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SE Asia, the land of wonder and mysticism can also be referred to as nature’s basket of treasures! Honestly, nothing is wordy over this appreciation. From mystic forests, bejewelled with lush green vegetation to rolling, narrow hilly creeks, reclusive relic ruins amidst greenery to colourful social lives and evergreen city culture, SE Asia is itself a cult, too extensive to be covered at a single traverse. Thus, undoubtedly allures travel enthusiasts with exotic lulls as if by magical touches. Blending natural divergence with cultural vividness, SE Asia is no lesser than a realm of dichotomy with reciprocating symphonies every bit and thus taken as an impeccable wonderland with booming cultural and natural concordance! As a result — today is a dreamland of globetrotters from all corners of the world. Luckily, Trivago senses this reality much earlier and therefore makes a basket of head-spinning hotel deals at the cheapest rates across six hotspots of thriving fervour despite all seasons. Let’s explore these.


Find Cheapest Hotel Deals

A city of night and lights which is also accoladed as a city that never sleeps, what Singapore does offer to a traveller is the stupidest query ever! Rather you should reframe it as the number of ways you can explore the city and get immersed in its innate culture. Well, the answer is, in countless ways. But first thing first, let’s fix the accommodation! Because you don’t want to be budget-burnt for no reason, right? So, let’s peep into Trivago’s Singapore basket, revealed below.

Cheapest Trivago Hotels Deals in Singapore

Cheapest Hotels in SingaporeHot Trivago DealsStar-Ratings
Hotel Grand PacificAU $167 per night
Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard CityAU $265 per night
Village Hotel Bugis by Far East HospitalityAu $190 per night
D’Resort @Downtown EastAU $145 per night
Nuve UrbaneAU $151 per night

Top Attractions in Singapore

  • Enjoy the nightlife and party cultures
  • Explore the chores of cultural livelihoods during the day
  • Take a walk in the major cultural realms including temples
  • Enjoy the wide and heterogeneous cultural diversity
  • Relish and set your mood with delicious cuisines and seafood


Find Cheapest Hotel Deals

Wait, still afraid to take a trip to Bangkok? Relax folks! Bangkok is not a city of guns and smugglers! In fact, it’s a hoax! Every city is a flux of both good and dark sides! So, kick the terror out instead get ready for an exciting trip this summer loaded with fun, adventure, and bundles of crazy things that await next to your trip! Throwing a fling into your pocket, Trivago unravels a lurking bundle of hotel deals here as well that will slice your bill beyond expectations! 

Cheapest Trivago Hotels Deals in Bangkok

Cheapest Hotels in BangkokHot Trivago DealsStar-Ratings
Shangri-La BangkokAU $269 per night
Amari BangkokAU $145 per night
Chatrium Hotel Riverside BangkokAU $151 per night
Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & TownAU $215 per night
Lebua at State TowerAU $190 per night

Top Attractions in Bangkok

  • Enjoying nightlife is a must
  • Spend some time with the city’s main angles such as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the magical complex of ornate courtyards and golden walkways, etc.
  • A serious hunt to the eating corners 
  • Indulge in street shopping and hopping
  • Take a deep dive into the city’s colourful life

Kuala Lumpur

Find Cheapest Hotel Deals

A city of high-rise skyscrapers, chaotic urban sprawls, historic temples, vibrant beaches, and windy sea breezes, Kuala Lumpur is indeed a scenic confluence of nature and livelihood is mingled with peace and harmony. From exploring colourful local lives to Malay markets, walking inside Malay villages to tasting exotic cuisine, Kuala Lumpur is sole enough to throb your heart with bursting joy and thrill. So, before jumping on the city streets with the desire to shed off your Aussie identity for a few days, must book a cheap hotel that Trivago offers for you down the table. 

Cheapest Trivago Hotels Deals in Kuala Lumpur

Cheapest Hotels in Kuala LumpurHot Trivago DealsStar-Ratings
Berjaya Time Square HotelAU $94 per night
Hotel Maya Kuala LumpurAU $76 per night
Sunway Putra Kuala LumpurAU $85 per night 
Shangari-La Kuala LumpurAU $167 per night
Mandarin OrientalAU $317 per night

Top Attractions in Kuala Lumpur

  • Take a walk to the old town in search of historical roots
  • Explore all major cultural hotspots of the city
  • Be a part of any multicultural festival happening in a multilingual environment
  • Take a walk in the old Malay village
  • Relish on local cuisines

Hong Kong

Find Cheapest Hotel Deals

What’s Hong Kong named for? Or for what it draws global attention? As the city of major economic hubs in Asia! So, let’s assume there will be an official summit on your next visit to Hong Kong. Thus to save you from the turmoils of accommodation, Trivago rosters a few budget yet cosy stay options below. The best part is that there is no secret extra charge or VAT associated with duly the booking.

