New Balance 1080v13

In the realm of running, New Balance has made a prominent impact. Whether v608 series, Fresh Foam series, Fresh Foam X, and vice-versa, New Balance always maintains leniency between quality and comfort; especially, acclaimed as a mesmerising supportive aid to athletes for long runs whether on track or ground. To brim the accolade with shines, the newest NB 1080v13 has raised immense soars right after being debutted to the market. Copying partly features of its predecessor NB 1080v12, the 1080v13 excels for its chic silhouette and notchy midsole with a drop of 6mm; way lesser than the relative pairs namely v12 (8mm), v11, and more. As a result, the runner is imbibed with an impressive soft and bouncy feel while on the track. Henceforth, below a succinct review of NB 1080v13 has been presented, encompassing major niches in correspond with performance and resistance. 

Upper Body Construction

Conforming with the famous epithet first impression is the last impression, the upper construction of NB 1080v13 is far more captive to allure runners less than a second. With lustrous colourway interplay genuinely bolstered by robust construction under fine weaving engineering method any pair under the model is beyond alluring. Inspired by a 3D weaving manoeuvre, the upper body flaunts thick, stretchable mesh knits, gusseted pad collars and supportive ankle collars. While the mesh knit ensures enough breathability, small strips of suede are stitched around the line of laces and the backside of ankle coverage. This is armour overall stitching with betterness, perhaps. Lastly, the exclusive ‘N’ logo enhances overall glamour.

Sole Unit

The pivotal concern for which 1080v13 is quivering thrills embedded with its sole unit. Bolstered by Fresh Foam X technology and rubber outsole, the shoe replicates a dribbled cushioning impact in a tangential motion in contact with the ground. As a result, terminates friction and all other kinds of base-level attenuation with fascinating grips. The entire sole unit is imparted into three parts as marked below.


The entire midsole is designed after the Fresh Foam X configuration. With a 38 mm / 32 mm stack height and 6 mm sole drop, the fascinating part of the shoe is it’s lightweight even having a very midsole; 9.2 oz, 262 g (men’s size 9), 7.3 oz, 206 g (women’s size 8). Igniting all these features the midsole intriguingly tapers frictions and sudden angular jerks. Considering to thickness gradient, it gradually dwindles from ankle to foot-tip.


The outsole is configured with rubbery gateup, fueled up FuelCell lineup which is under NB’s signature outsole structure. It provides decent grips and comes as a great aid for long marathons approximately with a span of 40 kms, and vice-versa. The best part, runners found it candid for not bumping up with blisters or bruises after a long time spent on the track. However, you can also try its twin pairs from other brands like Asics Gel-Nimbus 25, Skechers Max Road 6, Hoka Clifton 9, etc.

Insole: As a combining impact of both midsole and outsole the insole is triggered with extended softness, stretchability and ample breathability. This is why, no fatigue-related issues or conditions like pronation have been bruised after a long and persistent use.

Size & Fit

In terms of size and fitness, NB 1080v13 has been bounded with no complaints as of now. It fits in true sizes and offers enough volume. However, depending on various foot shapes and configurations you can also go with half size up to enjoy extra volume, especially if you have a wide footbed and narrow ankle ratio. The stiffness can feasibly be optimized through lace knots. Overall, the fitness is apt enough.


With thorough revelation of sole and upper constructions a smart outlook on the performance pocket has been disclosed already. However, once again I’m providing a crisp discourse on this side. Discerned as HIIT shoes for both daily and long track runs, the overall performance weightage of the shoe is around 8.5 to 9/ 10. The pockets of drawbacks cumulate a sparse saggy feel and a bit overrated outsole configuration. Still, glimmering upon positive sides, it’s one of the most highly demanding shoes nowadays. Credits straight go to endurance, ultra-cushiony feeling and breathable comfort.


NB 1080v13 is addressed with knocking resistance even after extensive uses. Performing on vibrant grounds and tracks considering both concrete roads and earthy roads, the resistance is proved to be imperturbed after experimenting with wide ranges of momentum interplays, speeds, and angles. So, the overall rating of resistance is quite impressive around 4 out of 5 stars.

1080v13 Vs 1080v12 – What Makes Them Unlike – A Core Glance

Now, let’s take a glance at the features between NB 1080v13 and its predecessor 1080v12 to jott down the basic differences. In the table underneath, you can clearly spot these. 

FeaturesNB 1080v13NB 1080v12
Weight 9.2 oz, 262 g (men’s size 9), 7.3 oz, 206 g (women’s size 8)10.3 oz, 292 g (men’s size 9), 8.3 oz, 234 g  (women’s size 8)
Stack Height 38 mm / 32 mm34 mm heel, 26 mm forefoot
Drop6 mm8 mm
FoamFresh Foam XFresh Foam X (Eva)
Upper BodyStretchable mesh-knit constructionStretchable mesh-knit construction
PurposeDaily running Maximal daily trainer

The Bottom Line

To sum up, all I want to say is that NB 1080v13 is a meticulous grab for ardent runners. Although, prices are on the little higher side nevertheless the inherent qualities with promising support are enough to compel your requirements and help you speed up at super ease.