Gear up your gaming experience or wield professional heights with Steelseries. And to glorify your ambition with a boosted punch this time Steelseris introduces Apex Pro Mini keyboard– the world’s fastest keyboard engineered with avant-grade technology and super-powering potential. 

Over the last two decades Steelseris keeps its consumers overwhelmed and satisfied with stunning technological creations; be it a computer mouse, pro-powered headphones, or preternatural mechanical keyboards. The Apex Pro Mini series keyboards are next-level addition to its glory and success. 

Squeezing configurations of a normal keyboard by 40%, the keyboard cuts and framed with only by 60% but equipped with all functionalities of a regular keyboard. Moreover due to being engineered with Omni2.0 switching technology there is a sharp impinge noticed on the speed, righteousness, and actuation power. Besides this, backlight functionality, connected via RGB illumination propels a chic glam throughout the whole course of working. So, let’s take an overall discourse about Apex Pro Mini keyboards and their features.

Apex Pro Mini Keyboard| Everything at a glance

Now take a quick glance at the adhesive features of Apex pro mini keyboards. Here are the details unveiled below.

  • Featured keyboards under Apex Pro Mini model: Apex Pro Mini wired & Apex Pro Mini wireless
  • Keyboards are bolstered by OmniPoint 2.0 adjustable switches which assures
  • 11x quicker response and 10x swifter actuation
  • Enables optimal accuracy of typing
  • Customize magnetic sensitivity of every switch from a speedy 0.2 mm to a deliberate 3.8 mm
  • Program two different actions from the same operational switch.
  • All switches are 2x durable and highly enduring due to being made up of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy 
  • Despite the outer-body configurations and overall price, new users will be given an extra 10% discount.

Apex Pro Mini Wired Keyboard| Details & Configuration

Once you’ve deciphered that Apex Pro Mini wired keyboard caters to multidimensional functionalities and is equipped with ultra-advanced technologies, it’s time to discuss and unveil every single associated feature one by one.

A. Major features and technical specifications

1. Key switches: OmniPoint 2 mechanical adjustable switches

2. Switch ratings: favors up to 100 million pressing

3. Adjustable auction points: 0.2mm to 3.8mm

4. On board engine: 5 custom profiles

5. Processor: 32bit RAM

6. Connection: Detachable USB Type-C which is durable, portable and can withstand daily wear and tear

7. Build-up: Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. That is 5000 series aluminum alloy plate used during manufacturing is identical to the alloy used in jets. 

B. Function and performances:

As discussed earlier that the entire keyboard is made up of OmniPoint 2 switches, it’s quite normal to go through the functions accompanied by the switches followed by the kinds of resistance they assure. Below, for your convenience details have been unfolded.

  • 2-in-1 functionality

Each key can perform two program actions at one time, depending on the pressing process. For example, the output varies between a light walkaway key press and a heavy sprinting keypress from the same key. The best part is that users can make their own key-set combo by this method.

  •  Ultimate adjustability

This affirms safety and adjustability against the keystroke registration distance. The precision of the functionality of a keystroke range from 0.2mm to 3.8mm. While 0.2mm detects a feathery light touch, 3.8mm assures a firm press. 

  • Due to being of 60% compact design but retaining the performances of a full-sized keyboard, this keyboard is also well planned with secondary functions.
  • Each switch is engineered with fadeproof PBT keycaps that enable master keystroke feel and the highest typing accuracy. At the same time, it shields each switch from damage or malfunctioning. 

**Check out all details about OmniPoint 2.0 switches here.

C. Designs

The entire keyboard is adjusted by rubber tri-level feet that support smooth gaming as well as typing experience for a longer duration. Along with this, each switch is connected with RGB key illumination. There are three kinds of color assimilations found on the keyboard which imparts functionality of the used keys into three different sects.

This is how it looks like

D. Compatibility 

OS: Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, and Mac OS X*. USB port required

Software: SteelSeries Engine for Windows (8.1 or newer) and Mac OSX* (10.13 or newer)

*Note: not all software features are supported on Mac OS

Download and go through Apex Pro Mini product information guidance

2. Apex Pro Mini Wireless Keyboard: Details & Configuration

All injected features of Apex Pro Mini Wireless are as similar as the Apex Pro Mini wired, except the part of connectivity. That is it is connected with a Quantum 2.0 wireless connection that works at an ultra-fast 2.4GHz speed. It can also be connected by Bluetooth 5.0. The keyboard is battery-powered and works for 40hours on a single charge. Rest features are all same. At present, it costs $279.99 on site.

FAQs| Apex Pro Mini keyboards?

1. What kinds of switches does Apex Pro Mini feature?

A. Apex Pro Mini features OmniPoint 2 mechanical adjustable switches which assure 11x faster response, 10x faster actuation, and 2x more durability. 

2. How do I access secondary functions on my 60% keyboard?

A. Press and hold the SteelSeries function key to operate as well as access the secondary functions.

3. What is the difference between 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth in Apex Pro Mini Wireless keyboard?

A. 2.4 GHz provides a polling rate that reaches up to 1000 Hz/ 1ms while Bluetooth has a default polling rate of 125 HZ/ 8ms which can be automatically connected to the Apex Pro Mini wireless keyboard without a dongle. 

So, this was a brief outline of the Steelseries Apex Pro Mini keyboards. Hope you’ve enjoyed the reading and found the discourse useful for further purposes. Hence, blaze your gaming experience or professional success at the optimal limit accompanied by an Apex Pro Mini keyboard. Stay tuned with us for more such interesting updates. Keep gaming, and don’t compromise with your obsession with acquiring avant-grade digital accessories. Enjoy!