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Are you a sports enthusiast and want to experience gaming like a pro gamer?

Then the answer is Steelseries, as it is a one shop stop destination to meet all your needs for gaming and technological needs.

The Steelseries exclusive next-gen range of gaming equipment will make your video gaming experience awesome as you can find mice, keyboards, controllers, headsets and more at as Steelseries help every gamer to push the gaming boundaries and feel like a star. 

Let’s explore all the next-gen compatible premium gaming equipment at to enjoy discounts and great deals on various products.

Steelseries has been innovating cutting-edge technology to improve your gaming performance. Here is a list of new and best quality products which you can find instantly at to add the all-new and innovative technology to your gaming bag to improve your video gaming experience.



The award-winning sound and comfortable design of headsets at offer you durable quality headsets both wired and wireless compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, mobile and more. The multi-platform gaming headsets give you the best sound experience, you can find them exclusively at the Steelseries online store. A few of them are listed are-

  • TUSQ– superior gaming audio on the go with a detachable dual-mic system
  • ARCTIS 9 Wireless dual wireless headset with 20+ hour battery life compatible with PC, PS5, mobile, etc.
  • ARCTIS PRO with high-resolution capable speaker drivers and noise-canceling microphone.


There is also a comparison table at the bottom of the page wherein you can compare all the features of the available gaming headsets to ease out your shopping experience.

The high-quality gaming headsets are available for every gamer in every price range.



The SteelSeries gaming mice range of products are available in ergonomic designs, right-handed or ambidextrous designs built for gaming precision. The all-new SteelSeries range of mice made with cutting-edge technology to improve your gaming performance include-


  • AEROX 3 Wireless– ultra-lightweight mouse with 200 hour battery life and fast charging 
  • RIVAL 3 Wireless has a 400+ hour battery life for uninterrupted power-efficient use, comes with a guarantee of 60 million clicks, ultra-low latency wireless gives you wired-like performance.
  • Sensei Ten has a legendary ambidextrous shape comes with a TrueMove Pro sensor with the best tracking on any surface, it has tilt tracking for advanced stabilization during intense gameplay.



The new and durable Steelseries range of mechanical gaming keyboards comes with an aluminum frame with customizable LED lighting for all gamers. The Steelseries keyboards are adjustable with various platforms like PC, Mac, Xbox One and PS4. The mechanical keyboards are hyper durable and available in exciting price offers. Some of the Steelseries keyboards to help you plan your gaming are-

  • APEX 7 Red Switch has durable mechanical switches and OLED smart display, the keyboard is available in 11 languages and has an aluminum frame to instantly boost your gaming performance.
  • APEX 7 TKL, another masterpiece from the gaming keyboards range from Steelseries has an integrated command center that displays useful information like adjusting settings, changing profiles, on-the-fly updates. It also guarantees 50 million keypresses.




Want to be a professional gamer? 

The key is as there are several mousepads at which can give you an awesome and more comfortable gaming experience. You can find them at at the best prices. A few of them are here to help you directly visit the online site to ease your gaming process:

The mousepads at Steelseries are made of durable quality and are washable too available in a variety of sizes and styles.

  • QCK Prism cloth XL– it has an easy and intuitive setup of in-game lighting notifications, optimized for low and high DPI tracking movements. It is also available in various sizes.
  • QCK Large PUBG Jayflow edition– The exclusive micro-woven cloth gives maximum control and is a limited edition design.

These are only a few to give you a glimpse but you can check out the latest and durable mouse mats that are ideal for pro gamers and are engineered for all-level gamers to give you a perfect gaming experience. 




SteelSeries multi-platform gaming controllers are designed with Hall Effect magnetic sensors for awesome gameplay precision. To enjoy the full console experience, there are clickable joystick buttons. You can pair them with any device and easily play the game via Bluetooth and USB wireless adapters. 

Get the best deals at the best prices online or in the SteelSeries store, NIMBUS+ and STRATUS DUO are the controllers which can make you a pro gamer anytime. 



There are 60+ accessories at to turn your gaming into pro gaming, the accessories include cables, ear cushions, headbands, ear plates, keycaps, batteries, headset stands, mouse weights and more. You can find the best deals at exciting offers to switch on the gaming mode and make a backup plan with the accessories, a few of them which you can find under the accessories section are-

The accessories available at the Steelseries store can help you plan your gaming with the best backup plans and you can also maintain your gaming equipment with the cleaning kits for keyboards and other accessories. 

You can search for your favorite gaming product and then simply log in or signup to create an account to add the best deals and offers in your shopping cart or you can find the great deals in-store.

You can enjoy discounts on various next-gen gaming products and turn your game mode on and experience professional gaming like a pro gamer. There is also a limited edition section, so hurry up to grab the exciting deals at the best prices.