Fly Fishing is an acquired skill & if you are just getting into the sport, it takes time, patience & a lot of practice to get started on the water and handle fish. The difference between the conventional fishing & flying fishing is what you cast, as in Flying fishing the line itself is the heavier item and you cast a loop that pulls a lighter fly after it. With no one-size-fits-all approach for the type of fly fishing you actually want to do, Orvis brings innovation to the fore with their fly-fishing gear from the best flying rods, Apparels, reels, and gear in the world to get you started in the fishing mood.

Choosing the Essential Fishing Gear, Clothing & Apparel

Gear up for your next adventure with Orvis clothing & wading gear when you are going to be standing in the water for a long time.

  • Wading Jackets

Stock your fly box with remarkably lifelike patterns, and Orvis wading jackets have been designed to keep you dry and comfortable even in the worst weather conditions. Made with highly durable 3 layers shell fabric, the jacket has two large vertical front pockets for storage, with features like full-coverage hoods, integrated Dolphin Skin Cuff designs, chest pockets perfect for storing multiple fly boxes, and waterproof zippers to keep your valuables dry when reaching into the water to release fish. In two colours: Olive and Black Ash for men, & Marine Blue and Faded Red body for women, this weatherproof, breathable jacket is ready to perform @$349.

  • PRO LT Underwader Pants

Built for today’s fishing athletes, getting in and out of the gear is easy and quick with this lightweight active fit in comfy, elastic band with belt loops. Durable, in a straight fit, with a blend of nylon/Polyester and Spandex, the pair feels more like a knit garment, constructed with a moisture-wicking light fleece inner. Sizes from XS to XXL, secure yours in Color Granite for $109.

The three main components of fly-fishing outfit are a Rod, a line & a reel.

  • Fishing Reels

Reel technology has increased significantly in the last decade, & one of the few pieces of equipment absolutely necessary to begin fly-fishing. Orvis can boast experience like no other when it comes to fly-fishing tackle & apparel. With Fly reels coming in classic click-pawl versions to more modern versions, one has to decide as to what type of fishing you plan to do most, depending upon average conditions, water type and target species. The fresh water and salt water fly-fishing reels comes in a variety of sizes and quality finish adjusting to left- or right-hand retrieve.

  • Orvis Hydro Reels

This refined Hydro Reel is Ergonomically improved with an easy to drag knob, much lighter in weight with an improvised fully sealed drag clutch bearing. The large Arbor fly design has excellent retrieval rates and less line coiling. Available in Colours: Black, Silver & Green, with zero start-up inertia, research well as the large Arbor reels having arrived on the scene have several key benefits: With fewer tangles on the ground, easier on the line, more backing, thicker lines & also, extra consistent drags.

So, if you are looking for performance, look no further as this can be added to your shopping cart for $248 – $298.

  • Fly-fishing Rods

Orvis is a big hitter in the fly-fishing game & the lines of Fly rods are the pinnacle of precision, cutting-edge technology and expertise with more than 150 years of experience. One of the best in the market is Orvis’s affordable Encounter Fly Rod outfit range welcoming newcomers to the sport. Explore the collection as this is a great entry-level outfit for beginners and adult-onset anglers alike.

  • Encounter Fly-Rod Outfit

A great choice for anglers of all skill levels but, works best for those fairly new to flying fishing promising a smooth, crisp performance packaged with the basics such as a large arbor Encounter reel, having a high-quality feel with no apprehensions when holding it for the first time, weight forward floating line, backing and leader. You can have your peace of mind that it will last long due to its durability.

  • Fishing Line

Discover the ideal fly line and backing for your preferred angling experience with the most common being the weight forward lines to get started. The clearwater fly line is a versatile option for budget-minded angler.

Wading Boots for Men & Women

Designed for superior performance in different situations, Orvis offers anglers at every skill level, a varied selection of technology advanced wading boots for safer, more enjoyable days for every budget.

  • Women’s Ultralight wading Boots

When it comes to an all-round performance, the Women’s Ultralight wading boots can’t be beaten. The robust built quick-drying Clarino microfiber provides a better strength-to-weight ratio than traditional leather. This must-have pair is designed to add studs to the soles if the need arises. All for $198, if you are looking for comfort and don’t want to think about slipping o falling then this one is for you.

  • PRO Wading Boots

Regardless of skill level, this piece of flying gear is worth a spend as without one, the angler would most likely end up swimming with the fish rather than catching them. To have a better day at fishing, go in for wading boots that offer snug ankle support and reliable grip over slick surfaces. For wet wading, hiking, boating, the PRO wading boots is your best bet where versatility is the understatement for this incredibly lightweight, quick drying yet removable 3D molded ortholite insole. Available in 2 colour variants, & multiple sizes be ready for all-day comfort and enhanced river feel as you add it to your shopping cart.

Other essential Accessories for Fly-Fishing

From a simple zinger that holds your nippers to your tippet bar, why not make it a part of your kit as these tools are designed to help you keep fishing longer & better.

  • Fly Fishing Nippers

A pair of flying fishing nippers are an invaluable piece that will exceed your expectations & that isn’t very expensive either. Covered with an excellent comfy grip, a very convenient way to snip through the line machined from surgical stainless steel with a durable cutting edge & hook eye needle that seems it is built to last.

  • Orvis Pliers

This can act as a multi-functional tool, that can be used for cutting line, squashing barbs, and a host of other things. Picking up a lightweight pair designed with the natural shape and angle of your hand will keep you more relaxed with this trusted plier.

Buying flying fishing gear has changed over the years & with plenty of more optional extras that you could consider adding to your list, there is no shortage of fishing gear in the market. You can always upgrade further as you gain experience in this sport.