La Becanerie Vs 24MX

Finding the best store for aftermarket motocross spare parts in France is more likely solving a riddle. Because the numbers are uncountable. Keeping the quantification aside, each retailer has made the face for distinguished and acing features. For example, some have humungous stocks according to bike models, and CC capacities, some have overwhelming used motorcycle parts, some offer extensive arrays of dirt bike tyres, and many more. In short, without proper experience, the chance of being lost, befuddled, and exhausted is 100% guaranteed when someone is on the venture to spot a motorcycle spare part store. However, lucky you! We’ve tried to layer out this problem. Which is why, below we have drawn a smart comparative analysis between La Becanerie and 24MX – two leading houses for the same across the country. With this, we’ve also unfolded some additional information on consumer statistics on motorcycles and certain key reminders while shopping for motorcycle parts to educate you on the calibre of facts. So, let’s hop in then.

La Becanerie Vs 24MX – A Quick Sneak Peek

La Becanerie and 24MX – while both retailers have cajoled their lovers for distinct imperatives of services, there are some hidden facts which may surprise you. Therefore, in this part, we’ve tried to unfold those less talked about sections. Here you go.

Origin & Purpose

La Bécanerie: La Bécanerie originated in 1978, France by a group of motorcycle enthusiasts gathering in a small workshop. Recognizing the need for reliable spare parts, they established La Bécanerie, evolving it into a leading motocross retailer. Their focus on exclusive collections and specialized aftermarket parts tailored to various bike models earned them a reputable standing among riders seeking unique and quality products.

24MX: 24MX emerged in 2009 in Sweden as a comprehensive motocross platform, founded by individuals deeply entrenched in the sport. They aimed to revolutionize the industry by offering not only essential spare parts but also a range of in-house branded products. Through strategic partnerships and a commitment to customer convenience, 24MX established itself as a prominent retailer, prioritizing both product excellence and customer satisfaction.

Wide Collection

La Bécanerie – Collection Sneak Peek

La Bécanerie prides itself on an extensive and diverse collection that caters to a wide spectrum of riders and bikes. Their gallery encompasses an array of offerings tailored to various biking categories. Specifically, their collection stands out for its inclusivity, covering an expansive range of bike models, from popular motocross models to mopeds, 50CC bikes, quads, and even e-scooters. This diversity ensures that riders with different preferences and needs can find suitable aftermarket parts and accessories to enhance their biking experience.

Moreover, La Bécanerie goes beyond just offering parts; they curate collections that cater to specific bike models, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance. This attention to detail extends to their stock of specialized gear and accessories, providing a comprehensive solution for riders seeking not only parts but also customized gear tailored to their specific bike models.

24MX – Collection Sneak Peek

24MX boasts a wide collection with a distinct focus on motocross essentials and specialized accessories. While their main collection emphasizes motocross spare parts, they stand out for their meticulous attention to critical elements such as motocross tires, where they offer a comprehensive range suitable for different track conditions and riding styles. This specialization extends to other essentials, including protective clothing and accessories designed explicitly for motocross riders.

Their gallery features an impressive array of motocross gear, from helmets to boots, and protective gear, showcasing a commitment to rider safety and performance. Additionally, 24MX’s dedication to providing specialized clothing and accessories tailored for the rigours of motocross racing ensures that riders can find precisely what they need to perform at their best on the track.

Enormous Ranges of Brands

La Bécanerie prides itself on offering an extensive range of brands, showcasing a diverse and comprehensive inventory for motorcycle enthusiasts. Their commitment to providing customers with choices extends to partnerships with renowned brands such as Michelin, Dunlop, Pro Circuit, and Polisport, among others. These collaborations ensure that customers have access to a broad selection of high-quality products, ranging from tires and performance parts to protective gear and accessories. La Bécanerie’s emphasis on partnering with established and trusted brands enables them to cater to a wide range of preferences and needs, ensuring that riders can find products that align with their specific requirements and performance expectations.

