An indoor game enthusiast always looks for smart ways to shop for new games at competitive prices and transcendental gaming peripherals. The high adhesive prices stand out as the central reason for such affinity. The good news is that Razer understands its gravity better than any other gaming store. Thus, enables myriads of exclusive Razer services that facilitate millions of gamers worldwide.

As a beginner to the service bandwidths of Razer, it could be possible to be poked up by their relevance, purpose, and applicability. So, here we are to answer all possible ‘why’s and ‘how to centralize Razer’s services and further applicability to feed all ranges of your queries. 

Razer Services| Types & Applicability

As a renowned gaming store, Razer truly gives a  tough fight to other fellow outlets in all senses. Be it gaming laptops, or sets of gaming peripherals and accessories, every single creation of Razer simply aces all nooks with impressive performance and endurance. Now, simultaneously with these nowadays the store also unjotts a gamut of services that ease out a gamer’s trust in it a thousand steps ahead. Let’s reveal them one by one.

1. Razer Gold

Razer Gold is some sort of virtual credit or virtual currency which can be used by gamers during their shopping at the store. At present, it is applicable to over 42,000 games of vibrant genres. A gamer can purchase it individually and use it for any kind of transaction. In brief, it’s a kind of virtual wallet like a mobile banking wallet or UPI. However, the best feature of the Razer Gold is to assuring a gamer by enabling hefty tempting deals and Razer coupons to vigorously trim his/her final bill. Razer Gold can be refilled the way we refill a wallet. Razer Gold can be purchased online or in any of the 5.6 million global stores. However, keep in mind that each Razer Gold wallet has a distinct Gold PIN for account safety. 

2. Razer Gold PIN

It’s a unique digital PIN that is provided automatically duly purchasing or reloading the Razer Gold wallet. Now, note that Gold PIN comes along with the purchase amount and varies accordingly. For example, the Gold PIN code for $10 and $20 may not be the same. However, at present Razer Gold PIN is available in 4 denominations; $10, $20, $50, and $100. Both the Razer Gold wallet and PIN can be implied on any of the 42,000 applicable games available on its official website. 

3. Razer Silver

Razer Silver is a loyalty bonus that is earned in multiple ways. For example, purchasing from the Razer Gold wallet or winning rewards from a game inclusive to Razer’s catalogue. The remuneration of the loyalty bonus or Razer Silver is indeed exciting which is redeemed in points and converted into virtual currency during shopping. This is how Razer Silver can be earned

4. Razer Gift Card

Razer Gift cards introduce a new dimension to the quos of gifting. In fact, it is appreciated as the most cherished gift among gamers. The one-time usable e-gift card holds a denomination of up to $1000 and is applicable to all exclusives of Razer, such as laptops, accessories, controllers, and more. It comes with a zero expiration policy and a 14-day risk-free return on the product purchased by the shopper. Please note, that the gift card is not refundable once purchased. 

5. RazerCare

Enrolling with RazerCare, you will witness ultimate protection for your tech gear for a prolonged duration of 3 years. It includes auto registration of your device, 24×7 tech support, free repairs and fixes, and auto replacement. It is divided into RazerCare Essential and RazerCare Elite with splendid features. However, each of these can be purchased at a separate duration; after 11 months and 15 days correspondingly.

6. Razer ID

With this service, a bundle of additional facilities encompassing multiple matters would be given to you. Not only you will access chains of Razer’s latest launches such as laptops, PCs, software, and accessories but at the same time, loss and damage protection is also included. So, in order to get a Razer ID, you just have to create an account with the existing email ID and password. That’s all.

So, this was the list of services offered by Razer considering millions of issues. Do enable the sets you want and grip the best facilities in a second.