Terrified with the summer blues? Fuzz it up with Etihad. Wondering how? Well, bid your glance to pour on the exclusive page of destination holidays and start scheming the itineration plan once you pick and set a place. Therefore, in this season of the scorching heat with a desire to catch a fresh gale or just wander alongside a far, insulated island, don’t lag more to be accompanied by Etihad Holidays.

Wait, are you still stuck with the dogma of considering Etihad only as an aviation group? Oh! Come on. It’s time to crack the shell folks! Besides serving as one of the world’s premier and deluxe aviation companies Etihad Airways is also lauded for untieing sundry destination trips where luxury and comfort walk hand in hand. Therefore, from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean, if you desire to be treated lavishly through a beach trip, Etihad brings forth a serene opportunity for you. So, stay tuned with the following discourse and explore the latest list.

Find best travel plans for summer| Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways mainly enlists a total of 4 European coasts+ 1 Indian Ocean coast for this season where from turquoise ocean to mouthful, juicy, smoked tapas your summer is meant to be replete with a lifetime experience. So, before you start packing know the exclusivity of the places. 

1. Crete| Greece

Folks, who are fond of history and love to roam the realms that unveil an intriguing blending between topographical and historical masterpieces, Crete is the ideal place to step in. Brimming with archetypal Byzantine bastions such as stone castles, palaces, and the citadels, at points you may indeed feel like living in the era of 3000 years back. On the other side, the turquoise sea with clear footbeds, deep gorges, and undulating trails would platter out heavenly opportunities for hikers. On top of all, the sumptuous and devouring Cretan plates, loaded with organic vegetables, fresh seafood, fish, goat/lamb meats, all seasoned with very freshly squeezed olive oils will push you for a 2nd time trip on this very lively island.

How to reach?

There are several direct flights active between mainland Europe and Crete. So, after deporting at any international European airport, book your flights to Heraklion. Else you can directly book your ticket from the neighboring international airport in UAE to Crete. Check the timetable in that case. 

Things to do and visit

  • Visit and explore the Byzantine creations; castles, places, alleys, and all other embodies
  • Must take a thrilling hike across the seaside deep gorges and escarpments
  • Try Cretan foods, all prepared by expert local chefs.

Other things to consider

  • Check the availability of local transports
  • Mindfully alter your coast into EURO
  • Be a little aware of local languages and list of public holidays

2. Santorini| Greece

A visit to Thira or Santorini would not be an offense if compared with a trip to paradise. The uniqueness of this island that makes it completely iconic is the overwhelming presence of bright white vibrance which is painted throughout the entire settlement dwellings and city. Once a volcanic island and today’s one of the hotspot tourist destinations, Santorini drags global throng both for its unwinkable appearance and scenic beauty. 

How to reach?

You can seat any flight available from mainland Europe to Santorini. There are plenty of numbers. You can take service from Etihad as well. Otherwise, you can directly book your ticket from the neighboring international airport in UAE to Thira airport. Check the timetable in that case. 

Things to do and visit

  • Apart from the emblematic urban dwellings, Santorini is also popular for mesmerizing sunset. Mixed with the vibrance of white with a thousand colors sky, the tranquility you will feel will be permanently sculpted in your soul. 
  • Must visit the ancient ruins of Akrotiri which are brimmed with shattered imprints of the Bronze era and assumed as the last tail of the lost city Atlantis. Along with this, you will also witness the ruins of the Minoan city which were superimposed in 1600 BC’s volcanic eruption. In brief, Akrotiri is a place of many steps and historical eons.
  • Sip and enjoy the pristine beach vibe that glints all around. And try local cuisine which has taken the Mediterranean flavors to the next level. Never forget to munch on Saganaki and Moussaka.

3. Nice, Côte d’Azur 

Nice, a gem of French Riveria which once was an elegant Italian City does not defoliate the royal imprints even today. Hence, basking in the gentle and very cherishable Mediterranean sunbath you won’t regret setting your trip to this paradise even for once. Swirling domes, fascinating Russian cathedrals, old architected alleys, and lanes, trust me your summer vacation at Nice would indeed be brimmed with nice experiences. 

How to reach?

Etihad Airways has made available flights between France to Nice. You can book single way, double way, or multi routes. 

Things to do and visit

  • Take sunbath next to Promenade des Anglais. For, the entire coast is beautifully lined up with palm trees and playful to lovely sunshine.
  • Explore the nearby Cours Saleya market, bloomed with headily scented flowers, fresh veggies, etc.
  • Walk across the old town lanes and alleys. Explore and witness the colonized imprints

What else you must be aware of?

  • Get to know about the public holidays and festivals, especially the Jazz festivals.
  • Airport transfers, local commuting services, currency exchange, and vice-versa.

4. Malaga| Spain

Taking a trip from UAE to Malaga via Etihad Airways is a fascinating story to both enjoy and narrate. From exploring the spectacular historical edifices to scenic coastal vibe to munching delicious and exotic platters, Malaga outspokes quite a splendid experience. The additional plus point is the brilliant effect of the Mediterranean climate which is soothing all year round.

How to reach?

Tickets are directly available from UAE to Malaga. You can book the tickets at your own convenience.

Things to do and visit

  • Discover historical insights and creations. Along with this explore and enjoy the brilliance of the beach vibe.
  • Malaga is the birthplace of renowned painter Pablo Ruiz Picasso. So, heading inside his house is mandatory.

5. Zanzibar| Tanzania

Enjoying the summer on the bright coastline, and warm sands at Zanzibar is one of the most beautiful decisions ever. Spending a few days on this graceful and quiet African island will take you closer to aboriginal lives and have a deeper discussion about their culture, and ethnicity. The calm livelihoods and serene nature will completely wipe urban hustle-bustle for a few days.

How to reach?

Abeid Amani Karume is the international of Zanzibar and it is connected to all international airports in UAE. so, you can book your flight accordingly.

Things to do and visit

Sipping and being enthralled with magical and imperturbed beaches are the main attractions of Zanzibar. Apart from this you can have a walk to the nearest local market, discover the stone town– which is gratified as addressed by UNESCO Heritage site and explore local festivals.

This was a quick listing of the 5 summer holiday sites, endorsed by Etihad. Thus don’t be late more in packing your bags, booking the tickets, and getting the passport ready. Enjoy the season.