Designed for beginners and built for experts

Buy cryptocurrencies with quick, easy and secure CoinSmart portal that is accessible to amateurs and professionals. Using CoinSmart can help users buy Bitcoin in minutes and trade easily, using protected payment gateways. New users can sign up with their email address to get free Bitcoins.

CoinSmart Deals March 2022

CoinSmart tools Get offers Validity
1. Instant CoinSmart account verification Authenticate account 31/03/2022
2. High level security to all investors Trade now 30/03/2022
3. Advanced trading tools for experts View tips 29/03/2022
4. Register on CoinSmart to get assured license Register here 30/03/2022
5. 24*7 SmartSupport on CoinSmart Submit your query 31/03/2022

CoinSmart Deals | Top picks of March 2022

Get instantly verified Industry-level security
Trading tips for experts Trade several bitcoins

Designed for beginners and built for experts

Here’s a glimpse of CoinSmart crypto trading tools for novices and advanced brokers:

  • Instant CoinSmart verification

Create CoinSmart account using iOS, Android application and desktop or mobile webpage to access cryptocurrency trading platform.

  • Sign up with complete and accurate information
  • Account verification is completed within minutes
  • Funds can be deposited and accessed on the same day
  • Process withdrawals within 5 business days with SmartGuarantee
  • Trade smartly with industry-leading security

CoinSmart provides high level of security to all investors and trade different altcoins, instead of Bitcoin and Ethereum only.

  • CoinSmart security keeps coins in protected custody
  • Safe verifications block all third-party applications
  • Safekeeping technology uses Bitgo and Fireblocks
  • Two-factor authentication used for accessing
  • Advanced trading tools for experts

CoinSmart trading strategies help users with technical analysis from industry experts and articles/blogs on the website.

  • Click on the ‘advanced trade’ option on the interface
  • Look for technical analytic tools like price chart, order book
  • Choose favored crypto and check if asset is over or underpriced
  • Integrate suitable patterns and dependable policy to start investing
  • CoinSmart liability

CoinSmart provides complete trust and accountability with reliable benefactors.

  • Eligibility age for all users is 18+ years
  • Beneficiaries include US and Canada citizens
  • Suitable licensing and registrations needed
  • Each provider must comply with jurisdiction rules
  • 24*7 SmartSupport

Get all queries and questions answered using inclusive FAQ section and SmartSupport.

  • Live 24*7 ubiquitous channel support to all users
  • Connect using SmartRep customer service
  • Use email, phone call or live chat options
  • Users can also submit a ticket to get in touch

Beneficial CoinSmart Features

CoinSmart allows brokers to access crypto easily using multiple funding modes and track trading portfolio.

Easily accessible cryptocurrency Same Day Deposits
  • Buy, sell, trade various digital currencies easily and instantly
  • Multiple options to send and receive funds in your registered bank account
  • Users can convert dollars to euros with ease
  • Desktop webpage and mobile app/ site can be used
  • Get CoinSmart account verified seamlessly
  • No added time needed for deposits and withdrawals
  • All deposits reflect in the account within 24 hours
  • Users can access and utilize funds on the same day
Multiple funding modes Effortless trade tracking
  • On the main payment gateway page – CAD wallet option is listed
  • Deposit and transact using  methods like wire and INTERAC e-transfer
  • In-built tokenization used to simulate real-world assets
  • All cryptocurrency funding modes are acceptable including SEPA, Wire Transfers
  • Use your profile or portfolio tracker to view wallets, exchanges
  • Trace transaction worth and view original price of crypto
  • Compatible on iOS and Android apps, mobile and desktop sites
  • Exclusive add-in wallet addresses and API integration


Similar Savings opportunities
Get free Bitcoins 0% wire transfer fees
Compatible on all devices Easy interface (for amateurs and professionals)

Additional saving opportunities 

Use CoinSmart portal to get minimum wire transfer, withdrawal and processing fees. 

  • Get $30 free Bitcoin

New users can sign up on CoinSmart website using their email address and use special code to redeem free Bitcoins.

  • Use exclusive CoinSmart code Get30
  • Only new users can redeem deal benefits 
  • Maximum $30 free Bitcoins can be earned
  • Amount credited only after first successful deposit


  • 0% fee on wire transfer

CoinSmart users can use bank wire transfer mode to avoid processing fees from $10,000 funds.

  • All users can get amount deposited into CoinSmart account
  • 1.5% fees charged on Interac e-transfer for $100-$1999
  • Pay up to 6% instant processing fees on debit and credit card transactions
  • Wire transfers reflect in bank account within 3-5 business days


  • Pay 1% fee on withdrawal methods 

Use wire and electronic funds transfer as withdrawal methods on CoinSmart.

  • 1% fee or minimum $15 charged
  • Total processing days = 1-5 business days 
  • Basic amount for bank transfer = $10,000
  • Minimum and maximum limits for electronic funds transfers $50 to $15,000


  • Immediate processing delivery on CoinSmart

Pay basic crypto withdrawal fees with immediate processing delivery.

  • Single trade allowed between two crypto, if one is BTC (bitcoin)
  • 0.20% and 0.40% charges applicable on single and double trades respectively
  • Added network fee charges in decentralized cryptocurrency network
  • Different processing fees for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital currency


  • Low commission on trading fees 

Pro account holders can sign up into their account to avoid additional charges as trading fees.

  • Choose trading option ‘decentralized exchange’
  • Find exchanges with lower fees
  • Pay 0.20% to 0.30% for single trade
  • Tiered transaction fees applicable on select markets


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  • What services does CoinSmart offer?

CoinSmart trading platforms offers customized currency exchanges, advanced transaction experience, quick invoicing, auto-payments, trading tips and premium services. 

  • How is the CoinSmart referral program beneficial?

CoinSmart referral deal allows associates to earn maximum $50.00 with every referral, using the partner portal link. 

  • How can users earn SmartRewards on CoinSmart portal? 

Traders can answer quiz questions (twice during the course of 24 hours) on the CoinSmart portal and receive free bitcoins.



In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, trade Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Stellar and other popular digital currencies using instant, secure CoinSmart online platform and verified account. 

Check out the CoinSmart website to access all benefits using online deals.