There is one thing in the world of fashion that is stringently followed by all— that self confidence is the key to drag the limelight. Hence, the quos of luxury is not just about showing off with expensive accessories rather how meticulously someone blends senses of fashion with hand-select ornaments and attitude. In one sentence, vogue and luxury are symbiotic to each other in the quos of flawless flaunting.

Stretching out the tail of the statement above, it must also be added that approaches to style differ from person to person. For instance, while someone affines aristocratic flamboyance, others may fall for minimalist fashion. And Monica Vinader admires all kinds of perceptions since its origin.

Profusing as a house of finest jewelry Monica Vinader has created a milestone across the UK. An astonishing warehouse of gold vermeil, sterling silver, natural gemstones, and pearls, every collection of the brand showers a sheer infusion between craftsmanship and class. Setting aside all these facts, another and the most striking fact of this brand is its affinity for adopting a sustainable crafting process. That means, there is a strict regulation on environment-averse residues during the manufacturing process.

However, in this article, a quick glimpse at some of its magical creations is disclosed below. So, take a look in order to underpin your fashion sense.

Monica Vinader| Most loved materials & latest trends

As the brand showcases an enthralling pile of regaliary jewelry, crafted from precious metals and stones skim through the overview of the materials which are waving high demand at present.

1. 18ct gold vermeil jewelry

Purchasing real gold jewelry is an expensive affair. In fact, even if you wish affording the budget becomes sometimes impossible. To subside this problem without fading the smile from your face, Monica Vinader showcases a vast rack of 18ct gold vermeil jewelry. Designed in various shapes and sizes, each piece of jewelry is made of 100% recycled gold vermeil, and premium quality silver gilt, and follows an eco-friendly manufacturing method.

Associated features
  • Marshaled jewelry: chain, necklace, pendant, ring, pearl, bracelet, etc
  • All jewelry are made of pure recycled gold vermeil weigh 18ct
  • These start pricing onwards from £60
  • Each jewelry can be personalized and engraved as per user’s choice
Take a glance at the best-selling gold vermeil jewelry

Alta chain necklace set| 180

Deia pebble locket fine pendant charm| 180 

Deia ring set| 210

Doina snake chain necklace| 170

Twist rope chain necklace| 350

Alta capture pearl bracelet| 365

2. Sterling silver jewelry

There is a salient percentage of fashion tycoons who still are indifferent about silver and its glam. To dismantle this concept, Monica Vinader takes the first row initiave by swaying a dazzling set of silver jewelries. From fine chains to heavy finer rings, each inclusion reveals a magical blending between aestheticism and craftsmanship. The pieces which have dragged the highest hype for this jewelry are fine chains, bracelets, ear studs, blockchain jewelry, and many more. The minimal price starts from £40.

Monica Vinader trendsetting silver jewelry

Diamond silver necklace set| 220

Groove curb chain bracelet| 195

Silver turquoise earrings| 90

Nura reef mixed bangle set| 480

Signature bangle| 295

Talisman pendant necklace| 115

3. Ethical diamond jewelry

Can’t deny your obsession for diamonds? Delve inside Monica Vinader and add some extra sparks to your party night or special evening with some spectacular picks from its glamorous diamond collections. All the jewelry of this showcase is chiseled and cut from pure diamond, adhering to the Kimberley finishing process that keeps the transparency, crystals, and cuttings intact from impurities. That’s why these are addressed as ethical jewelry. The features you must be aware of are

  • All jewelry bears a warranty of 5 years
  • The manufacturing method is strictly adhering to eco-sustainable methods
  • Popular collection includes pendants, hoops, earrings, diamond chains, necklaces, etc.
Monica Vinader| most-loved diamond jewelry

Fiji skinny hoop earrings| 325

Disco diamond pendant| 95

Riva circle diamond pendant charm| 220

Riva wave cross ring| 250

Fiji mini button diamond pendant necklace| 235

Baja Deco diamond bracelet| 325

4. Natural pearl jewelry

‘Pearl’ is love and accessorized with pearl jewelry reflects a soft gleam all around. Therefore, fervor for pearl jewelry is ever-increasing. However, Monica Vinader supports the sustainable growth of pearl breading snails and collects only naturally grown pearls. The collection mainly puts up classic white pearls and no chemical bleaching is coated upon these. For a better approach take a glance at popular pearl jewelry collections.

Monica Vinader| most-loved pearl jewelry

Doina pearl & huggie earrings| 210

Doina heirloom and snake chain pearl necklace set| 715

Keshi pearl bracelet| 170

Mini pearl & rock crystal earring set| 140

Groove baroque pearl huggie earrings| 220

Doina pearl wide chain necklace| 565

5. Monica Vinader| Classic & new collection

With constant modulation of era an time, the chiseling designs on jewelry have also changed notably. Henceforth, the latest inclusion of Monica Vinader precipitates an immersive variety of gemstones with sparkling hues and glamour. Each of these is hand-cut by expert artisans without making a single distortion. Popular gemstones feature turquoise, emerald, ruby, moonstone, and so on. Besides gemstones, another striking feature of this collection is, that you’ll witness a multitude of beading and formational styles while traversing through it. And like the style and varieties, the expansion of price range is quite flexible enough i.e. from low scale to the high scale you can find anything that suits your budget.

Exclusive new collection

Corda diamond jacket| 125

Atlantis flint silver & turquoise earring| 100

Deia medium hoop rings| 125

Doina heirloom adjustable necklace| 395

Skinny sapphire single earring| 62.50

Gilding star pendant charm| 55

6. Check out the beaded jewelry collection

The alcove for beaded ornaments is embellished with the most marvelous creation. Beaded from precious gemstones, and metals, a beaded necklace is indeed an overwhelming way to impinge your glam. The best part is, from daily occasions to casual days out or a date night, beaded jewelry paces up with each kind of occasion without any demur or obstacle.

Check out some unique and marvelous beaded necklaces

Mini mugget gemstone necklace| £170

Gemstone golden bracelet| 125

Single large coin green onyx necklace| 220

Mini nugget bobble and triple necklace| 365

Silver turquoise beaded bracelet| 115

Gold vermeil & golden sandstone necklace| 125

This was a nutshell review of Monica Vinader and its latest collections. Go through these and make your own set. Remember, you can pick any both for personal and gifting purposes. Therefore, don’t be late more, stuff your jewelry box with some stunning and splendid items from Monica Vinader and be outspoken about your personified sense of style. Keep glowing and stay high on the spark in the world of glamour.