Summer is here, in fact, tucked almost to the verge. So, in this fleeting spell, it sounds quite valid if you soar high in pitch for some noisy-buzzy outdoor parties and fun. And Canadian Tire has predicted your desire in advance and is already sorted with the hacks— exactly what you want! 

From the latest BBQ ovens to intriguing garden furniture, or splendid outdoor kitchen appliances, its warehouse is indeed jam-packed with products of sheer splendor. Thus, to jerk up your summer vibe with thrill, adventure, and reminiscing memories of togetherness, put your glance at Canadian Tire and bag as much as you can. 

Canadian Tire| Explore exclusive summer collection

1. BBQ, smokers, & accessories

Cooking is a skill where science and aesthetics get blended right in proportion. Any kind of cooking, be it simple sauteing or smoking, each aspect of cooking is bound to the principle of balance. Considering the fact, Canadian Tire showcases an array of BBQs with a subtle oath to scale up your sizzling experience to the next level. 

From smokers, and grillers, to various essential BBQ accessories such as charcoal, wood pellet, gas burner, gas cylinder, etc, every related accessory is perfectly assorted and ensembled into multiple rows. Along with this, it also demarcates current swirling trends of BBQ with respect to BBQ ovens and smokers. Thus stay tuned with the following features to uncover more about BBQs and accessories.

  • Grills and smokers can be shopped as per types, burners, and functionality
  • Grills as per types are gas BBQs, wood pellet BBQs, charcoal grills, and small space grills
  • Grills can be personalized as per numbers. Such as 2, 3,4, and above it
  • Along with BBQ ovens you will also come across pizza ovens available in this section
  • Essential accessories include: skillet, grill forks, spatula, BBQ covers, and many more
  • Most endorsed brands Pit Boss Grills, Master Chef, Napoleon, Paderno, Vermont Castings, etc
  • Most of the grills and smokers are put forth into a grand clearance sale which prices up to 50% discount.

Canadian Tire| Best-selling BBQs and Grills| A glimpse

2. Outdoor dining and entertaining categories

The vibe of dining and gatherings outdoors, even in the adjacent courtyard remains void if not accompanied by appropriate dining and kitchen essentials. The good news is that Canadian Tire’s inventory is well marshaled with all kinds of essentials of these categories. From a crafty dinner set to ice bags to beverages carts, you’ll indeed be overwhelmed with the plethora of collections that come in multitudes of styles and designs. Besides this fact, all the inclusions of this rack are completely eco-viable even those which are disposable. The basic noted features are as follows

  • Featured categories: outdoor dinnerware, drinkware, serveware, beverage carts, tools, etc
  • Endorsed brands to produce eco-friendly dinnerware is Canvas
  • Most of the product do crawl inside the ongoing large stock clearing sale
  • Multiple kinds of products can be purchased at one time

Canadian Tire| Best-selling outdoor dinnerware and serveware

Outdoor dinnerware & servewareOutdoor drinkware
Living dining set| $29.99Drinking glass set, 8pcs| $29.99
Canvas bamboo fiber dinner plate| $5.99Canvas colored drinking tumblers| $3.99
Canvas palm breeze bowl| $4.99Canvas clear infuser pitcher| $29.99
Canvas pitcher & cups set| $29.99Outbound silicon cups| $14.99
Beverages carts, tubs, & coolersCoolers & ice packs
Canvas outdoor oval party tubs| $24.99Igloo BMX hard cooler| $119.99
Outbound can cooler| $14.99Coleman poly-lite cooler| $37.99
Walker Edison Lisburn bar cart| $539.99Cyropak wood cooler| $139.99
River edge aluminum can cooler| 45.99Woods boreal cooler| $119.99

3. Outdoor furniture and seating essential

Embellish your courtyard and let it be compared to ‘earthy heaven’. Canadian Tire does neither lag nor makes loopholes in nourishing the thought. Henceforth, in its summer garden warehouse, you’ll witness vast assimilation of beautiful and serene garden furniture. From patio furniture to bistros, to splendid gazebo, lighting, and decor items, you will discover sundry ways to adhere a new look to your tiny sweet garden. However, some important features are inscribed below.

  • Materials used during the manufacturing of outdoor furniture are
  • Fiber, plastic, glass, cotton ropes, jute, rattan weave, etc
  • All featured furniture are potable and lightweight
  • These are handy at very decent price scales
  • Some select products are open to ongoing summer sale
  • Free delivery is provided to all qualified orders

Take a look at trending garden and outdoor furniture & lights

What else can be bought at Canadian Tire?

Apart from the three mainstream categories above, there are plenty of other exciting products that the store sells. All these gears are more than enough to bust colors of happiness in your soul and shove you to flood with rejoice and rupture. A precise list of these is presented below.

Water sports and boating accessories

Who doesn’t love to be inundated by thrilling water sports in the summer? After all, all these are seasonal sports. However, Canadian Tire decks up its stock, are kayaks, tubes, boats, paddles, surfing, and other essentials for all popular water sports. Along with this, the products that they sell in markets are made up of renowned global brands like Pelican, Fluid, Outbound, etc. 

Folding pools

It’s not necessary that everyone likes the indulgent way of embracing fun during summer. It could be the opposite for some, especially for those who affine more to indoor fun and water sports and spending more time with family. Sensing the fact, Canadian Tire features a decent variety of foldable pools, spas, and accessories at jaw-dropping offers. Skim through the link for more information.

Essentials for adventure sports

These include equipment and gear for camping, hiking, cycling, fishing, and so on. Popular endorsed brands are Outbound, Redline, CCM, etc. From main sports gears to important accessories everything you can find at its plunge just in a single click.

With this, I hope you’ve got a quite clear idea regarding the ways to cherish this fleeting phase of summer. Therefore, don’t procrastinate more, straight delve inside it and bag some brand new gears. Trust me, you can indeed stoke your energy without burning the budget. Enjoy a happy shopping ahead.