Similarly, 24MX excels in offering an extensive array of brands, underscoring its commitment to providing customers with diverse options and top-tier products. Their partnerships include an impressive lineup of leading brands such as Alpinestars, Fox Racing, Thor, and Oakley, among others. This curated selection encompasses a wide spectrum of motocross gear, from riding apparel and protective equipment to accessories, ensuring that riders have access to premium-quality products designed and endorsed by industry-leading brands. 24MX’s emphasis on collaborating with reputable and globally recognized names reinforces its dedication to delivering excellence and variety, enabling riders to select products that align with their preferences and performance needs.

Feasibility in Service Convenience

La Bécanerie

  • Shipping: La Bécanerie provides efficient shipping options, including standard and express deliveries, ensuring timely receipt of orders. Free shipping is applicable above €89
  • Returns: They have a clear and customer-friendly 14-day return policy, allowing hassle-free returns within a specified timeframe.
  • Payment Methods: La Bécanerie offers various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and sometimes bank transfers, enhancing convenience for customers.


  • Shipping: 24MX is known for its swift shipping options, often providing free or discounted shipping above certain purchase amounts, making it cost-effective for customers.
  • Returns: Their return process is straightforward, facilitating easy returns within 60 days of order completion, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Payment Methods: 24MX accepts diverse payment methods, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and sometimes instalment options, catering to varied customer preferences.

Eyes on The Concusmer Statistics: 7 Motorcycle Models with Head-Spinning Craze

Now pay heed to consumer statistics for a while. While a prominent ascending trend is vivid on motorcycle purchases over decades, there are few models which override others each year. So, for 2024 as well, the following 7 models under 16,000 euros are on the row to take the market by storm. 

1. Royal Enfield Himalayan

The Royal Enfield Himalayan epitomizes adventure on two wheels. Crafted for exploration, this bike blends rugged durability with a purposeful design. Its torquey single-cylinder engine, robust chassis, and long-travel suspension make conquering rough terrain a breeze. Tailored ergonomics ensure comfort during extended journeys, making it a compelling choice for riders seeking off-road escapades and long-haul adventures.

Important Features:

  • Featured market price is 5,690 euros
  • Torquey single-cylinder engine for low-end power delivery
  • Robust chassis and long-travel suspension for off-road capabilities
  • Tailored ergonomics for comfort during long-distance journeys
  • Purposeful design ideal for adventure and exploration
1. Off-road Capabilities: Well-suited for off-road adventures with robust chassis and long-travel suspension.1. Engine Vibration: Some riders may experience noticeable vibrations at higher speeds.
2. Comfortable Ergonomics: Tailored for long-distance rides with comfortable riding posture.2. Power Output: Relatively modest power delivery compared to other adventure bikes in its class.
3. Versatility: Good for mixed terrain due to its adaptable design.


The CFMOTO 650GT embodies the essence of sport-touring prowess. With a potent parallel-twin engine at its core, this bike offers a thrilling riding experience. Its agility and stability are complemented by features like adjustable suspension and an advanced electronics suite, delivering a harmonious blend of performance and touring comfort. Ideal for riders seeking spirited journeys with a touch of touring luxury.

Important Features:

  • Is handy at 7,690 euros
  • Potent parallel-twin engine offering thrilling performance
  • Adjustable suspension for personalized riding experience
  • Advanced electronics package for enhanced control and safety
  • Balanced combination of sporty agility and touring comfort
1. Strong Performance: Potent parallel-twin engine delivers thrilling performance.1. Build Quality: Some riders might find certain components with lower build quality.
2. Adjustable Suspension: Offers personalized riding comfort with adjustable suspension settings.2. Handling: Handling might not be as refined as some higher-end competitors.
3. Feature-Rich: Advanced electronics package enhances control and safety.

