Shop 100% organic & quality groceries with Zona Cerealista at up to 70% discount

Zona Cerealista, Brazil’s no. 1 online store for organic cereals and groceries has revamped its inventory with fresh stocks. From rice packets to oatmeal to gluten-free corn flakes and vice-versa, every single inclusion is marketed after being relevantly authorized by nutritionists, and diet experts. And presently these are handy at up to 70% discount. Despite cereals, the store has also got the fame as a trusted shop of organic and fresh gourmet essentials. 


Thereby, for the stake of leading a healthy lifestyle, if you’re indeed inspecting for a one-stop shop for organic and quality grocery products, do knock at Zona Cerealista without being dubious. Trust me, you pat your shoulder later for making the right choice. The best part is, the store does also unveil one on one dietary tips and cereals for consumption per individual. So, let’s take a quick sneak peek at its warehouse and check out what it keeps special for the season.


  1. Zona Cerealista| Organic food & cereals basket| Up to 25% off

The deck of organic food and cereals is jam-packed with a slew of products of multiple brands and kinds. Starting from raw and unprocessed cereals namely oatmeal, corn cubes, beans, and quinoa, to various oil seeds, nuts, and processed food like jelly, peanut butter, the entire inventory is stuffed with fresh goods. Apart from these, the section does also keep freshly marketed vegetables and fruits. 


Foods and product packets can be segregated as per various categories such as nutritional value, price, national and international brands followed by various sub-categories which include antioxidant value, protein, and amino acids balances, GMO, non-GMO, ketogenic, gluten-free, low carbs, and so on. Below the main enlisted featured are highlighted.

  • Featured organic products: whole grains, cereals, packet food, perishable goods
  • Products start onwards from 0.49 BRL and have no upper limit
  • Shopping can be commenced in multiple ways. Such as 
  • In single basket| Organicfruit basket
  • Organic vegetable basket| grocery store
  • The available discounts range from 25% to 70% which can be redeemed without any restraint
  • Free delivery is available across Sao Paulo and the periphery region above BRL 149
  • Accepted payment methods include UPI, cards, and net banking
  • An extra 6X discount will be given to credit card transactions
  • And all shoppers can redeem a product multiple times.


Glimpse of cereals

Organic cereals & food basket| best-selling products

Top-selling products  Featured discount (in %)
Native organic fine flaked oats BRL 6.49 
Ecobio organic popcorn corn BRL 11.79 
Ecobio organic wheat grains  BRL 7.79
Coopernatural organic whole barley flour BRL 15.99
Coopernatural organic red beans  BRL 44.29
Quinoa & Amarnath fusilli gluten-free quinoa BRL 27.09

**Click here to view the whole catalog.


  1. Shop Organic oilseeds from BRL 6.99

Albeit, cereals, and food grains seat at the core of nutritional values but these are the only ones to feed as well as pace up with dietary essentials. There are some other grains and seeds which can feed a human body in the right proportions. These are various kinds of nuts and oilseeds. 


Everyone is aware of the nutritional values of oilseeds. These are a rich source of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, Vit-B 12 complexes, and calcium which together strengthens bone density and heal the immune system. Zona Cerealista mainly stores 6 kinds of oilseeds. These are almonds, peanuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, brazil nuts, and ample oilseeds mixtures. The oilseeds can be shopped in whole or peeled form. And on average these start pricing from BRL 6.99.


  1. Zona Cerealista organic vegetables & fruits baskets

As discussed above, that apart from cereals and food grains the store also delivers fresh fruits and vegetables, in the following their details have been comprised up. Take a glance.

  • Broccoli, zucchini, red potato, ripe banana, strawberry, onion, pumpkin
  • Pineapple, banana, broccoli, pumpkin, carrot, mint leaves, etc.
  • Organic basket is divided into 5 categories
  • Essential basket| includes 10 items cost BRL 62.70
  • Fruit basket| consists 6 items cost BRL 57.00
  • Happiness basket| includes 15 items cost BRL 89.25
  • Fair basket items| keeps 20 items cost BRL 114.00
  • Basket take| includes 7 items cost BRL 50.00
  • Combination can be chosen as per personal choices
  • In case of single organic vegetables, these are available in single bundle from BRL 4.79
  • In the same way, for the organic fruits section shoppers can shop for single or combination fruits of their choice.
  • Free same delivery is provided to all orders 
  • An extra 20% discount can be applied to progressive products


How does an organic basket look like? Take a glance

  1. The store of detox foods| Herbal tea, spices, and herbs

This is another exclusivity of Zona Cerealista. It makes a special rack for detox foods which includes an array of essential herbs, spices such as fennel, cinnamon, cloves, etc, and herbal teas such as green tea, hibiscus powder, chamomile, and so on. These can be purchased both in packets or by weight. Another special feature of this section is that a comprehensive guidebook on consuming detox foods and spices is also affixed for better users’ convenience. 


Herbs and species| Top picks

So, this is all about Zona Cerealista and its latest inclusions in a nutshell. Do inspect the official website to muster more. And before your jump into the shopping stay upfront about the delivery policy as well. Stay fit, and live healthily.