a long time, Enterprise effortlessly is serving the country through its executive car rental services which can be booked and accessed at any point in time. Thus, precious time is saved and so is money. Based on this galvanizing action today Enterprise is spreaded over 8000 locations both in the USA and parts of the globe. 

Growing as a small company in 1957 as a car rental shop, today Enterprise is glorified not just for its rental services but for other benevolent initiatives also, such as car selling depot, and so on. So, all those folks who are yet to be introduced to Enterprise and its executive bundles of services, spend a few minutes and go through the following discourse.

A. Enterprise Rent-A-Car| Bundles of executive services 

Enterprise unjotts a long catalog of exclusive services despite being serving only as a car rental company. Let’s skim through this one by one.

1. Car rental service

The primary and main focus upon which the company stands. In its fleet, you’ll notice a massive display of cars with versatile purposes and uses. From hatchbacks to SUVs to minivans or trucks or even luxury cars you will witness a huge enthralling collection. All these cars are available for individual use, business needs, or corporate essentials, and even for travel purposes. The span of renting binds no limit. The best part is, that all kinds of rental services are absolutely budget-efficient.

2. Car sales services

Not just a rental platform, Enterprise does also lever a platform for selling used cars and earning decent bucks out of it. The span of the total earning scales between <$15K to >$25K. However, it’s redundant to underline that the total price fluctuates as per the body types; small, SUVs, etc, total years of ownership, distance covered, and many more. All cars are bound to enable test drive before finally selling out.

Catalog| Cars to be sold| A glimpse…

3. Business solutions

The endeavor to serve as well as win the business world is one of the greatest pursuits of Enterprise. Besides, serving day-to-day commuting facilities, it also suggests best-suited vehicles considering the niche of a particular company. For example, while trucks and minivans are best suited for a public-service-based company, such as an e-commerce company, personalized cab facilities are devised for the employees or to commence small business affairs. To boost the business growth Enterprise supports creating a personal business account that gets done in a wink to be completed. 

Here is how it works…

4. Replacement rental facility

This is one of the latest add-ons of Enterprise and has already been lauded intensely. Here, the patrons will access a special facility when their cars are garaged for reparation after commencing an accident or similar collisions. What you’ve to do in order to get this facility is to reserve a rental facility after taking the consent from your personalized car insurance company and complete the transactional details until the repair gets done. This service will automatically cut off once you re-own the car from the garage. Another striking factor is that this kind of rental facility often becomes cheaper than other benefits.

Know how to enable the process

5. Clean pledge program

In order to combat the pandemic effect and mitigate its spread, Enterprise scales the clean pledge program to the next in alliance with Clorox Safer. In this venture, not only the disinfecting and cleaning process are thoroughly commenced inside the car; not leaving a single piece of equipment but special precautionary guidance is taken for the affected or the threshold zones.

B. Meet The Fleets

Now let’s pay a swift glance inside the fleets of Enterprise. The list of cars is classified as cars, SUVs, vans, and executive or luxury cars. Take a look for the fetch details of them in snips.

1. Cars classes

The most diversified section of Enterprise is the warehouse of cars. In fact, the utmost varieties in terms of both sizes, models, and brands are found in a single compartment. The spaciousness of the cars is classified into small, compact, mid-size, standard, and full size. While small cars are confined space, standard and full-size cars are given extra room for wideness. Despites, you will also witness an exceptional array dedicated to convertibles, sports cars, and electric cars. Trending models include Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Tesla, BMW, Chevrolet, etc. Rental prices do vary as per models and sizes. Know the types of available models in your area.

2. SUVs classes

The trending brands of SUVs are Nissan, Ford, Infiniti, Chevrolet, Audi, Mercedez, Jeep, and so on. All brands display their latest models and make them accessible at affordable prices. Like cars, SUVs are also classified as per sizes such as small, compact, mid-size, full-size, etc. Check out the details here.

3. Trucks, minivans, and vans

While minivans are useful for large families, trucks, and vans are perfect to feed commercial needs. And Enterprise truly has a compelling collection of all these kinds. The size of minivans ranges from 7 seaters to 15 seaters, trucks are classified as per carrying capacity in terms of tons or similar units. However, for trucks and commercial vans reservations are subject to availability. So be well-read about these prior to commencing a reservation.

4. Exotic car classes

Enterprise does also marshal a decent stock of luxury cars which are typically aimed to serve specific occasions. The brands which soar in the highest demand are Jaguar, Porsche, BMW, Mercedez, Tesla, and some other brands. Most of these vehicles come either in standard sizes or full sizes which means extra spacious rooms are also available inside the cars.

C. How to reserve a car at Enterprise?

The simplest way to access Enterprise’s service is to download the app first and customize the service afterward. On average it hardly takes a minute to get done with the entire process. Below, a crisp idea is put forth. Have a glance.

  • Download the Enterprise app from the play store or the app store
  • Register with needful essentials and put forth your locations, and zip code
  • Wait for a while till the app process the nearest outlet
  • Select the kinds of car you want along with other specifications such as individual, business, etc
  • Select the number of days you want to own and complete the payment. That’s all.

**Note: You can always modify the rental reservation process until you hop into it.

So, this was a brief overview of Enterprise in a nutshell and outlines to entail the ways it serves from all these long years. Go for personal reading for more details and fetch a better understanding if required. Save your time, and money and enjoy safe and happy driving.