Looking to hire a vehicle? You’ve come to the right place.

Frantic to get rid of awful banal lives? We’ve got good news for you buddy. Plan a trip, book a cab with Europcar and just move away.

Over 90 years of experience, Europcar helps Europe and the periphery regions to smile more and pamper their wanderlust. Putting in a massive collection of rental cars and trucks and getting them hired at minimum cost is Europcar’s main forte. And over these years there has been no change to this system. Whether to attend daily chores, or attending an elite party, or for business needs, Europcar is already ready to feed its consumers with an array of cars; compact, prestige, truck, etc. Out of all, you can fetch its service just in a few clicks by its featured app. Therefore, stay tuned with the underneath discourse, and uncover the process of renting its service followed by other essential information. 


Europcar| how to rent a car?

Booking a car at Europcar and fetching a service from here is a matter of a few clicks. All you have to do is, download its featured app and select the vehicle of your choice and just move on. Here is how you can proceed.

  • Download the featured app Ubeeqo from the Play Store or Apple store
  • Register with needful information along with the driving license 
  • Validate your age which must be above 26 years
  • Find the nearest station and sort your search by inserting 
  • Car types; fuel-based, luxury, or van
  • Price along with picking up and drop off locations
  • Get the car ready at your service within 5 mins. 
  • Reach out to the destined place and pick up your car. That’s all.


Book a service from Europcar| Alternative way| Delivery & collect

Time is precious for all and Europcar understands it well. That’s it enables an alternative way to fetch its service when customers are too busy to walk inside its nearest station and get their car personally. Deploying the exclusive Deliver & Collect service, the rental car will be dropped off at their doorstep. Here is how its works.

  • Visit the official website and navigate to the portal of this service
  • Book a car 24hrs prior to being started with
  • Put up essential documents like driving license, etc
  • Wait for the call until the car boards off by the expert team of Europcar
  • Once again validate the documents in person and take the keys. That’s all. 


Why should book your next trip with Europcar?

It’s a relevant question indeed! Well, in order to be satisfied with the answers, take your glance down to the pointers.

  • You can access a plunge of cars of multifarious types and brands at one time
  • Can start your journey by paying an affordable amount. Remember, the rental price does vary as per car models and brands.
  • You’ll hit with exclusive price drop alerts and membership discounts worth £10 all the time
  • No responsibility regarding insurance, maintenance needs to be paid off. Just keep it safe and well parked. That’s all.


Eurpocar| Featured cars & varieties

At present, Europcar fleets 4 kinds of cars. All these kinds display a heterogeneous variety of models, and brands. However, the rental prices do vary a little as per model, design, and engine. Let’s discuss them one by one.


  1. City cars

City cars are mainly fuel-based and are good for long tracks. All the enlisted models under this catalog are recently manufactured and highly eco-friendly. From hatchbacks to the chic smart sedans, you can find any model of your choice through its vast display. Some of the popular brands are Hyundai, Fiat, Renault, Volkswagon, etc.


  1. Prestige cars

Your car has to be compatible with your gesture, and get up while attending a special occasion, else the total flavor would be a mess. Europcar understands the situation better than you and henceforth, scoops out a special archive for luxury cars of renowned brands like Mercedez, BMW, Audi, and Porsche. Models enlisted under these brands are sedan models with extra-large rooms, convertibles with foldable hoods, sports cars, and SUVs. As their glams are more resonant than other cars you’ll get priority service at some particular locations. Click here for more.


  1. Electric cars

Covid has significantly changed the modes of life and lifestyles in these two years. People are trying to strive across nature and be outspoken more about environmental benevolence. Therefore, the use of electric cars and hybrid cars has become a factor of social embracement these days. At Europcar, you will also witness a plunge of electric cars with great potency that are put up to astonishingly envious designs. The best part out of all, these are the cheapest of others and there is no annoyance of fuel refilling. Just jack in the EV charger with the cable and wait for a while to start. 


  1. Vans & trucks

The service by vans and trucks of Europcar is mainly aimed to serve business sectors. However, this does not keep individual needs as underprivilege or unnurtured. You can easily book a truck or a van during shifting, house moving, or similar conditions. From sprinter to 120-ton trucks, Europcar keeps its garage with decent models of cars to suit consumers’ needs.


Europcar| Offers, loyalty programs & other perks

There are slews of exciting as well as witty hacks to seize rip-roaring savings from Europcar. From members to individuals, everyone is eligible to drag the offer at their own stake. So, stay tuned with the underneath details.

Be a Europcar member and get privileged with tons of loyalty perks

Being enrolled as a member with Europcar is always of wise decision. Not only you’ll be loaded with hefty perks but also with other myriad perks. Getting buoyed by Europcar loyalty perks is one of these. So, know, of what you’ll a be part of later on. 

  • Get access to joining the membership program for free and glean 10% off on all services later on
  • Pay for 3 rentals and get one weekend complimentary 
  • Enjoy priority status on the car arrived at the station and get instantly done with the paperwork
  • Receive free one-car category upgradation against the privilege executive category.


Save 10% on business accounts

Not just for individuals, Europcar does also avail brilliant discounts for business customers as well. By making a business account, the customer will be a permanent benefactor of multiple discounts on all upcoming rentals. Details are as follows.

  • A 10% discount will be unlocked on new account opening
  • Exclusive offers kept special for existing customers
  • Priority responses and services are provided
  • Exclusive offers on electric cars and corporate sharing are incorporated

**Click here to uncover more information.

So, this was a comprehensive outline of Europcar. Hope you have deciphered it well and clear about the reservation methods. Hence, don’t procrastinate more, make good use of its fleets and service. Enjoy and happy driving.