Cheapest Trivago Hotels Deals in Hong Kong

Cheapest Hotels in Hong KongHot Trivago DealsStar-Ratings
The HarbourviewAU $81 per night 
Regal Airport Hotel AU $179 per night 
Cordis Hong KongAU $200 per night 
The Langhum, Hong Kong AU $308 per night 
The Royal Garden, Hong KongAU $159 per night 

Top Attractions in Hong Kong

  • Delve into the busy nightlife and get mesmerised
  • Uncover the cultural density every bit including enjoying party lives
  • A sneak peek at urbane restaurants to devour some fine classic dishes
  • Escape to dense wild nature in the natural parks 

Ho Chi Minh

Find Cheapest Hotel Deals

A place less travelled by, that’s what Ho Chi Minh was addressed even a few years back! However, with time there has been a rapid shift in people’s perception of travelling which immensely braced Ho Chi Minh to define the concept of modern cities. Brimmed with countless museums, architectural cults, perfectly engineered city lanes and urban models Ho Chin Minh scripts an ode to abstract wanderlust where history and modernity walk hand-in-hand weaving a fanatic symphony along with. Therefore, before heading into the city, spot some cheap stays with jaw-dropping deals with Trivago. 

Cheapest Trivago Hotels Deals in Ho Chi Minh

Cheapest Hotels in Ho Chi MinhHot Trivago DealsStar-Ratings
Hotel EdenStar SaigonAU $96 per night
Hotel Sunland AU $29 per night
Liberty Central Saigon Centre HotelAU $92 per night
Hotel Nikkon Saigon AU $176 per night 
Northern Saigon AU $111 per night 

Top Attractions in Ho Chi Minh

  • Explore cultural means of the city through soulful exploration
  • Head into all the significant and prominent museums to uncover the historical root of the city
  • Explore major architectural bastions and dig into the colonial history of the city
  • Relish on local cuisine 
  • Take a walk at the local markets and seafood stalls


Find Cheapest Hotel Deals

Lastly, how can you skip Bali from your list of SE Asian exploration? A realm fringed with scenic natural beauties, pristine beaches, exquisite islets, and vivacious city lives, Bali is kinda one pot platter with all great toppings. With its flawless beauty, followed by heart-winning local cultures Bali intrigues travellers with overwhelming charisma! However, again with Trivago, you can come across cheap hotel prices which are revealed below.

Cheapest Trivago Hotels Deals in Bali

Cheapest Hotels in SingaporeHot Trivago DealsStar-Ratings
Tuntrum Kuta AU $90 per night 
Mercure Bali LegianAU $92 per night 
Legian Beach Hotel AU $162 per night 
Hotel The Jaykarta BaliAU $67 per night
Kuta Paradiso Hotel BaliAU $71 per night 

Top Attractions in Bali

  • Take sunbath over white beaches 
  • Get into adventurous tropical island explorations
  • Partake in fun water games and other rides
  • Patake into cultural excavation along with through city tours
  • Hunt for the offbeat treasure realms less travelled by
  • Enjoy the nightlife with a nighttime coastal walk 

How to Find The Best Hotel Deals at Trivago?

Why Trivago? Now let’s assume you are often pricked by the question as there are several options available in the market. Well, there is nothing offensive adhesive with your thoughts. However, certain factors make Trivago a bit different from other options. 

The very first of these is it’s imperative. Trivago is a platform for finding hotel deals, not a combined platform for all ranges of travel deals. Secondly, Trivago does not set or reveal a hotel deal. Instead, it is partnered with 100+ leading booking platforms like, Expedia, Agoda,, etc. During a booking, Trivago takes the traveller straight to any of its partners’ websites for completion after providing the best price comparing the top sites. Hence, keeps a transparent process throughout the booking. 

Now, the immediate question is how to find a hotel deal at Trivago. Well, in that case, go through the following steps.

  • Visit the official website of Trivago and take an overall glance at the website
  • Next, look for the cities or destinations you like to travel. For e.g. Bali, Singapore, etc.
  • Move to the hotel pages of that particular place or city
  • Checkout available options along with prices and other marks
  • Choose the check-in and check-out date and pay the bill under the mentioned offer

**Note: Deploying a Trivago discount code is subjective to its partners’ choices. Trivago directly has nothing to do with it.

So, still in confusion whether you should take a trip to these six Asian destinations above this summer? Take my words, close your eyes and straight move ahead! Trivago won’t fail you ever and neither do we. Happy roaming!