One of the age-old epithets that have been addressing Summer is– the season of rolling on over mustards. That means, Summer is the ideal time for iteration and roaming around the world keeping aside all prosaic chores for a while. 

Now, the perception of travel varies from person to person. For someone, it’s a quiet escape from crowds and urban luxury, while for others it’s completely opposite, i.e. an affair of luxury and comfort. Therefore, accommodation appears to be the most significant parameter before finalizing the place to board for. Here comes a savior to trim your effort and abate all related confusions while in a quest for the best hotels at the respective place. The team IHG, the global chain of hotels and resorts is here to serve you wholeheartedly with its robust list of 6000 deluxe accommodations if your affinity intricates with quality and utmost coziness while on a trip. 

From the point of its growth, IHG hotels and resorts keep their focal attention around palatial staying, enriched with comfort, luxury, and all other essentials. The chain of hotels is being teamed up and operated by a total of 17 opulent hotel brands that are spread across various parts of the world. Hence, let’s carry out a swift glance over the modes of services, and perks offered by IHG.

  1. Chain of hotels, classification, and brands

Till this time, IHG has been partnered with up to 6000 global hotels which have been controlled by 17 top star hotel brands. The enlisted hotels are further classified into 4 parts namely 

  • luxury and lifestyle hotels
  • Premium hotels
  • Hotels with essential collections
  • Suites hotels

So, it’s completely up to the users about the kinds that have to be selected as per their needs. Among 17 global popular hotel brands, notable are Avid, Holiday Express inn, Regent, Voco, Crowne Plaza, Candlewood Suites, Indigo Hotel, and so forth. 

Albeit, IHG offers a flexible booking schedule for 24x7x365, it’s better to reserve a hotel or other staycation beforehand in order to specify personal sets of choices.

  1. Modes of services, discounts, and perks

IHG chains of hotels and resorts are indeed an irreplaceable name when it comes to looking for magnificent accommodations stuffed with all deluxe essentials for utmost human comfort. Despite classic comfort, and elegant hospitality, another most striking feature of this hotel chain is its user-friendliness and jaw-dropping offers that keep on upwelling all the time. Know what are the current benefits unleashed by this hotel chain.

  1. Book a reservation for up to 3 nights and enjoy up to a 15% discount on your bill
  2. Preplan your booking and redeem up to 15% off and access free changes till 1 week prior the boarding
  3. Get access to utter flexibility of room selection 24 hours prior to the board in
  4. Enjoy up to 25% discount on a list of 160 selected hotels
  5. Upgrade your stay to a club room or suite and grab an extra 20% discount
  6. Get special allowances and service at pet-friendly hotels and glean up to 2000 IHG bonus rewards
  7. Unlock access to IGH Book now pay later facility, while facing any transactional obstacles or other problems. 
  8. Try a day pass for free and exchange it with an alike room of your choice.
  9. Be an IHG member and keep counting relentless benefits to both pre and post travels


Any change or cancellation within 24hours of the booking will incur the cost of 1-night of stay. 

  1. IHG members’ exclusive rewards

Don’t wait too far if you fall in love with the royal acquaintances of IHG hotels. The surprising fact is apart from exceptional price-off, and discounts, IHG keeps a special list of rewards ready for its members. These are as follows.

  1. Earn 3x reward points against the 3rd stay and 2x reward points on the 2nd stay
  2. Redeem up to 125,000 bonus points+ a free night on spending above $3000
  3. Earn up to 25000 rewards points per night
  4. Save up to 15% upon advance saver rate
  5. Access and explore Book Now Pay Later option at select American and Caribbean hotels

IHG member reward points| Points to remember

Any IHG user across the world can be part of the exclusive rewards program in a few clicks and be a lifetime patron of some enthralling perks which have been enumerated below. 

  • Access and explore countless perks and levers up latest offers
  • Enjoy the assurance of an agile reservation facility across the 6000 hotels
  • Enjoy additional rewards points per night
  • Blackout day charges are inapplicable on free nights
  • Access and enthralled up with elite benefits


Glimpses of popular global tourist places 

The chain of IHG hotels offers a global service, you may have deciphered it already from the above discourse. Thereby, it’s not a very difficult task to enkindle and muster hotspot tourist places of a respective country or the city while shortlisting a tourist place of your choice. In fact, you don’t personally undertake the initiative of browsing. IHG has sorted all your efforts with this exclusive list. Just select and sort the country, the list will be presented in front of your eyes. 

However, popular tourist destinations encircle the eastern coast of N. America, the Caribbean islands, continental Europe, Peninsular Asia, the Pacific rim, Japan, Australia, the whole of Africa, and mid-east countries. You can fetch the whole list here. While browsing a hotel, also keep in mind that all these hotels can further be ramified into 4 sub-types; airport hotels, water park and hotels, beach hotels, and pet-friendly hotels. 

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Hence, this is how IHG hotels serve their users. Besides the dazzling royal accommodations, IHG has also been adorned for serving diverse global cuisine and the finest liquor. In a nutshell, the exclusive hotel chains are the meticulous gateway to relishing a royal holiday retreat. So, select an embedded hotel from its list and enjoy your vacation.