Shop scrubs and medical equipment from the most trusted brands

The working approaches as well as behaviors of medical professionals are completely distinct from all other professionals. Their work is directly connected to reality and lives. Therefore, the statement work with flamboyance is solely alien to them rather their dressing sense indicates to be extra fastidious about hygiene, and cleanliness that germinates a fresh as well as lively vibe both to the patients and the working atmosphere.

However, with time the doctrine has gone through gradual modulations with the help of certain pharmaceutical brands like Scrubs & Beyond, etc. that infuses the sense of fashion with the basic principles of this profession without profaning the subject line. Over 20 years of service S&B tailors and stitches medical scrubs after being cohesive to tons of experimentations in terms of color, quality, etc. Together all these uniforms spread a fresh vibe of the respective professional and his/ her surroundings. Despite scrubs, S&B also supplies medical accessories including equipment, tools, special shoes, etc. Thereby, let’s have a discussion to figure out the list of benefits given duly or after shopping from the store.

Why should S&B be your one-stop shop for medical scrubs and equipment?

  1. Trending and season effective medical scrubs

It’s quite easy to understand that you can’t mimic a gaudy flaunting style while working at the hospital or health center. Because your dressing sense exposes your personality to the immediate atmosphere that carries imminent impacts (both positive and negative), especially to the patient’s chamber. Therefore, being prudent with the uniform is most important. As you know that your personality should be like a trust provider! 

At S&B, a plunge of medical scrubs has been piled under decent ranges. All these are available either at mono-color followed by a humble tie & dye effect or decent prints that spritz patients’ trust toward you. Each scrub set is worthy for long and heavy-duty work and perfectly comfortable to carry. In terms of stitching threads, these have a major percentage of polyester (65% minimum), rayon, and stretchable spandex. 

Presently, these have been marshaled in a total of 8 colors and prints and endorse 5 brands namely Infinity, Grey’s Anatomy, Harmony Collection, etc which stitch their uniform for both men, women, and unisex demand. All the products have been tagged with a high review and an instant 20% discount is available to all the collections.

  1. Jaw-dropping offers and discounts

S&B tirelessly tries to keep its users satisfied through providing decent perks and jaw-dropping offers which regularly get upwelled. For instance, at present, it trays out a total of 8 engaging deals with a major focus on season-effective scrubs. In the following, details of these have been discussed. 

  • A 20% instant markdown is provided to Koi scrubs without any coupon code 
  • Another 20% discount gets unlocked for Carhartt scrubs; both online and offline
  • 20% markdown is enabled upon Betsey Johnson scrubs regardless of a promo code 
  • 20% rebate to WonderWink scrubs along with free shipping 
  • Buy 1 get 40% off any other kind of apparel through the promo code SPRINGTIME
  • Additional cashback through S&B gift card with the promo code FREEGC
  • $5 cashback via S&B text sign up deal which can be redeemed on the first order
  • Free limitless and hassle-free delivery via promo code FREESHIP to all orders regardless of any limitations 


  1. Immersive array of medical equipment and instrument

Undoubtedly, S&B holds an immersive collection of medical equipment and essential instruments, yet for a better idea if you’re affined more with the personal inspection you can certainly do so. However, the majority of the collection is concentrated around various kinds of stethoscopes, medical scissors, organizer kits, etc. The best part is, currently all of them have been enabled at a dropping discount event. 

  1. A huge gallery of shoes and accessories

A medical dressing is not just get done with the scrub set, in order to complete the entire dressing up. The person has to be accessorized with required supplementary apparel namely caps, gloves, goggles, masks, and shoes. Inside S&B you’ll explore a celestial of their collection under vibrant ranges and sizes which are also swayed at great offers.

  1. Exclusive perk via S&B gift card

Shoppers who own an exclusive S&B gift card will be lifetime patrons to bag additional perks and discounts on their shopping at the store of any kind; for scrub, apparel, medical equipment, etc. Gift cards are available both in physical and electronic forms. The price range encircles around $10 to $100 and without any upper limit. These can be customized as per the occasion. However, a free gift card worth $10 will be attached against a neat investment on another gift card worth $100.

  1. The event of the clearance sale 

This is indeed a unique initiative taken by the store. Like so many other apparel stores, it also starts arranging a stock clearance event annually. The sale is generally put up on apparel, scrubs, accessories, and certain medical equipment. All of these come in handy at a minimum of 20% and without an upscale limit. Walk inside the section for more details. 

  1. S&B student discount

Any medical student of any registered school or department across the USA is eligible to redeem the student discount. No restraint has been put on the college type i.e. private, public, or community colleges. However, before grabbing the offer they have to validate their authenticity via with their registered card. The available discount would be 15% afterward and it can be used only once. 

What’s more? S&B customer convenience policy

Despite the 7 policies above, there are other aspects as well that will augment your creed over the store and its service. These are as follows.

  • An agile and super feasible delivery policy that gets auto unlocked above $99. The mode of delivery is standard in general and takes up to 3-4 business days to be completed. However, the duration of the process could be a little entrenched across the territories and APO & FPO regions. Along with it, regular order tracking is possible after successful payment. 
  • Just like the shipping policy, S&B also operates a hassle-free return system. Please keep in mind that this method is not of free cost. It charges $8.95 of the delivery tax. In order to initiate the process, the shopper has to put up the original invoice during authentication.
  • 24×7 customer support from the service desk at 1-866-972-2849

Hence, this was all about the S&B in terse. I hope, you’ve got a pretty clear idea now regarding the importance as well as the pertinence of the store and why should get acquainted with it. So, keep serving the society with a wide smile, big heart, along with enjoying the decent notes of flaunting.