While Vitacost is a brand of real extolment for health and wellness products across the globe, sometimes it becomes a bit dicey to sort a brand as per individual requirements. The reason is quite simple, there are many. However, in this article, we’ve tried to solve this riddle for your convenience. An in-depth description has been carried out to enlist all endorsed brands by Vitacost and segregated further as per genres and distinct purposes. So, stay tuned with us and start going through the underneath information.

Vitacost Brands| Popular Ones At A Glance

Let’s start from scratch. As a complete brand and store at the same time, navigating through all embedded brands at Vitacost is indeed confounding. So, to ease your effort and appease all certain confusion, a total of 6 brands have been rostered. These are Vitacost, Vitacost food, Synergy, Root², ARO, and Simple Truth. You can start your health shaping program with any of these and eventually navigate deeper for more. However, for any reason, if you get scared of uncanny side effects during a course, then calm down— all products of the brand are absolutely out of any negative effects. 

Vitacost Brands| Find Out The Best One As Per Categories

1. Vitamins and supplements

The basis of Vitacost surrounds vitamins and supplements. So, you simply can be apathetic with this section. Hence, it’s quite obvious that the list of this deck would be massive. All enlisted products undergo robust lab validation and are approved by renowned pharmaceutical institutes including Cosmeceutical Science Institute. Therefore, getting zero side effects is a 100% guarantee. However, these can be purchased after incorporating various premises. Below, a list of these has been pointed out.

Popular brand categories 

  • 5-HTP| Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)| Amino Acids| Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Bioflavonoids| Chlorella| Coconut Oils| CoQ10| DHEA| EFAs| Fish Oil
  • Flaxseed| Hyaluronic Acid| Krill Oil| Lutein| Melatonin| Multivitamins. etc


  • Products are further specialized as 
  • Egg free| peanut free| tree nut free| gluten-free, etc
  • The strength of supplements ranges between 5gm to 1000+gm
  • Products come in handy as capsules, soft gels, tablets, liquid, etc
  • Various flavors such as cherry, orange, strawberry, etc. can also be picked 

2. Vitacost brand food

Simultaneously with vitamins and supplements, Vitacost does also come up with bulgy food stock. But do keep in mind that marshaled foods come mostly in canned and pouch and are of snack kind mostly. These too are further compartmented considering various criteria namely flavors, specialties like non-GMO, Kosher, and so on. There is one more specialty of this deck which is the effective dietary suggestions as per individuals provided by expert and skilled dietitians. 

Popular brand categories

  • Gluten-free | tea & coffee| beans| beverages| breakfast foods
  • Condiments| flours & meal| fruit| nut & seed| staples| seasons, etc.


  • The basic product price starts from $5
  • Added compartments of specialties include 
  • Kosher| non-GMO| alcohol-free| diary free| egg free| soy free| Keto| non-glycemic, etc
  • Servings capacities of a packet or can ranges from 1 person to more than 100
  • An array of flavors is available and personal preference is highly encouraged

3. Sport and fitness brands

Being firm with stamina and full of energy is mandatory for a sportsperson. Hence, apart from dietary course meals, the person must be regular in consuming certain effective supplements. The great news is, that Vitacost has aced in this section as well. It has a great collection of sports and fitness-based supplements which are truly efficacious and of great aid. 


  • Featured brands are Synergy, ARO| Root2, etc
  • Induced specialties include BPA Free| Corn free| diary free| organic| shellfish free, etc
  • Product strength ranges from 100gm onwards
  • Supplements are available in capsules and powders
  • Shopping can be commenced both online and in-stock

4. Beauty and personal care products

Nowadays people lean more on herbal beauty products than lab-based. The reason is easily penetrable. The effect of silicon and harmful parabens welcome a lifetime impact. To deal with these problems, Vitacost wholeheartedly encourages its users to go more for natural beauty products. Hence, its deck of beauty and personal care products showcases an array of items covering multiple zones of a body. 


  • Products include essential oils, aromatherapy, facial skin care kits, glownaturals essentials, etc
  • Basic price starts onwards from $5
  • Induced specialties are paraben free| hypoallergenic| non-GMO| fragrance-free, etc
  • Products are available in liquid, foam, soap, bar, and cream form

This was a terse tabulation of all featured brands at Vitacost. To uncover full lists of the best-selling products of each niche, do step inside it and meet your kind of suffices. The brand has deftly organized all products and is beautifully compartmented as per each brand. So, pour a bit of self-initiative and get the result on your hand!