Shop ASOS Design: Summer Juice

The spell of summer has overcast the global sky, so as upon Norway’s. Albeit, withstand of summer is fickle in this polar country, still, the few days of its stay propagates immense joy over the landmass. The best part is, that the season harbingers the ideal time for flaunting and get indulged in carefree livelihoods.

Taking the chance of the season, ASOS unlocks a new door of fashion for men named as exclusive summer juice collection. The wardrobe is jam-packed with dazzling apparel to chunky accessories that indeed take you away from the banal lives and leave you in the plunge of fashion statements. Therefore, boys, if you are keen to spend this summer unlike others peep down to the latest launches of ASOS summer juices and bag a few as per your choice.


ASOS| Summer Juice Collection

Everyone is aware of ASOS finesse and craftsmanship of vain which paves a pathbreaking road all the time. The Summer juice is the creation for this year. The closet mainly is flooded with men’s apparel of diversified genres. Apart from this, each product shows off an intriguing blending among cuts, stitches, and embroidery. Below, a glimpse of trendsetting categories is being highlighted.

1. Swim essentials

Get yourself immersed with the beach vibe before summer flees. So, if you still procrastinate to indulge in the seasonal vibe kick out all your daily hustle-bustle for a while, take the surf boat and start walking towards the sea. To boost your spirit, you can fetch an array of swimshorts under the closet of summer juice. Below their details are revealed.

  • Swim shorts are available from NOK199
  • Each of these is made up of polyester cloth with a mesh line inner layer to hasten to dry
  • Each short is stitched elastic waistband 
  • All swimshorts are 100% salt waterproof and enduring.

Summer juice Swimshorts| Top picks 


2. Jeans and trousers

Summer without white? Unimaginable, right? Well, your passion for white mania is placidly pampered at ASOS with its jeans and trousers which are significantly dyed with milk-white color. Despite white, followed-up colors are several soft and bright shades and floral prints. Points you should keep in mind are

  • Featured inclusions of this set are jeans, trousers, joggers, and shorts
  • Available fitting and designs are straight fit, relaxed, tapered, flared, and skinny
  • Popular colors apart from white are pastel blue, ice grey, stone pink, beige aztec print, neon red, etc.
  • The available price range is NOK95 to NOK780
  • Each trouser is stitched with 100% suitable threads; cotton, mixed fabrics, etc

ASOS summer juice| Jeans & trousers


3. Summer footwear

You can’t overboard with footwear while headed inside ASOS and planning for a purchase. The brand showcases an impeccable capability in chiseling quality and stunning footwear. And for this summer, ASOS has introduced a rail of comfy sandals under the rack of summer juice. From slides to wedges to leather sandals, each piece of footwear proves sheer mastery in crafting the best and most advanced technology-induced footwear. Here the details go.

  • Marshaled footwear are sandals and slip-on
  • The material in use: pure leather, synthetic leather, plastic, and skin-friendly foam
  • Featured footwear is exclusively made by the ASOS Design team
  • Each slip has an open toe cut and is easy to carry
  • Available color tones: black, green, grey, neutral, white, brown
  • Solebed of the footbed are of rippled texture and have a decent gripping power

Take a glance at the trending footwear


4. Tops and shirts

This closet is the one that makes the entire summer juice exclusive and high in demand. The whole cabinet is flooded with baggy, and casual shirts bleached with a spectrum of bright hues that cherishes the spirit of youth. Even evening revealing a flashy getup, any top of this closet will brush up your mood just in a wink and make you engaged with myriads of fun activities.

  • The major attractions of the closet are shirts, tops, bandeau, tanks, sweatshirts, etc.
  • In the context of prints, threads, and texture the popular ones are
  • Solid color, graphic print, embroidered, knitted, knitted, fringed
  • Trending prints are animal prints, tropical prints, color chunks
  • Fitting is available for all body types, slim, sinewy, and plus
  • The threads in use are 100% sustainable and eco-friendly

Summer juice tops and shirts| Top picks


5. Jewelry and watches

As of now, there is not much inclusion displayed in the catalog of summer juice jewelry. However, it mainly enlists some grunge jewelers like neck chains and bracelets. Besides this other popular one are finger rings, hand rings, and ear tubs which keeps on available with time. These can be shopped onwards from NOK 149 and can be bagged as many times a user want.

Some additional points to remember:

  • New shoppers will receive an extra 20% discount by inserting ASOS promo code HELLOASOS
  • The exclusive brand for the summer juice set is ASOS Design
  • Free delivery will be provided on qualified orders
  • Modes of payment are 100% secured and feasible

So, keep your cart filled ASAP and start shopping. Remember, just like the summer the event of summer juice is alive for a limited time only. Thus, no more hush-hush nor any Dilli dallies, if you’re crazy to silhouette an, unlike fashion statement. Enjoy! And keep pampering your shopping fanaticism.