Let your tastebuds feast with some spicy, juicy, smoked grills, and let it take a trip to the world of smoked BBQs. And Traeger Grills comes forward with a generous aspiration to meet what your soul wants. With its phenomenal collections of wood pellet grills, both your olfactory and gustatory would be impinged up with sizzling tastes and tangy spices. In brief, be a fat big beef steak, chicken BBQ seasoned with Moroccan spices, a BBQ from Traeger Grills means there is a burst of flavors and zests inside the mouth. 

Therefore, before your mouth is filled with water instantly by the name of BBQs, let’s make a quick traverse on the deck of Traeger Grills wood pellets and explore their exclusivities.

Why Wood Fired Grills?

‘Taste’ is a cumulative outcome of fire and seasoned ingredients where fuel matters most. Because both the sapidity and juiciness of a BBQ drastically differ from gas to wood to charcoal. Thus to answer for how and why wood-fired grill matters can simply be shortened by a terse statement— it’s all about chemistry and science– of sizzling and smoking! However, below the details have been marked down. Take a look.

  1. Grilling is a science of burning and ratio, where moisture matters the most. And flavors generated by wood pellets can never be inevitable. Because it’s only wood that can flawlessly balance the process of burning with moisture content. Based on this reason, Traeger Grills has spent strenuous effort to produce ‘gold standard’ pellets that intensively smear hardwood flavors while grilling. 
  1. Another reason is, these fine-filtered originated hardwood pellets help create a thin blue smoke of the highest quality that is perfect for grilling that eventually makes the perfect bitter-sweet flakey crust. This happens due to the right moisture balance that the pellets obtain.
  1. Unlike other grilling fuels, like charcoal or impure wood pellets, Traeger Grills’ gold standard wood pellets have a sharp grasp on emission control. 

Types Of Wood Blends Used To Cut Pellets?

It’s already said that all pellets Traeger Grills uses are 100% scooped out from hardwood and devoid of impurities. However, with this, it is also important to understand the kinds of pellets required as per the grilling type. For example, while meats need high burning and consistent temperatures it is completely opposite for veggies. In the same way, temperature regulation should be more delicate while cooking fish or sea foods. Considering all these facts, Traeger Grills clubs six types of wood pellet blends. Here are these.

Infused with three wooden kinds; maple, hickory, and cherry. The staple for BBQ, and full body smoking. Perfect for chunky meats. Good to go with steaks and big fat meat chunks. Pellets are made from maple trees.
Ideal for grilling meats, fishes, and rooted veggies with blooming flavors.Apt to keep the consistency of smoking and balancing with tastes from tip to bottom.Adds sweet, fruity flavors over the steaks and smokes with premium balances.
Mesquite pellets are perfect for naturally enhanced fishes, chicken, and beef. Pellets are made from Oak trees.Perfect for grilling pork, veggies, and chicken. Adds a delicate fruity smell to the BBQs.Blended with pecan pellets and perfect for slow-paced grilling. Adds sweet, spicy, assertive flavors.
Spell a sweet, earthy redolence over the BBQs100% made up of apple trees with 30 years of diligence.Good for red meats, fish, and rooted veggies 

**You can view all the details here. 

Traeger Grills| Wood Pellets Prices Along With Limited Edition Stocks

From the table above, it’s clearly visible that Traeger Grills is decked up with 6 types of wooden blends. Along with these types, Traeger does also pack some limited edition blends. All of these cost $24.99 and are packed in three weights; 10lbs, 20 lbs, and 33 lbs. These blended bags contain premium quality pellet blends and support robust grilling. However, you can take a glance at the shoppers’ corner for wood pellets and pick a quality bag.

This is how the pellet bags look like…

So, fill your cart with a premium pellet bag of Traeger Grills and mow the outdoor lawn before throwing a BBQ party on the upcoming weekend. Devor yourself with sumptuous and juicy platters of BBQ steaks. And meanwhile, stay tuned with us to be upfront with more rip-roaring events of Traeger Grills.