Spice up your shoedrobe with some envious spring pairs! And to dazzle up this idea with extra glam and sparks, Clarks sounds absolutely benevolent. Because, what Clark is for and what it hauls–is known by all! 

For a long time, Clarks serves the globe with sensational, and chic pairs which distinctly phase through a number of modulations as per seasons and occasions. From, stiletto to slides, wedges to ballets, every single pick of Clarks is an intriguing blending between craft and comfort. And this Spring, it harbors decks of avant grade as well as super flamboyant footwear for both men and women which can escalate up their haughtiness and silhouette to the next level. Besides this, every single pair comes in handy at bubbly prices. 

So, let’s not wait for more, ditch your old and tarnish pairs rather straight walk inside Clarks and grab a fresh pair. So, take a glance at the spectacular trends below and fetch the best one!


Explore the latest Spring trends with Clarks

  1. Clark’s seasonal sensations| Ambit of smart flips for women

Summer without showing off your shinning pedicured legs? No way! In fact, flickering with those pretty printed dresses and soft, wedgy flips–are the best way to cherish the vibe of the season. Hence, if you’re yet to upholster your shoedrobe with a few new grabs of bright, chich flips get acquainted with Clarks right away with its exceptional seasonal decks which enterprises a vast array of these. 

Bleached with soft poaches of summer colors–blue, pink, cream, etc. and textured with soft, wedgy sole, mainly in support of EVA sole formation technology,  Spring flip-flops of Clarks are marshaled into variegated types and designs. Popular cuts among the mass are divided among flat sole, wedgy, curvy cuts, corroborated cuts, and so on. Prominent brands to craft as well as market these footwear kinds are Arla Glison, Brinkley Flora, Breeze Sea, and so on. Presently, these have been dispensed at up to a 30% discount.

Women’s flip-flops are on trend| Top Picks

Brinkley Flora| bright coral sandal Shop at $55
Elayne Step| dark tan leather flip Available at $100
Wave 2.0 Sea combination Shop at $100
Drift Jaunt| Sandals Taupe Get it at $65
Bryann Madi Shop at $85


  1. Summer sandals collection for women| New arrivals

If you’re hankering for chic, feathery, and good-looking footwear, Clark’s latest rack of women’s sandals will certainly trigger your palpitations at the highest rate. Designed in gentle and eye enchanting cuts and dyed in sun soaking colors–of white, beige, and faded pink, each and every sandal would fill both your soul and sole with utmost solace. Hence, in order to spray a gale of freshness in your city, a pair of summer sandals from Clarks is a must!

The caboodle of sandals is classified into three types– heeled sandals, flat sandals, and wedged sandals. Inclusions are open to a plethora of sizes, H: W ratios, etc. The associated technologies namely cloudsteppers, cushion plus, cushion soft, and many more. Tagged prices start as low as $20.

Women’s sandals are on trend| Top Picks

Karsea strap sandal Available at $90
Kimmei kork| platform wedge sandal Shop at $100
Brookleigh Sun Shop at $110
Karsea mule Purchase $80
Botanic poppy  Get at $105


  1. My Summer My City| Exclusive summer collection

The city collection for this summer is all about brewing grace and relaxation with sheer agility. The stock unveils an august collection of strappy sandals, and casual shoes for all. Filtering with candid colors is another prominent figurine of this deck. Despite the enticing styles, each one is contoured with plush soles which gives an enjoyable nudgy feel during walking or roaming. Thus, this summer, beguile the narrow lanes or wide city alleys with a glimmering pair of the exclusive City collection of Clarks, accessible from $80.

Clark’s City collection| Editor’s pick

Durleigh Sail  Shop at $110
Pilton strap  Available at $90
Roxby lace  Get at $90
Karsea strap  Purchase at $90
Pilton Wallabee Shop at $100


  1. Men’s Kick Back Styles| New arrivals

Kick Back Style of men indeed embrace youth and vigor through affixing a new direction of flamboyance and attitude. Featuring an array of cuts, and designs the store moors with a significant collection of boots, wallabies, sneakers, and exceptionally embellished sneakers. Every single pair of the rack hauls for stamina, power, and a fascinating intertwining between designs and knits. 

In the context of elemental science, all footwear is acquainted with layered materials divided into two parts; sole and upper body. While the sole is mainly formed by soft, plush foam, textured either with groovy or flat contour, the upper body is mainly stitched with cushy, padded suede tined with multiple color palettes.  As the science of the ingredients, the science of weaving is another intriguing parameter on another hand as well. In most cases, it crafts unique and distinct darning styles, unlike others. Presently, any grab from the store starts as low as $50.


Men’s Kick Back Styles| Editor’s pick

Pilton Wallabee Shop at $100
Nature X One  Purchase at $130
Weaver  Available at $160
Lockhill| grey suede Shop at $220
Courtlite slip  Get at $120


  1. Clarks And New York| Latest & exclusive collection

Featuring the short film titled ‘Clarks and New York–Soles of the City’, the entangling deck mainly cherishes as well as entails the age-old and deep affination between wallabies and cultural heterogeneity in the city—which is outspoken through every knits and stitch. Being a city for the world, New York is a pivotal center for infusing ethnicity and cultural entities. And this impact lands up into a sheer amalgamation of styles, livelihoods, etc.

Therefore, in this exclusive New York series by Clark, a prevalent impact of Jamaican artistry and knitting science is observed over its shoes. Classified into Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Ronnie Fieg, etc. The displayed wallabies dazzle up with bold designs and color tints bear a distinct symbol of cruising and dismantling social dogmas and are available at jaw-dropping prices. 


What else is special about Clarks?

There is a myriad list. Here is a glimpse provided.

  1. Enjoy a flat 30% price drop via Clarks Memorial Day sale employing promo code THIRTY
  2. Get free standard delivery on all orders. Please note, that you’ve to pay a shipping fee of $20 in the territory and military areas.
  3. Enjoy an assured and penalty-free return within 60 days of delivery
  4. Get access to the buy now pay later option via Klarna. Keep the minimum order at least $35 to unlock the facility.


Look below for more

So, tie summer with decks of feathery and chich footwear dyed with candid colors and prints. Get acquainted with Clarks and stay tuned to its webpage for more details. Have a nice shopping experience ahead.