Good food is good mood—from a connoisseur to an artisan, everyone agrees with the epithet. But the peril is that most of the time we can’t balance the notions of taste and health and can’t tie them together into a single node. That means either we compromise with health for savoring taste or oppress taste for good health. However, finally, it’s time to stab the ambivalence. And Mindfulchef is the savior in this regard.

Setting up in 2015, Mindfulchef has won UK’s heart from the first day. The main reason for its roaring fame is the meal boxes it prepares–which are cooked from 100% gluten-free veggies, fresh meats, and seafood. Setting aside the quos of freshness, all its meals are ready-to-cook and fits completely within budget. With this, Mindfulchef does also enable a feasible access plan and plausible delivery policy. And on top of all, it unlocks an intriguing offer for the new user—that enables a 25% discount for the first 4 meal boxes. 

Below, a comprehensive guidebook about Mindfulchef and its offers has been unveiled. Take a sneak peek at it.

Mindfulchef| What makes it distinct from analogous stores…

Famous competitive stores of Mindfulchef are Hello Fresh and Gusto. However, the main reasons to establish Mindfulchef as better and exclusive from these duo are enkindled down. 

  • Prepping quality and nutritionally balanced meal boxes stewed by highly skilled chefs
  • A total of 20 dishes get enlisted every week. The dishes are available both for vegan and non-vegan
  • Vegan dishes are absolutely gluten and dairy-free. Non-veg dishes are prepared from fresh meat and fish. Each dish summates a total of 450-650 calories per adult person. 
  • It offers a 1-person service along with a total of 5 meal boxes
  • There is no hard-and-fast subscription policy affixed with its TCs. Access can be paused or terminated at any point in time.
  • All meals are subject to a ready-to-cook facility. And takes a maximum of 10 mins to be platted. 

Features and perks at a glance

Mindfulchef new user offer | Save 25% for the first 4 dishes

Albeit, all featured dishes of Mindfulchef are entitled to decent price drops and offers, yet the first-time users will enjoy a little more extra benefits from others. That is, it dispenses an extra 25% discount for the first 4 dishes right after registration. Go through the adhesive TCs to unlock the offer.

  1. Visit the official site or download the app either from the play store or the app store
  2. Register with the needfuls along with your shipping address
  3. Choose and select 2-5 meals as per personal choice for the upcoming week
  4. Use Mindfulchef promo code NEW25X4 while checking out and accessing the benefit

Note: The new user offer is activated one to one. And it can be accessed across all serving locations in the UK.

Mindfulchef Healthy recipe boxes| Most loved

Mindfulchef caters to a huge menu stuffed with vibrant loadings. The recipe boxes are classified into main three categories; healthy recipe boxes, vegan recipe boxes, and family recipe boxes. With this, kinds of meals are further prepared in various small boxes namely ready meals, soups and broths, frozen desserts, breakfast, and healthy bundles. All these are cooked and marinated following diversified global cuisines and served at any point in time a day as per the nature of cravings. Below a glimpse of trending meals and recipe boxes are presented.

Most popular healthy recipe boxes

Savouring vegan dishes

Top fish dishes 

Trending beef, pork, and lamb dishes 

Most loved shellfish dishes

**Click here for more preparation and meals 

Mindfulchef Hot offers heathy bundles| Starting from £1

Heathy bundles of Mindfulchef includes both small and large meals. Splitting into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and small cravings/ snacks between meals the price-list of healthy bundles is affordable enough and starts as low as £1. Again to assure patrons about the quality of healthy bundles, it’s to mention that all inclusions in the healthy bundles are of the highest nutritional value, devoid of any kinds of alien substances; like, food color, processed cream, etc, and are of devouring tastes at the same time. 

Thus, a pith overview of Mindfulchef is being carried out. Hope you find this useful. So, the next you want to tweak your tastebuds with great tastes without compromising health, just knock at Mindfulchef. Both your bill and fill (stomach-fill) will be entertained with utmost plausibility. Hence, cursor through its menu, and book your weekly meal right away. Bon appetite!