Orangetheory Fitness Overall Review

Being steadfast to daily workouts is not everyone’s cup of tea, more accurately, a significant percentage of people feel reluctant to the practice. The responsive reasons are multiple. Firstly, the prolonged work hours, followed by household chores, taking kids to their leisure points, and on top of all, being completely exhausted after all these happen. Besides this, though not for all, less engagement of gym trainers works as a catalyst. Amalgamating, all these factors simply cause a boon for sidetracking the importance of exercise. However, Orangetheory Fitness makes a steadfast vow to hammer people’s apathy against workouts and bring them back to the studio

What is Orangetheory Fitness?

Orangetheory Fitness is a gym studio which emphasizes Heart Rate Training, a special sect of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) but not sole HIIT. In the first go, it may sound similar to the workouts practiced in other gyms but the one factor that draws the difference is Orangetheory Fitness’s understanding of human physiology, which totally takes account of scientific methods. These methods focus on a simple yet captive strategy i.e. cracking down individual psychology in conjunction with physiology, then proceeding with the next step in compliance with the individual’s stamina rate and other factors. The entire procedure is regulated through Orangetheory Fitness’s self-made device called OTbeat which monitors individuals’ heart rate intensity. There is another crucial point that the studio appreciates i.e. unlike HIIT and instantaneous burn, understanding the value of post-workout burns which has been proven as more efficient than anything. Together, Orangetheory Fitness is that studio that pushes people to live better without compromising self-needs. To provide better clarity, Orangetheory Fitness offers a FREE First CLASS to its 1600+ locations.

What is The Objective of Orangetheory Fitness & How Does It Work?

The objective of Orangetheory Fitness is very simple; invigorating stamina and fastening calorie burn in acquaintance with heart training practice. As it is slightly different from core HIIT exercise the rate of positive is promising enough. Considering the length of exercise, a class at Orangetheory Fitness lasts for 1 hour and undergoes a variety of practices, classified into three main rows, strength training, rowing, and treadmill

The heart rate training map is classified into 5 zones, from zone 1 to zone 5. While, zone 1 & 2 reveals light exercise with a gentle burn rate, of 50% – 70%, the last two zones (4 & 5), marked with orange and red hues, respectively refer to the maximum HR burn rate of 84% to 100%. In 1 hour’s ultimate exercise span, the ultimate objective of Orangetheory Fitness is to push trainees to spend 12 to 20 minutes in the Orange zone and achieve maximum benefit in terms of metabolism, fat burn, and calorie burn with an 84% heart rate. To motivate trainees to escalate their zonal gradations, OTbeat displays real-time workout engagement along with heart rates. 

Types Workout Activities Orangetheory Fitness Offer 

In support of heart rate training, Orangetheory Fitness shuffles three types of workout activities which are designed by the in-house coaches and advised at different momentum of workout stages. These are as follows

  • Strength training: This is suitable for those seeking strength training and stamina building. With the help of numerous equipment like dumbbells, weight lifting equipment, bench presses, and more the trainee can boost their strength to the desired level.
  • Rowing: Rowing involves full-body exercises, hence, quite difficult for beginners. However, it involves 85% of the body muscles, hence accelerating the total burning process along with invigorating stamina.
  • Treadmills: Beginning with slow and steady moves is what Orangetheory Fitness relies on. There are types of treadmills, strides, and bikes available in its studio. You can pace the speed as per your coach’s advice.

**Note: every form of exercise given to the trainee is advised by Orangetheory Fitness’s coaches after verifying their capacity.

How to Enrol at Orangetheory Fitness?

The first class at Orangetheory Fitness is free to most of its studios. After that, the visitor can proceed through any of the membership packs provided by the studio. To provide a detailed discourse on its approach and strategy Orangetheory Fitness encourages the visitors at least 30 minutes prior to the session. However, to begin with, the visitor or would-be trainee has to sign up at Orangetheory Fitness’s official website or apps with basic credentials and locations. Then find a nearby outlet to his/ her residence and move further. 

Orangetheroy Fitness Membership Packs

Once registered and accessed the first free class, the visitors can purchase any out of 3 Orangetheory Fitness membership packages which can be purchased monthly. With the purchasing policy Orangetheory Fitness also offers a 30-day refund which can be claimed only after accomplishing its in-book policy. So, let’s take a gaze at the available membership packs.

Basic: The Basic package costs $69/month in addition to $18 extra charges and includes 4 classes. The schedule can be customized as per trainees’ requirements.

Elite: The Elite package charges $99 to $110/ month embedding 8 total classes with a frequency of 2+/ week. Here again, the trainee can custom the schedule according to their perusal.

Premier: Finally, the Premier package which offers unlimited workout schedules with a frequency of 3 times/ week costs $159/month. This package privileges the trainee to bring their family members or any guest to the studio.

Pros of Orangetheory Fitness Membership Packs

  • A wide list of monthly classes come available 10, 20, 30
  • Extra classes and add-ons on discounts come available with flair options
  • Flexible time scheduling 
  • Complete one-on-one guidance

Downsides of Orangetheory Fitness Membership Packs

  • Refund is offered only after completing 12 classes
  • Limited strength training options

Final Takeaway

Amidst gym studios and yoga centres, while most of these platforms stride on a hectic schedule, Orangetheory Fitness relies on flexibility. This solemnly encourages sweating in the studio while enjoying self time and eventually living towards better and healthier.

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1. Is Orangetheory Fitness worth the hype?

A. There is nothing Orangetheory Fitness hypes about itself. All it does is, declutter the objectives of weight loss and stamina building in vibrant pockets and then move with training solely emphasizing heart training rate. 

2. How much does Orangetheory Fitness cost?

A. To provide an ultimate enclosure, Orangetheory Fitness offers free first-class to the visitors and then brings forth its self-tailored membership packages cost onwards from $69/month.

3. How should I join Orangetheory Fitness?

A. Visit the official website or download the Orangetheory Fitness app from PlayStore or App Store and register with basic needfuls like name, contact, age, locations, etc.

4. What is OTbeat?

A. OTbeat is Orangetheory Fitness’s self-designed heart rate monitoring system which displays instant engagement intensity in front of the trainee during the exercise.

5. What are Splat Points?

A. Splat Points are a specific class which indicates the total amount of time spent on Orangetheory Fitness’s Orange and Red zones i.e. zones 4 & 5. 

6. What is EPOC?

A. Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC is a physiological theory from where the entire inspiration of Orangetheory Fitness was collected. According to Orangetheory Fitness’s experts, the core value of 1 hour of exercise is to finally withstand for 12 minutes at an 84% heart rate in the orange zone.