Sorting a credible outlet that stocks a decent pile of health supplements, vitamins, and other stamina-building ingredients, is not as easy as we think. Because, myriads of premises do perform collaboratively in the background where supplement kinds, doses, consumer’s age, body stature, etc play consequent roles. Moreover, considering the consumer’s medical history; whether she or he has any, is a matter of concern too. Hence, a good store for supplements and high-impact wellness products means it has to mandate all certain pre-requisite as per the individual’s body, and suitability at the very first so that no side effects do come up during or after consumption of these. 

And exactly here, the problem begins. Because in medical science a ‘flawless medicine’ is one which is a placebo as the internal and external structure of each body varies with each other. Hence, the same medicine, even after phasing through vigorous lab testing, can bring completely different effects upon two persons. But thanks to Vitacost for its generous initiative to pack medical and food supplements that are devoid of any perilous impact. Perhaps, going herbal and being affined to using more natural extracts are the reasons for its fame. And the good news is that driven by this fact today Vitacost has a massive stock of nearly 40,000 health supplements that waive off impressive pay-offs and perks all the time. 

So, in this article, we will take a quick look at its deck of popular products and best-selling choices. Come on, let’s start then.

Vitacost| Best-Selling Health & Wellness Products 

1. Vitacost Brands| Bag Premium Products 

Although musters global brands from various corners of the world but Vitacost is a brand by itself. It is because the brand itself is amalgamated with vibrant self-made brands that produce verticals of services and products. Trending brands include Vitacost, Vitacost food, Synergy, Root², ARO, and Simple Truth.

Needless to say that each of these brands is highly specialized and result driven. For example, Vitacost holds the fame for exceptional vitamins, supplements, and skin care products while Synergy is for highly formulated supplements, ARO for target athletic nutrition, and vice-versa.

Top selling products| Editor’s pick

Vitacost Vit-C capsulesShop at $17.99
Vitacost Synergy milk thistle extractGrab at $12.99
Vitacost BioCell CollagenAvailable at $10.85
ARO black series creatininePurchase at $19.99
Vitacost Root2 Bacopa extract Get at $11.99

2. Huge Stock Of Vitamins And Supplements

Counting the total number of vitamins and nutritional pills from the deck is as pairable as sorting grains on a beach. In simple terms, keep in mind that the pile of these supplements at Vitacost has an oceanic collection considering hundreds of brands and genres. 

Both these products are further sub-classified into a slew of niches. For example, popular varieties of vitamin amass Biotin, multivitamins, postnatal, prenatal multivitamins, Vit-A, Vit-B, etc. Similarly, supplements that have the highest demand all the time are 5-HTP, Algae, ALA, Apple cider vinegar, bee pollen, beef liver, etc. Besides these, certain select products are formulated as per various needs. For example, gluten-free elements, non-GMO, organic, vegetarian, and so on. The best part is, prior to shopping for any kind of product from this sect, a shopper will be given valuable expert tips. 

Top selling products| Editor’s pick

Vitacost chelated zincShop at $6.99
Nature’s way alive multivitamins Grab at $16.99
Jarrow formula’s zinc balance Available at $9.77
Vitacost quercetin and bromelain Purchase at $33.99
Vitacost Vit-C pills Get at $14.99

3. Herbs and Botanicals 

Not just vitamins, proteins, and supplements Vitacost does also have a decent stock of herbs and botanical extracts also that bolster the immune system and keep the body-building process progressive. These can be shopped by species, brands, and ongoing offers. For example, top herb stocks include turmeric, aloe vera, mushroom, and milk thistle. The most hyped brands include Gaia herbs, Nature’s Way, New Chapter, Megafood, and Vitacost itself. The products can further be segregated superimposing multiple specialties, gender, age, and medical conditions namely diabetes, cardio issue, etc.

4. Food and beverages 

If you address Vitacost as a brand only for health and wellness essentials, then it’s time correct your perception. Despite its major genre, the store also stocks quite a hefty collection of foods, menus, beverages, and snacks that will truly leave you stunned. Foods are available majorly in packets of snacks and beverages. However, among all, some select proper food plates are also incorporated into the catalog. Each packet whether a snack bar or meal course is prescribed by dietitians, hence does not lapse nutritional value and is devoid of GMO, gluten, and other subsidiary ingredients that are not so welcoming for the body. The best part out of all is that this section is indeed sparked with giggling offers and discounts which never drop below 15%.

Top selling products| Editor’s pick

Kind breakfast and protein bar| 8gmShop at $4.59
Made good organic granola bars Grab at $4.19
Aloha organic peanut butter chocolate chips Available at $27.99
Nature’s Bakery gluten-free fig bar Purchase at $5.79
Pamela’s raisin, walnut and spice cookie Get at $4.49

Why do you shop at Vitacost?

Being pricked by the question is quite normal since the market is full of analogous stores which clamor as the best 24×7. Well, to substantiate with the sets of reasons for choosing Vitacost over all other stores are mentioned below. 

  • Puts up an inventory of more than 40,000 health and wellness products of multitudes of brands, supplements, and vitamins
  • All products are medically authenticated and devoid of any kind of antiallergenic issues
  • Special focus is being paid to bottling up organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free products.
  • Committed with low price drops alerts followed by tons of additional perks
  • Ships to more than 150 global countries apart from the USA and territories

So, this is how a quick glimpse of the most popular categories of Vitacost is generated. Hope you like the reading and found the article really helpful. However, to drill more about the brand and its exclusives, either you regularly visit the website or subscribe with thetredwe for more updates. Stay healthy and maintain a salubrious life. Enjoy.