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There is no world called ‘outdated’ in the world of fashion! The irony is what seemed outmoded decades ago can be on the top of the trend at present! In simple words, the fashion world is the most moving one! 

However, over decades a rigorous amount of research has been carried out on chich and trendy outfits. Sometimes, it landed up with gaudy, and dazzling vain, sometimes it donned the robe of classic and urbane foppish! Among all sporty fashion trend proves to be the most appealing. There are two triggering factors works behind the trend; one is its comfortability and spaciousness. The second is its easy-to-go with the trend getup and carefree style. That’s why the athletics style of flaunting is not just popular among real ground sports persons but by a throng of young college students.

Now the question is, how to find the store you’re thriving for, while the market is flooded with the superfluous number of sporty fashion stores? Well, the answer stands on your doorstep. It’s DTLR, the opulent house of chich, sleek real sportswear! Therefore, this summer to blow a storm on the school’s sports ground with envious flaunting, you must glance through the latest launch of DTLR–a boon of fashion and quality. 

DTLR| Latest launch for men

Footwear| new launch

The zeal for trendy sports shoes never goes ephemeral among men. Be it any event; casual or formal, they are always on with it. DTLR caters men’s footwear into 5 types; basketball, boots, casual shoes, running shoes, and training shoes. The latest among them which are potent to color their soul with flattering hues are as follows.

The ice lemonade basketball shoe takes the discussion beyond the court. Simply, it’s not about providing the best performance rather is an irreplaceable example of sheer flamboyance. It reveals a tropical look and is easy to go for a summer party. Regarding the configuration,  the upper shoe is solid synthetic knitted and has a lace style. And sole is made with a soft lightweight foam that avails an impressive bumpy effect. 

For those boys, who just can’t stay away from a bold street style look, Puma wild rider is indeed a brilliant choice for them. Stitched with olive green suede upper body layers with lace tie designs, the sole of the shoe is a creation to watch. It mirrors a complete road skateboard look with thousands of glitters above the layer. The pair is enough to put your neighbor in utter envy! 

It’s another eternal creation to waft in the craze of flamboyance. The upper body is completely mesh knitted which infuses the several neon blue dots upon the base black color. However, the sole draws the central attention of the shoes. Designed completely with transparent foam, it has glittering potency in the dark.

Latest jersey collection| Mitchell & Niss

The name of the brand is just enough falling for it. Because a jersey of Mitchell & Niss is not just about enjoying airiness and relaxation but is an emotion. Therefore, from play court to swimming pool party, a piece is enough to draw the neighbor’s attention. The top picks are as follows.


Women| The latest collection

Footwear| exclusively trending 

The soar for sports shoes does also have rip-roaring hype among women! For, surpassing a day above pencil-heeled stiletto–is just impossible! So, the potency of casual shoes is much more important than formal footwear. The main factors behind the scene are, that these are comfortable and of cool looks. So, let’s take a look at the newly introduced racks of DTRL women’s shoes.

The impact factor of this lemonade white shoe is indeed out of the box. While the charming lemonade white mesh weaved upper layer assures enough breathability, the stone-pebbled print foam is incredible to spike out any kind of road friction. Hence, brilliantly balances body mass with the ground. From the gym to a casual day off, the pair is equally potent in all aspects. 

Summer is an all-around season for busting with colors. Be it for apparel or footwear, the predominance of variegated colors is distinctly notable.  And this rainbow wedge from Anthony Wang takes the summer vibe to the next level. This exclusive creation, knitted with chunks of colors is perfect for a flashy summer party.

Newly launched KAPPA collection

Kappa stitches vain with smartness. Be it for a top, short, or jersey, the exclusive design is notable everywhere which eventually crafts a smart, bold yet decent fashion appeal for this hot season. The top picks of Kappa are as follows.


DTLR| latest inclusions from top brands

Jordan| Why Not No.5 

The Why Not No. 5 is an intriguing bloom of colors and quality. With an alluring upper layer texture and stone-hard grippy sole, the shoe holds all potential to be placed into your shoe rack. On top of all facts, this lace shoe pair truly avails a fresh seasonal vibe.

Fila| Ray tracer tracker 2 MID

If your zeal for colorful sports shoes is everlasting, the Ray tracer tracker must be on your bucket list. With plumage of white, yellow, red, and black the high collar mid-cut boot is apt in composing an abstract anthology of fashion and flamboyance.

Ethika| Women’s collection

Who says undergarments are just for bodily protection and not for flaunting? Kick out all those dogmas and rejuvenate your underwear closet with fresh tropical prints of Ethika that certainly impinges your mind with freshness and bright summer flaunt! 

So, this was a smart synopsis of how you must carry out your summer flaunting vibe in a unique direction without keeping any confusion in mind! Stay tuned to DTLR to get more such abstract fashion ideas! Enjoy!