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Lulus Wedding Dress: When it comes to unfolding the most precious chapters of life there are two events that always take the front row; birth and wedding. One germinates a new fresh beginning and illuminates the immediate surrounding with a warm, effulgent beam and the other one indicates the line of threshold— from where life takes a U-turn towards a compelling completeness replete with bonding, connection and eternity. So, it’s quite obvious that everyone wants to embellish their wedding day as divine and dreamy. Thanks to Lulus for turning your desire come true and making the best day of life magical. Wondering how? Well, here the story begins. As Summer is on the way Lulus adds a spectacular rack of breathtaking season-friendly wedding dresses in its boutique. White, black, blush, chiffon, embroidered, luxe, or whatever your dream wedding dress affine for, Lulus has crossed all mediocre lines of aestheticism and emboldened its marshalls with the dream dress that you want. So, jerk off all procrastination from your mind, straight delve into Lulus and find out these 8 best recommendations of Lulus’ wedding dresses we’ve handpicked for you.  

8 Best Lulus Wedding Dresses Recommended By Experts

A wedding dress— the phrase itself is enough to give goosebumps. Hence, there would be heights of agitation involved in its selection— is no abstruse to predict. Considering myriads of designs and cuts with countless variations of fabrics such as luxe, mermaid, chiffon, satin, embroidered, etc, both designers and shoppers devote hours after hours to bag the ideal one. Albeit, white is the most dominating and appreciated colour for wedding dresses nowadays this social dogma has been successfully dismantled through an emerging proliferation of other popular hues namely black, red, brown, blush, etc. This paves a prominent path as an impressive alternative to traditional wedding dresses. So, in this article, we’ve mixed them all and picked the top 8 among all. Let’s unbox the chest. 

Boho Wedding Dress| Best Pick: Duchess Ivory Bell Sleeve Maxi Dress

black wedding dress

Casual, modern, regular, romantic, or boho— from this list of wedding dress options if your affinity leans toward boho, you’ve absolutely made the right choice. For, a boho wedding dress is not just stunning but is a graceful immersion of aesthetics and craftsmanship. And this white ivory bell-sleeve maxi wedding dress takes the entire adoration to the next level.

With a bell shape and duchess embroidery, the dress resembles a queen’s entry. The long mid-slit split to the bottom line and flared sleeves hood the whole design with sheer sparks and magnificence. A sunset skin tone and minimalist makeup boost the boldness while donning. 

Beach Wedding Dress| Top Pick: White Off-Shoulder Maxi Dress

black wedding dress

While white emblems amid pristinity and ocean as a symbol of vastness, a wedding ceremony along the coastline amalgamates warmth and tranquillity with ineffable concordance. Therefore, a beach wedding dress would shower the same impact throughout its whole gesture is lucid to decipher. Don’t hesitate to pick this white off-shoulder maxi dress as your wedding gown or for your sibling if it happens around the coastline. With an off-shoulder neckline design, and a thorough embroidered tulle overlay underneath a sequined tulle underlayer you can indeed wave out a flattering appearance in front of your beau and the guests just like a fairytale. So, eye witnessing with the odes of waves, songs of seagulls, and whispers of mad, romantic wind murmur your wedding vow by the name of trust, friendship and amicability for a lifetime journey. 

Modern Wedding Dress Exclusive For Summer| Best Model: White Midi Wedding Dress

black wedding dress

Who says only maxi-length is the most acceptable wedding dress? Shatter this doctrine! Because in today’s modern world, it sounds absolutely bogus and absurd. There are plenty of other types in vibrant cuts, lengths, and designs weaved by modern wedding boutiques. Take this white midi skater dress as an example. With several flamboyant pleats, spaghetti straps, and a round neckline there is no need for extra add-ons to stoke a spectacular silhouette on the day. So, go ahead with all guts and pride.

Traditional Romantic Wedding Dress| Best Pick: White Sleeveless Trumpet Maxi Dress

black wedding dress

Love the original and traditional gown as the wedding dress? You’re are the right place. For, spotting a boutique with a splendid traditional romantic wedding dress stock is really dicey in today’s fusional era. But Lulus embraces your desire with utmost care through unfurling a wide marshall of conventional wedding gowns. You can pick this sleeveless maxi dress as the one. Resembling a mermaid shape with a princess seam bodice, deep v-neckline and wide straps on the upper part and fitted curvy long skirt and floor-sweeping embroidered maxi hem the wedding dress is a true gem for anyone who loves this kind of design. 

