Mobile phones are a need in today’s world as we perform many tasks like banking, calling, messaging, ordering essential items, managing to-do-lists, etc. on smartphones. All this can happen when you have a strong mobile network with a satisfactory data speed and good network coverage.

Here is a one-stop solution to satisfy all your mobile network and telecommunication needs that is Play Communications.

Play Communications is a consumer-focused mobile network operator company based in Poland. It provides mobile voice, messaging, data, and video services to consumers. Its cost-efficient 2G/ 3G/ 4G LTE/ 5G telecommunications network cover most of the population in Poland.

Benefits of transferring your number to Play:

  • Porting a number to Play is free that is you do not have to spend money to transfer your number to Play
  • All you have to complete the application process and then you can relax as the company will complete the rest of the formalities
  • You can also select the date of porting. It means after completion of the application process, Play will ask you to select a date of porting
  • As a benefit, you will get 20 GB from Play and PLN 200 for 60 days

How to Transfer your number to Play?

  1. Submit your application

Complete the application process and don’t forget to take your ID and SIM card you want to transfer. And then select a convenient date for transfer.

  1. Insert new SIM card

The day before the transfer, Play will send you an SMS and after the transfer process, you need to make a call which must be answered.

  1. Get your bonus

Now, you are a member of Play and as a benefit, you can enjoy your bonus. Three simple steps and you are good to go to enjoy the services.

Check here a few reasons why you should opt for Play Communications and why it is the best mobile network operator.

  1. Over 15M subscribers

There are over 15M subscribers who enjoy using Play Communications services. This possible because Play Communications services are available anytime and anywhere for individual and household needs. The company follows the Mobile-Centric Convergence (MCC) approach that is one mobile platform. The services offered by Play Communications satisfy the customers as they follow a customer-focused approach. The satisfactory services have played a role in extending the Play Communications subscribers’ network to 15M.

  1. Play Communications Strategies

Play Communications is a consumer-focused company. The strategies framed by the company are in favor of consumers that are suitable for their needs. One of them is Play Bundling strategy for families and SME’s. Another strategy is selling new services through the ‘more-for-more’ proposition. Free trial packages for consumers provide an opportunity to consumers to try out and if they find it appropriate, then, they can buy a plan further.

The company follows a Three Pillar Strategic model-

  • Mobile-Centric Convergence- this is a way to cover everyone’s telecommunication needs.
  • First, in Digital- the company keeps on upgrading operating model which gives the edge in subsequent digitization.
  • Lean and 5G ready infrastructure network- the network is designed and equipped with the high capacity transmission.
  1. Provides one Platform for all services

Play Communications has developed an application to cater to the needs of the consumers. There is an application that you can install and can access various services on one platform. This helps you keep track of data usage and check your recharge plans. Also, it offers various other services through its mobile application.

  1. Streamlined Operations

The company’s simplicity and streamlined operations since its inception making it one of the most popular and widely used mobile networks in Poland. Even you can also transfer your number to Play without any hassles.

  • The company has simple IT architecture based on a single stack
  • In- house, CRM developed with Polish software developers
  • Smoother digitization helps to track records
  1.  Fastest speed

Play Communications offer excellent network speed. The average mobile downlink speed provided by Play Communications is 38% that is the highest in comparison to other mobile network companies. This has been possible due to the accelerated roll-out of a nationwide network.


Exciting Plans for Play Communications customers:

  1. The company has introduced 36 and 48 months installment plan for new customers with a lower monthly handset payment option
  2. The company gives 100 GB of additional data to new customers who opt for pre-paid service plan
  3. Play communications also came up with the smart business idea, a new contract offer for business customers. Business customers would get 2 SIM Cards with unlimited voice calls and texts in the EU and 1 SIM Card with 100 GB of Data

Play Communications offer a few other plans and services which will attract you to join and become a member of the Play family-

Mobile Home Internet– The Company introduced PLN 35 price point for both MBB and FBB Home Internet and upgraded Netbox packages from PLN 70 per month. The company also has special plans for rural areas.

They also offer a Play NOW TV boxes at PLN 35 price point for all TV packages. The new Play NOW TV box has new and upgraded features like 4 core processor and 16 GB memory.

These Plans and deals will help you to stay connected with Play Communications if you are planning to transfer your number to Play.

Few other factors why you should transfer your number to Play:

  • Play Communications is ready to reduce its dependence on the National Roaming variable cost model to its own network fixed model. This will make the network more cost-efficient.
  • A new generation of Mobile- Centric Services- Play NEXT, Play 4G LTE advanced internet, Play Now TV

Play Communications offers various plans and exciting deals to the customers. Also, the services of Play Communications are evident from its huge subscriber count that means it offers hassle-free network coverage with the fastest data speed. The plans offered by Play Communications are cost-effective at affordable prices.

Join Play communications and transfer your number for free to enjoy uninterrupted services.

You can simply visit their website or install their application to know more about the services and deals. You can transfer your number to Play from any other network free of cost and then collect the bonus.