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Over the last two years, the fashion industry across the globe witnessed a catalytic transformation due to the pandemic. As a result, the conventional doctrine of fashion trends has been recomposed and convoluted for a more comfort-driven fashion. In 2022, in the gradual caging out phase from pandemic grim, the trend seems no alteration rather behaves more amicable toward a carefree, and relaxing fashion approach. With this trend, the fashion industries also amalgamate other two distinct approaches which intricate around the sustainable and gender-neutral style with a vow to dismantling commoners’ perspectives. 

Adorning these new ideologies, Yesstyles has upwelled its fashion closet with a completely new collection that can truly be the showstopper for 2022’s style trend. From fuss-free WFH style to Back-To-Office, or just for a bright summer weekend, there are a plethora of ways to commit a new makeover to your wardrobe. Hence, let’s not wait too far, dive inside the store and pick the sets to reboot your own vogue sensibilities.

Pick your favorites from Yesstyles and be the 2022 style trendsetter

  1. Go in flow with the sustainable flaunting approach

Covid-19 had jerked up the world with a great lesson that thrives us to be abiding by nature at any cost! Be it via mitigating non-biodegradable wastage or being more adaptive towards recycling or other eco-friendly methods. The fashion industries as well keep a sharp eye on the same approach which further implies remodeling of reused clothes and using more on more on plant or eco-friendly cloth fibers.  Yesstysle has also decked up with a new section of suitable clothes, mostly made up of reused clothes.

Envious eco-friendly collection

Fabricated from recycled polyester, this 100% nature-friendly regular pant is easy to go for any occasion, be it a casual day out with friends or attending day-to-day office chores. Comes in both white and pink and with variable size options, the pant can be paired with any crop top, t-shirt, shirt, etc. The best part is, it offers a 20% instant discount against the tagged price.

If you’re in a quest to mire your fellow friends into sheer envy, then this body-hugging crop top is a flawless grab. Bleaching in dark black, this attire is a fascinating blend of classic design with a contemporary silhouette that showoffs with every single curve of the body and subtly enhances the bodily appeal in an elegant way. 

The bright white crop shirt meticulously frames a cool college girl looks. Weaved with 100% pure cotton, the shirt top boasts a sassy style all throughout. It has two oversized large pockets on the front side that triggers its cool and smart appeal 100 times higher. 

  1. Comfortable Work-From-Home collection

Albeit, the world gradually is stepping out of the lockdown phase, a significant percentage of professional podiums are still under the WFH condition. Thereby, folks are still in a need of comfy, and offhand apparel. In such a condition, walk across the rack of the WFH collection of Yesstyle and be mesmerized by its array of mesmerizing styles. 

Mesmerizing WHF collection

Donning a casual yet smart t-shirt or top is far easier than draping an iron-pressed formal shirt while in an office meeting. Thanks to Yesstyle for tailoring racks of airy and relaxed WFH clothes. However, the hooded top comes displayed with a large belly-side pocket and two baggy pockets and comes in one size larger which resembles a hip-hop outlook. Albeit, the top is meant for men, it’s actually a gender-neutral piece. So girls, go for one size smaller in case you’re planning to bag this one for your closet.

  1.  Printed cotton t-shirt

T-shirts are the true triumphant through the lockdown phase work custom and even today. Just by donning a clean one after combing your hair, you’re on to attend the meeting with the CEO or your senior manager. Hence, this milk carton t-shirt combo can be a true fit for your WFH closet. You can also find lots of similar pairs inside the Yesstyle as well.

Like other t-shirts, the elbow sleeve t-shirt is a similar one with one distinct feature, which is its airiness. It’s tailored with 95% comfortable polyester and 5% elastane and comes in main three color variants grey, black, and white. Duly shopping a piece of it, the shopper will be reverted with a 20% instant cashback.

  1. Smart Back To Office collection

With the advent of ‘back-to-normal days’, subsequent numbers of work sectors are also following the same path. Hence, before you ride the lift of the office building, pay off attention to your wardrobe and verify the number of essential clothes. In case there is a meager or you just want to upwell the section with a new makeover, knock at Yesstyle which caters to a fresh and engaging collection for both men and women.

Top recommendations 

The plain white sleeveless dress with black borders alongside all the edges glimmers an appeal of aristocracy and dignity. The fine-lined black rib around the mid-waist and the narrow line stilt cut out is apt in escalating the professional personality along with spritzing a fresh vibe.

There is no rocket design science is adopted duly weaving the shirt. It’s as equal as others; simple look, comfortable to carry. However, unlike other shirts the button strip of the shirt is hidden and it comes available in multiple sizes.

Usually, no one does get knotted with a blazer-suit combo inside an office on normal days. However, for a special event; a very important client meeting or interview, you can chisel up your personality with this dress set which holds a full-length blazer, suit, and inside top. Do also accessorize with a suitable ring pair while dressing. 

  1. Go floral and printed for a summer weekend 

Get smeared, hued, and blobs of color blots of a bright summer weekend. How? Well, nothing but put your step ahead with the flow of printed and floral dresses.  Because you know that the summer and spring are the only seasons to flaunt with as many colors as possible. So, take a sneak peek at Yesstyles and explore what’s kept best for you! 

Try the latest launches 

The chiffon long-length wavy skirt provides an impeccable space for all blooming colors flirting with each other. From lavender to water lily to British bogunvalia, you can feel the colors speaking with each other. Hereby, while spending a summer weekend nearby a coastal area, this skirt with a long-length island hat is stunning to be fit with.

When you’re most comfortable spending your weekend inside the house portico or a farmhouse nearby and intently watching the various phases of a day, give this floral midi a must-try. Framing the ‘Victorian regency’ commensurately in each single weaving style, the midi avails utmost comfort after donning.

The off-white baggy and transparent blouse is not only utter comfy but flawless weekend attire as well. It’s made up of 100% pure fabric and is eco-friendly in nature. The lace embroidery around the upper half and fluffed ¾ sleeve design mimic a royal look side by side.

This was a smart idea, in a nutshell, to carry this summer out under the veil of distinct flaunting styles. Make use of the galore of Yesstyels to be holistic with your sense of vain and craft 2022 as your most ecstatic year of carefree yet most enticing flamboyance. Enjoy!