Hoping to find the best deal to book a vacation rental? As it’s the toughest job when it comes to booking a vacation rental as you have to search for a vacation rental that best suits your plan and has the best deal in terms of amenities and prices.

Travelers looking for a vacation rental come across many options but selecting the best makes increases the difficulty level, as it is an overwhelming process, you miss out on the best deals.

Travelers are not aware of the deals offered by companies like HomeAway, Hotels.com, VRBO, Airbnb, Booking.com, etc. 

Check here for some best deals by vacation rental sites, this will you to figure out which offers more amenities, fair prices with more transparency.

Some of the top vacation rental companies are Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com and the list is quite long.

They give a specialized booking experience to suit your plan, they make it easier to search for places or vacation rentals under various categories.


  • Airbnb is a best-known vacation rental site giving comfortable lodging options and it has vacation rentals like houses, apartments, etc. at different travel destinations.
  • There’s a proper map of properties listed on the website to give a more clear view of deals.
  • Add your location where you are planning to stay, check-in and check-out dates and the number of guests for a better experience.
  • You get an option to explore nearby destinations where you can find travel time to reach the destination.
  • You can choose from the type of vacation rental like pets welcome, an entire house, cabins, cottages, unique stays, etc.
  • There is a site map when you click on explore destinations, the sitemap moves as you search and explore vacation rentals.
  • You can also contact the property owner before booking to clear your queries related to your stay.
  • A ‘Superhost’ feature gives you an insight into the best rentals as the tag implies highly rated hosts providing great stays.
  • ‘Airbnb Plus Listings’ is another feature to stay verified for quality and design.


  • You can’t go wrong with hotels.com, this the mission which they target to follow to provide customers with the best booking experience.
  • There are various deals which you can find on the homepage. There are options like deals, vacation rentals, things to do, gift cards, hotels.com rewards, etc.
  • There are a variety of filters you can apply to make your search for a stay easy and comfortable. You can apply filters like prices, type of accommodation and many more to give you the best experience of booking a stay.
  • There is no option to contact the property owner to clear the queries regarding the stay.
  • Many vacation rentals are eligible for hotels.com rewards where you can save a few bucks for a free night stay for the future at a hotel or a vacation rental.
  • There are deals like save up to 50%, free cancellation, pay now or later, etc. to provide a stay in the hotels, vacation rentals at affordable prices.

HomeAway (Vrbo)

  • Easy to use and clearly designed website and it is also the parent website for VRBO and Stayz, which ensures that the prices and the website designs for all three are almost the same.
  • There is a map view and listings have all the details including the number of rooms, square footage, user ratings, etc.
  • There are so many filters to apply like location, pets welcomed, hotels or vacation rentals, amenities and many more.
  • You can filter your search with the number of rooms.
  • There is a full price breakdown where you can see the share paid to the company and taxes and other charges.
  • A feature of ‘Premier Partner Listings’ helps you to know about the property owners who have been offering good customer service constantly. This feature was introduced to help customers with booking as they can check-in the user ratings and the services of the host which gives a glimpse that the host is serving the best services constantly.


  • You can book from cozy country homes to city apartments.
  • There are various options on the homepage like stays, flights, flights + hotels, attractions, etc.
  • There are various deals on hotels, homes and much more.
  • You can save 20% or more on your next booking to take 2021 to a new start.
  • You can also find Getaway Deals and save 15% or more on local and global stays.
  • You can browse the property type, location and get inspiration for your next trip as they prioritize booking transparency and flexibility.
  • Connect with other travelers and find out more about stays and vacation rentals.
  • Property listings offer a variety of information including guest reviews, amenities, etc.
  • You also get an option to contact the host directly to get answers to all the queries regarding your stay.
  • It is clearly visible whether your booking amount is nonrefundable or free cancellation is allowed or not.

After a comparison between different travel websites like HomeAway, Hotels.com, Airbnb and others, it can be concluded that every website has its some pros and cons, some features are there in some websites and other features are there in another website. You can go through all of them to check various exciting deals and other features to plan a perfect stay.

After the comparison, hotels.com and booking.com were found to be the best sites as they offer a perfect stay like other travel websites like Airbnb, HomeAway and others. But the additional feature which makes them unique among all is the exciting deals and offers they provide for hotels or a vacation rental. Booking.com also has an option to contact the host like other travel websites, check before booking as you might find some exciting deals with other websites. It has almost all the features included in the design to provide you a perfect stay at affordable prices.