Gone are those days when sizes significantly matter in composing fashion silhouettes. Thin or curvy, whatever your body sizes are, the problem has been weeded out from the root nowadays. So, feed your fashion cravings the way you want. And in this endeavor, Avenue takes an imminent role. 

Establishing itself as an opulent fashion expert for plus-size clothes, Avenue also soars for chic seasonal apparel–completely disavowing the concept of ‘size as a barrier’. Therefore, from tops, dresses, to fancy intimate wear, the fashion boutique impeccably caters to folks with stunning collections and budget deals. And also inspires all their chubby friends to look beyond sizes rather imitate an aristocratic path of flaunting. Today the celestial of Avenue is flooded with marvelous seasonal collections which are handy at a staggering 60% markdown. So, let’s take a tour inside it and find some sizzling grabs.

Trending summer collection of Avenue

The summer closet of the Avenue is vibrant and versatile. From casual to formal to swim dresses–exploring every single closet in one go, is a bit challenging. So, therefore let’s start from the corners that are under the highest offers.

  1. The 60% off corner

The 60% discount corner juxtaposes multitudes of apparel and accessories namely dresses, jumpsuits, footwear, and so on. In the following, the featured categories have been enlisted. Take a glance. 

The seasonal dress paisley

Summer is high in the sky! So, during these spells, if you’re keen to bust with colors and vivacity through your dressing sense, get your hands straight on the closet of summer dresses at Avenue. Not only you’ll witness a concordial accommodation of millions of colors and brands but at the same time, you will witness an array of versatile cuts and designs.  From ruffled to midi to flare to hem cut midi or flared body-hugging dresses, the cascade is embellished with unfathomable collections. In terms of fabrics, the prevalence of cotton, blended cotton, and polyester are observed which enables a breathable impact on the body throughout the entire course of wearing. 

Trending dress collections

Top enlisted dresses  Original price  Price with discount
Hello sunshine print dress  $59.00 $23.60
Val dress  $69.00 $27.60
Tie Dye slip maxi dress  $59.00  $23.60
Frill hem plain dress  $59.00  $23.60
Allday crush border dress  $69.00 $27.60

The wardrobe of formal dresses

Hit the workspace with bold personality and elegant glamor. Wondering how? With the exclusive formal dress sets of Avenue. From a transparent chiffon dress to bodycon glitter ones, every single inclusion overtly expresses a fascinating blending of colors, designs, and stitching aesthetics. With this, a separate bar of the color chart has also adhered to all dresses. However, trending dresses from the entire display are wrap swing dresses, paneled bodice dresses, luminous bodycon cameo, etc. The average price of a pice starts onwards from $31.60. 

Trending formal dress collections

Top enlisted formal dresses  Original price  Price with discount
Long sleeve bead cuff sheath dress $79.00 $31.60
Razzle dress $149.00 $59.60
Flirty nature dress  $129.00 $51.60
Paneled bodice maxi dress  $129.00 $51.60
Wrap swing dress  $99.00 $39.00

Resort dresses

Planning for a short trip afar from your house next weekend? Mindfully, bag some resort dresses along with other essentials. However, in case you’re on a hunt for enticing resort dress collections on budget, peek indie the Avenue without a second thought. Not only you’ll be astonished by the vertices of vibrant resort dresses but you’ll be given a humungous 60% discount during the checkout.

However, the subtle difference between Avenue’s resort dress collection with other boutiques concatenates with its prints. That means shoppers will experience an overpowering dominance of wild floral prints, or tropical prints, although there is an alcove for solid bleaching kept special. These dresses are mainly weaved for polyester, nylon, and elastane for select pieces. 

Trending resort dress collections

Top enlisted resort dresses  Original price  Price in discount
Phuket dress $99.00 $34.00
Molokini dress  $99.00 $34.00
Tiered crochet maxi dress $119.00 $34.00
Tiered mini dress| peppermint  $89.00 $34.00
Samaria maxi dress  $119.00 $34.00

Chic swimwear

Who says you can’t wear a fancy swimsuit just because of your size? It’s time to superimpose all such dogmas! And Avenue takes a leading role in stabbing this stigma by marshaling out a stunning rack of swimsuits! Although all inclusions under the rack are stylish enough, those items which indeed can waft your flaunting spree to the next level are jacquard print tankini, ruffled 1-piece monokini, Azores bikini brief, Azores bikini skirt, etc. Besides, polyester and rayon a significant percentage of spandex is infused during the tailoring process, which makes all the swim dresses more saline waterproof, and stretchable. Presently, the swimwears are handy onwards from $39.60.

Trending swimwear collections

Top enlisted swimwear Original price  Price in discount
Jacquard swim dress  $109 $44.00
Azores underwire tank Poseidon $89 $35.60
Azores print 1-piece  $119 $47.60
Azores bikini brief  $39 $15.60
Print ruffle tankini top  $99.99 $40.00

Footwear and accessories

Not just the apparel closet, the 60% sitewide discount does also work upon the shore gallery. The trending footwear hits for the season throw the light upon a vivid array of sandals, flips, flats, and ballets. Each shoe is made up of soft textured flexible foam that can bend up to 360 degrees. The majority of the shoes in the sale are bleached with wooden color or of coastal sands that altogether beam out a decent glam.

 Trending footwear collections

Top enlisted footwear collection Original price  Price in discount
Wide fit Trixie sandal $69.00 $27.60
Bella bead slide  $59.00 $23.60
Hope sandal| tan $69.00 $27.60
Zoey crochet sandal $59.00 $23.60
Extra wide fit Peggy sandal $59.00 $23.60
  1. Save $11.99 on trendy bras

What’s for bras and intimate wear? If this is what pricking your thought, then calm down! There is no need to be worried about it. Avenue puts a decent offer on its heavy-duty bras collections that will save $11.99 per piece. The discount scale is imbued to all embedded styles and categories namely full coverage, wide stapped, push up, non-wired, and basic cotton bras. Free shipping is auto-provided during shopping. However, in case you’re confused about your shape and fit, don’t mind lending help from Avenue’s size guide

Trending bra collections

Top enlisted bra collection Original price  Price in discount
Soft caress bra| white  $39.99 $11.99
Back smoother bra| black $39.99 $11.99
Basic cotton bra| white $39.99 $11.99
Wire-free smoothing bra $39.99 $11.99
Comfort cotton no wired bra $39.99 $11.99

In this way, a small glimpse of the concurrent fashion trend inside Avenue has been delineated. There are many other varieties as well, despite these. You can carry out a personal inspection to accomplish your requirements in that case. Stay in style, stay in trend. Just remember, your body is your choice, so there is no need to feel low. Hence, carry out a smart, rebellious flamboyance for this summer and for all other seasons!