Why we need electronic appliances— is an utterly disgusting question, rather how and where you can bring home a brand new set of appliances is much more interesting to explore. Well, ladies and gentlemen the brand store evoMAG is here to answer all your questions with the best feeds.

From devices, gadgets to essentials house and commuting electronics appliances namely fridges, televisions, electric vehicles, evoMAG is indeed stuffed with exploding counts and product genres. The best part is, that every single inclusion is handy at jaw-reading price drops which sometimes hits the line of 50% and more! Wait, feeling skeptic with such information? Relax and look down below to fetch proper evidences. 

evoMAG Red Hot Sale: What’s going on there?

First comes first, it’s indeed tough to address an e-commerce website as persuasive in lack of any price markdown event. However, evoMAG pays tribute to the subtle and unuttered oath of the e-commerce industry by enabling grand discount events on a rolling-on basis. For example, currently, the Red Hot Sale is alive in its inventory which embeds all its inclusions. In the following, a crisp idea of the sale is unveiled. Skim through it before you perk up with your shopping list.

Details of the Red Hot Sale

  • The event is a promotional one and therefore operational for limited days only
  • Featured categories under the event are televisions, laptops, electronics vehicles, and all other sections
  • The percentage of discount varies as per product nature, category, and vice-versa
  • The sale is operational without any acquaintance of evoMAG promo code
  • Fast and feasible free doorstep delivery is available across all participating locations
  • There is no bar put forth against multiple redemptions of single/ multiple products by a user

**Know details of underlined TCs and guidelines of sale for better understanding.

Red Hot Sale: Grab electronics at the best prices

Once you lay out the crux of the Red Hot Sale, it’s no wonder that you feel pricky to uncover featured product indices and affixed price tags. So, stay tuned with the following categories and explore their exclusivities one by one.

1. Televisions, videos, & photographic accessories

The index for the mentioned products at evoMAG is indeed unfathomable and unsurpassable at a single look. Starting from brands to specifications, the entire inventory is flooded with countless varieties and variable potencies. The price line for all pace up with the line of affordability, sometimes even drops below the mandated scale. Most of the products are recently manufactured and of fabulous qualities. 

Features in a nutshell

  • Enlisted products: 
  • TV, TV accessories, remotes, TV stands, Bluetooth sockets, etc
  • photo and video graphics accessories such as speakers, projectors,
  • CCTV cameras, and so on
  • The minimum price scale starts as low as 99,00 Lei
  • Most popular brands: Philips, Samsung, Apple, Xaomi, Google Chromeset, Camera, etc
  • Marshaled types of TV: LED, smart, UHD, 4K, QLED, and Neo QLED
  • All products bear a certain time period of validity

Take a glance at the top-selling products

TVsVideo & photographic items Accessories 
Legend LED 80cm| 599,00 LeGoogle nest hub smart speaker| 289,00 LeiMedia player android TV stick| 1.299,00 Lei
Philips FHD 80cm| 699,00 LeiPhilips TAM4205 micro speaker system| 589,00 LeiA-data micro SDX memory card| 33,99 Lei
LG 4K HD 139cm| 1.999,00 LeiPNI surveillance camera| 259 LeiSandisk 256GB memory card| 246,00 Lei
Samsung QLED 109cm| 1.999,00 LeiCamera video auto Navitel| 169,00 LeiMini smartbox cable for camera and car| 159 Lei
LG OLED 106cm| 4.499,00 LeiVideoproictcor LED Home| 699,00 LeiOptoma video projector stand| 469,00 Lei

2. Laptops, desktops, and monitors

Like televisions and associated accessories, evoMAG does also showcase a pool of laptops, desktops, and monitors that consider mesmerizing varieties, brands, and configurations. From processor, sizes, storage, RAM, and all other configurations are distinctly potent and vary from each other. Apart from this, users can also buy exclusive boxes for windows, software, and so on. Below comprehensive guidance is outlined. Take a detailed enclosure at it.

  • Featured brands are Lenovo, IPS, Dell, HP, Asus, Huawei, Macbook, etc.
  • Available processors: AMD Ryzen, Intel, etc.
  • OS software: Windows, Macbook
  • Price varies from model to model. On average 729,00 Lei
  • The size of laptops starts from 11” to 17”
  • Along with the devices other essential accessories include bags, batteries, chargers, and so on

evoMAG| Store of computer, laptops, & devices| A glimpse

3. Gaming components and accessories

Looking for resistant and high-performance gaming components? Your problem is sorted with evoMAG. Not only just a pool of varieties but you’ll also encounter heaps of configurations at the same time. From gaming motherboards, motherboards, SSD, and processors— there is indeed a jaw-dropping, you’ll notice in the loop. Apart from this, the store also marshals a special rack for external HDD, mouses, and adapters. Each of these bears certain days of validity and provides free delivery after surpassing the eligible limit.

evoMAG| Store of gaming components, & devices| A glimpse

4. Kitchen & home appliances

Finally, it’s time to unfold all essential information about the home and kitchen appliances. The featured products mainly deck up an array of mixers, grinders, cooling fans, exhaust fans, washing machines, refrigerators, AC, geysers, air fryers, and many more. Here too, you’ll notice an immersive infusion of product varieties and brands. Each product bears certain days of validity and is embedded with specific ranges of the warranty period.

evoMAG| Store for kitchen &home appliances| A glimpse

With this, a brief overview about the savings tricks on your venture to shop for the best electronics goods without denting your personal budget. Keep exploring evoMAG for more details. And in the meantime stay tuned for more similar updates. Enjoy your shopping snapping the best perks at the same time.