Valentine’s Day Gifts For Single: Valentine’s day is just around the corner! Wait, still single? And not bothered about what valentine’s day bring in? You’re absolutely right! But you know what? It’s time to crack and trigger out the ‘so-called’ meaning of ‘valentine’s day’ and ‘the day for couples’ type stupid analogy! Self-love and loving those who bring light to your life are the utmost. They can be your pet, tiny plant pots on your balcony, and your family of course. So, let’s celebrate this valentine’s day or you may also name it ‘anti-valentines day’ with these 7 unique gift ideas below. 

1. Buy A New Dog Collar & Be Your Doggos Valentine

Start the day with your sweetheart pet ‘Jasmine’ or what you call her/ him. Buy a new soft, fluffy red collar for your furry friend and treat her/him so well and make him/her understand that the cute one is really important to your life. Nowadays, there are plenty of pet stores online like Target, Amazon, etc. You can pick any suitable one for your dear pet.

2. Gift A Brand New ‘Shaving Kit’ & Be Your Dad’s Valentina

Who says you can’t gift your father on Valentine’s day? It’s utterly a baseless statement you know! So, before the day lands, preorder a shaving kit for him from Dollar Shave Club and keep it on his shaving desk! Trust me, this would be one of the best valentine’s day gift ideas for single! You can choose an alternative store of DSC as well. The choice is yours.

3. Buy A Healthy Meal Plan With Delicious Recipies To Your Mom

With age, your parents go weak in immunity, and all living beings rely on this basic principle of survival. Therefore, this valentine’s day scout for an abstract gift idea rather than being cazed within four walls. Buy a healthy meal plan for your mom which includes varieties of sumptuous ready-to-cook recipes. You can take a peek inside Hello Fresh’s meal planner. It indeed enlists a huge a-la-carte of healthy, ready-to-cook meals for elderly people and regular adults.

4. Funky Self-CustomT-Shirts

Present yourself a t-shirt with quirky prints, say…single to mingle? Sorry Boss! Too busy to mingle, or like so. There are multiple websites to do merchandised prints such as Redbubble, Etsy, etc. You can hunt their website to glean more crazy ideas.

5. Custom Coffee Mugs For Your Single Friend

To your friend who dares or just hates entering into a relationship, you can treat her special with a single gal pals custom valentine’s day gift, such as a printed coffee mug with quirky quotes, meant for singles. Etsy, followed by Walmart, and Target individually stock a wide variety of such gifts.

6. Buy A Motivational Poster To Your Sibling

As the meaning of love is eternal and beyond framable, start embracing it with your sibling. For, your sibling is the first one in this world who is your biggest fan. Therefore, this valentine’s day fills her/him soul with a warm gift like a motivational poster that would work like a boost of support.

7. Surprise Your Parents By arranging A Short Trip

This would have maximum fun. Exactly on this day, execute a short family trip afar from your house. If you’re running short of time, you can turn into a cherishable picnic at the same time. Carry a few baskets of good homely cooked foods and make a pleasant day out.

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These are the 7 best Valentine’s day gift ideas for singles, we’ve found so far. There are more on the way. Stay tuned with us to get updates about more such interesting gift ideas about valentine’s day. Live happily and enjoy.