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The key to a healthy life meticulously allies with a healthy diet and regular exercise. But balancing the duo at one-time ridicule often. There are myriads of reasons responsible for it. Among all of these, lack of time caught the prime attention. However, Orangetheory Fitness tries to settle the issue by making smart moves. Unlike many other gym centres and HIIT-based workouts, Orangetheory Fitness simply proves its efficacy, by playing with heart rate-based exercises, which further cajole exercise-averse mentalities with effective engagement. Therefore, in this article, a profound discussion has been made on the hacks of joining Orangetheory Fitness and the benefits received afterwards.

Orangetheory Fitness Membership Plans – Give A Quick Enclosure

There are multiple ways to join Orangetheory Fitness membership plans. However, before everything Orangetheory Fitness provides a free trial class almost every studio spreaded across 1,300+ USA locations and 1,500+ global locations. The purpose of the free class is to educate visitors about its machinations, objectives, strategies and future impact. Once deriving a comprehensive idea of how Orangetheory Fitness works, visitors can purchase any of its 3 available membership plans which come available on a monthly basis. So, below a quick snip on the basic features of Orangetheory Fitness membership plans is revealed.

TypesBasic, Elite, Premier
Free Trial1 free class provided in almost all locations
CostVaries as per locations. Average estimations are Basic at $69/month, Elite at $99 to $119/month, Premier at $159/ month
Membership ContractNo agreement. Purely based on a monthly contract
Classes/ CategoryBasic: 4 Classes/ month (1/ week)Elite: 8 Classes/ month (2/ week)Premier: Unlimited classes (3/ week)
Workout TypeHeart rate training or heart-based trainning
Types of TrainingStrength trainingRowingTreadmills
Embedded EquipmentTreadmills, water rowers, dumbbells, medicine balls, lightweight benches, Bosu balls, kettlebells, bikes and ellipticals
Refund Availability30 days money-back guarantee after 12 classes.

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Types of Membership Plans Along With Costs

Orangetheory Fitness classified its membership plans into three categories; Basic, Elite, and Premier. Based on pre-decided costs, the total number of classes is segregated. Although the number of classes varies from each other, some features remain unchanged for all. For example, the standard 1-hour length of each class, allotment of an expert coach to all classes, free trial class, one-on-one attention, etc. With this, the trainee must keep in mind two important aspects; once joined they must complete Orangetheory Fitness’s one-week intensive training called OTFit certification program. And those demanding a refund must complete 12 full classes to claim for so.

What is Offered in The Trial Class?

The free trial class at Orangetheory Fitness is some sort of a complimentary one. Here, the visitor is given a thorough in-studio visit along with an explanatory articulation on the studio’s imperatives to exercise and further implementation considering vibrant physiological statutes and hinges. With this, the coach offers a debuting discussion of the available equipment in relation to the types of exercises involved, followed by an informative discussion on heart rate zone exercises. Lastly, the coach may ask the visitor about his/her fitness level, medical background, if any, and a few similar questions. To attend this free class, the coach asks the visitor/ the first-time trainee to reach the nearby Orangetheory Fitness studio 30 minutes earlier.

Orangetheory Fitness Basic Membership Plan

The Basic plan is the first and most convenient membership package of Orangetheory Fitness. Roughly it costs $69/month along with an additional $18 cost for select areas. The package embeds 4 monthly classes expandable to a maximum of 10 with a frequency of 1+ visits per week. Besides normal perks, the package may receive additional perks based on time and other factors.

Orangetheory Fitness Elite Membership Plan

Elite plan is the next advanced package. It consists of 8 core classes to a maximum of 20 classes with a visiting frequency of 2x/ week and comes in handy at $99 to $110/month considering location constraints. Here too, exceptional offers are waived depending on numerous premises. 

Orangetheory Fitness Premier Membership Plan

The last and final plan is the Premier membership plan which costs $159/month. Unlike the two plans above this plan privileges trainees offering unlimited classes with a visiting frequency of more than 3 times per week. Another upside is, that the trainee can bring his/her family members or any guests to the studio.

Benefits Received Afterwards

Apart from the core perks, Orangetheory Fitness facilitates trainees with bundles of side perks. These are as follows

  • Feasible access to the studio across 1300+ locations
  • Real-time heart rate activities on OTbeat
  • Access to InBody scans for body composition tracking
  • Engaging one-on-one discussions with expert coaches

How to Schedule An Appointment at Orangetheory Fitness?

Orangetheory Fitness encourages trainees to be 100% flexible on custom scheduling their appointments. The appointment can be done any between its custom-designed app or website. However, to avoid nuisances or last-minute hustles, Orangetheory Fitness always encourages 30 minutes of pre-booking from the actual schedule. 

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