Luxe Bridal Dress| Top Model: White Beaded Hem Maxi Dress

black wedding dress

The sensation for luxe bridal dresses swirls a huge storm among the folks who are keen to drape like a fantasy world princess on their wedding day. In such case, this stunning white beaded hem maxi dress can be the best grab. Knitted from white sequin with pearlescent beads throughout the outer layer supported by catchy designs, a sleek look and bold neckline cuts the dress is an impeccable choice to impinge your wedding silhouette. 

Chiffon Wedding Dress| Best-Seller: Burgundy Off-Shoulder Fleece Maxi Dress

black wedding dress

Wedding dresses only in white? Huh… a passe to the modern generation. Because love has no colour except the hues of bliss, connectivity, and bonding. And it is the same for weddings as well. Therefore, as marriage affixes the ultimate silver line to a relationship the best way to embrace the day is by embellishing it with the colours of your soul and of your well-wishers. So, you can definitely choose this burgundy off-shoulder fleece chiffon maxi dress as an alternative to this white wedding dress. Besides the colour, the dress glims grace throughout its appearance, cuts, and look. Additionally, the fleece puffed sleeves and long slit hemline cuts compel the overall look like precious and shiny jewels. There are plenty more creations you will find in Lulus’ chiffon dress collection. Do explore these at your free stake. 

Lulus Mermaid Wedding Dress| Top Pick: Mermaid Maxi Dress

black wedding dress

Mermaid wedding dresses appear to be the most ‘on-demand’ wedding dresses of all time. The reason for this hoar intertwines with its appeal. It unveils the most satisfactory look that every woman strives for on the most precious day of their life. So, we’ve picked this white off-shoulder mermaid maxi dress from Lulus’ chest for your wedding. The one feature which makes this dress exceptional is its splendid infusion between simplicity and aristocracy. Exposing a wide round off-shoulder neckline, short-sleeve frilled fleece layer on the top and fitted maxi with extra long floor-sweeping flaring hem let the dress enough worthy to drape on the day.

Black Maxi Dress| Best Choice: Asymmetrical Cutout Halter Maxi Dress

black wedding dress

Black and elegance are synonyms of each other. So, the same principle is applied to wedding dresses as well. Albeit, a bit uncommon but fervour for black as wedding dresses is showing a high raise graph. On this behalf, if you’re on an intention to bag a piece of it we recommend you this asymmetrical cutout halter maxi. In terms of both fitting, design, and cut it is beyond bold than a regular wedding dress. The best part is, it is completely season-proof i.e be it summer or fall you can step out with this to chant the wedding vows.  

Easy Tips To Find Your Best Wedding Suite At Lulus

Setting and fixing a wedding is not as easy as it sounds. So many aspects intricate with each other for a flawless selection; for example, the bride’s height, curve, shape, likeliness to fabrics, colours; if any, designs, add-ons of long-tailed hem for high-impact silhouette and so on. Enkindling all these premises together, stepping out for the final selection of ‘the dream wedding dress’ you’re obsessed to shop comes out as utter befuddling. However, sigh a breath of relief! For, Lulus has picked the initiative and made wedding shopping ever easier. This is how you can find your best wedding dress.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Lulus and step out for the page wedding dress

Step 2: Pay a quick glance at the chest and understand what types and niches have been tagged. There could be a plethora of options available as per sizes, cuts, lengths, styles, etc.

Step 3: Pinpoint the area or choice as per your affinity. However, as per our recommendation, you better proceed with ‘wedding dresses by styles’.

Step 4: Select one i.e. boho wedding dress, modern dress, non-traditional wedding dress— i.e. of colour contrastive; black, red, or any kind as per your sense of beauty.

Step 5: Verify and matches with all alcoves of personal requirement and pay for it.

So, this is how a pith of top and most stunning wedding dresses has been compiled. Hope you enjoy the delightful article. Apart from these 8 types, there are plenty of other variations of wedding dresses gracefully marshalled by Lulus with soulful generosity including a decent stock of marvellous and chic bridesmaid dresses. Take a traverse to all those sections as well in your free space. Make your wedding like that of a Disney princess’s wedding. And trust me, Lulus solemnly vows to make it happen. Enjoy.