Change is a constant; be it for flamboyance or daily livelihood. However, the impact is most vivid in the world of vogue when it comes to unveiling distinct fashion personalities. Here comes the main problem, staying up to date with flaunting is not everyone’s cup of tea, since it stands out as an expensive practice for major times. But as every problem has a silver line so it is the same for fashion. And this time the benevolence gets unwrapped by Urban Planet through its massive bags of prime fashion deals that are simply too hot to handle! 

Feeling the throbbing pulse rate near your glottis? Oh come on, there are plenty more surprises waiting for you! In terse, there is only one way to buoy down all your palpitations that is, simply plumb down to this crazy event before it evades away and bag as many as you can. Hurry up! Start wishlisting now! 

A. Urban Planet prime deals| Women’s exclusive| starting from $5

It’s prime time to jump on the hot prime deals enabled by Urban Planet. From shorts to beach dresses or bold-cut summer tops, everything fits into bags the way you want. The best part is, the deal starts onwards from $5 only. Thus don’t lag any further, take your leap up and straight jump into the pool. However, you must also be aware of the following factors at the same time.

Major features of Urban Planet prime deals

  • The prime deal is exclusively open to ladies
  • The extent of deals ranges between $5 to $15
  • Featured apparel includes tops, tees, cardigans, dresses, swimwear, jeans, pants, etc.
  • Free shipping is applied to all orders above $100
  • The deal promotes supports 100% safe payment method vid klarna
  • There is no bar enacted upon minimum shopping limit or multiple clubbing
  • All the deals can be accessed via the exclusive Urban Planet app or the official website

1. Checkout the hot $5 deals

The $5 deals host a pile of crop tops and tees. The entire wardrobe caters to immersive variations of designs, cuts, and shades. Be it a ribbed knitted, biker cut, high-rise neck cut, or a contoured one, each pick of set holds huge potential to enhance your beauty and attitude. Besides cuts and designs, these are equally comfortable to carry, being an outcome of mixed fabrications where polyester, rayon, and spandex control the highest proportions. So, with a desire for a care-free style on a pocket budget, the $5 section is the aptest one.

Best of the $5 deals

2. Explore $8 deals

The wardrobe of this price tag showcases a bit advanced display where you can notice an ecstatic compilation of apparel types and nature. All clothes are given equal weightage, hence deters any kinds of in-stock partiality. The basic features of this wardrobe are as follows

  • Popular clothes are shorts| dresses| joggers| mini skirts| wide-legged pants| dresses| bikinis, etc
  • There is a mixed collection of shorts that include dolphin, basketball, fleece, etc
  • Here again, a dominance of mixed threading is noticed
  • Like colors and tailorings, the size scale is equally wide and flexible.

Take a glance at the top-selling $8 deals

Best of the $8 deals

3. Peep inside $10 deals

One step up with budget means better qualities and designs— this is what is the basic principle of fashion apparel. Hence, undoubtedly the $10 deal section of Urban Planet decks up some brilliant picks. However, unlike other closets, the main attraction of this wardrobe is the overtness of colors and brightness. You’ll be flooded with countless bright hues that are purposefully designed to script your entire summer into a memorable verse. In terms of product types, these are as similar as the 2 deals above. As extra add-ons, a decent stock of denim apparel is also displayed in the section.

Best of the $10 deals

4. Let your head down the $15 deals

The final closet or the cupboard of $15 deals is quintessentially embellished with the most stunning sets of this fashion brand. From tops to bottom wear, everywhere a prevalent presence of classic and sophisticated designer touch is being witnessed. And the entire credit goes to fine and soft fabrications followed by mellowed yet very decent color bleaching. The main inclusions of this section include denim jackets, denim pants of flexible fittings, joggers, jackets, and many more.

Best of the $15 deals

B. Urban Planet men’s deal| start’s from $6

It’s completely unfair to be indifferent about men’s fashion and put back their fashion sense in the last row. Urban Planet is very serious about this indolence. Kicking the dogma with an intense punch it debuts a new rack of men’s clothing, dyed with bright color blasts and overtly bespoke to don a carefree vogue. The best part is, it all starts from $6. So, let’s take a quick traverse then. 

1. Explore the fat tops and graphic tees collections| available at $6

It’s no wonder if you feel lost in the labyrinth of colors and color blocks for a moment, once you leap inside the tops section. These are indeed dyed with uncountable color blots and shades. White, blue, pink, printed, leaf-print, and vice-versa, it’s impossible not to find the color you’re questing for. Like the colors, there is also a plunge of variations, found in designs and cuts. Tanks, roll-on, boxy, etc there are sundry designs that are available onwards at $6.

Like the tops, you will also be overwhelmed by the plethora of graphic prints and styles, embossed on t-shirts and perfect for the summer. All these are both machines printed or tie-dyed. In terms of materials, the majority of tees are stitched with cotton, mixed cotton, polyester, and linen. They also start pricing onwards from $6.

Urban Planet summer tops collections| Most loved

Urban Planet graphic t-shirt collections| Most loved

2. Bag a few of summer shorts at $15 only

Like tops, the cabinet for summer shorts is overburdened with phenomenal collections which are truly non-depletable at one go. All these come in high-seam length and are tailored with 100% cotton and nature-friendly fabrics. A flexible size chart is also put up on the display site. You may lend help from it if unsure about your waist size and fitting.

Urban Planet graphic t-shirt collections| Most loved

So, roll your sleeves up, get the wallet in your hand and kickstart your shopping venture. Trust me, the events won’t fail you. Therefore, start filling your cart and pay the bill ASAP, else you know what will happen! So, don’t let the season surpass without making a swirl. Start your shopping.