3. Triumph Tiger 660 Sport

The Triumph Tiger 660 Sport stands as a testament to Triumph’s legacy in adventure motorcycling. Powered by a refined triple-cylinder engine, this middleweight adventure bike delivers responsive power and versatility. Equipped with cutting-edge rider aids and a robust chassis, it offers confidence-inspiring handling on and off the road. Perfectly suited for daily commuting as well as thrilling explorations beyond the beaten path.

Important Features:

  • Can be purchased at 9,695 euros
  • Refined triple-cylinder engine for responsive power delivery
  • Cutting-edge rider aids for confidence on and off-road
  • Versatile chassis ensuring excellent handling and stability
  • Perfectly suited for daily commuting and adventurous rides
1. Responsive Engine: Refined triple-cylinder engine offers responsive power delivery.1. Seat Comfort: Seat comfort might be subjective and not ideal for all riders.
2. Advanced Technology: Cutting-edge rider aids ensure confidence on various terrains.2. Price: Slightly higher price point compared to some competitors in its segment.
3. Versatility: Suitable for both daily commuting and adventurous rides.

4. Zontes 350T

The Zontes 350T represents an enticing option for riders seeking an entry-level touring experience. Its sleek design and practical features are complemented by a spirited single-cylinder engine. Modern amenities make it an affordable yet feature-rich touring motorcycle, making every ride a blend of style, comfort, and affordability for riders stepping into the world of touring adventures.

Important Features:

  • Available at 5,690 euros
  • Spirited single-cylinder engine with practical touring features
  • Modern design with comfortable ergonomics
  • Affordable yet feature-rich entry-level touring motorcycle
  • Blend of style, comfort, and affordability for new touring riders
1. Affordability: Budget-friendly option for riders looking for touring capabilities.1. Below the belt performances at times
2. Stylish Design: Modern design with practical touring features.2. Limited features
3. Ideal for New Riders: Suitable for beginners stepping into touring motorcycles.

5. Suzuki GSX-S1000GT

The Suzuki GSX-S1000GT embodies the fusion of sport and touring excellence. Born from the DNA of the revered GSX-R series, it houses a muscular inline-four engine offering exhilarating performance. Its sporty yet comfortable riding position, advanced electronics suite, and adaptable suspension ensure a thrilling ride with touring capabilities, making it a top choice for riders seeking an adrenaline rush paired with touring comfort.

Important Features:

  • Featured market price is  15,199 euros
  • Muscular inline-four engine derived from GSX-R series
  • Sporty yet comfortable riding position for thrilling journeys
  • Advanced electronics suite for enhanced riding experience
  • Adaptable suspension ensuring comfort during long rides
1. Powerful Engine: Muscular inline-four engine derived from the GSX-R series.1. Weight: Some riders might find it a bit heavy for agile handling.
2. Comfortable Riding Position: Offers a sporty yet comfortable riding stance for long journeys.2. Wind Protection: Wind protection might not be as effective for all riders during high-speed rides.
3. Advanced Electronics: Comprehensive electronics suite for an enhanced riding experience.

6. Kawasaki Ninja 1000 SX

Description: The Kawasaki Ninja 1000 SX exemplifies sport-touring perfection. With its refined inline-four engine, this bike exudes power and versatility. Designed for spirited riding, it seamlessly transitions into a comfortable touring machine. Packed with cutting-edge technology, rider-friendly ergonomics, and touring-oriented features, it strikes an ideal balance between sporty aggression and touring comfort, catering to enthusiasts craving exhilarating journeys.

Important Features:

  • Can be purchased at 15,399 euros
  • Refined inline-four engine providing power and versatility
  • Rider-friendly ergonomics and advanced technology
  • Seamless transition from spirited riding to comfortable touring
  • Perfect balance between sporty aggression and touring comfort
1. Versatile Engine: Refined inline-four engine provides ample power and versatility.1. Seat Height: Tall seat height may not suit shorter riders or those with inseam limitations.
2. Technology: Equipped with rider-friendly electronics and advanced technology.2. Price: Higher price point compared to some competing models.
3. Balanced Ride: Strikes a perfect balance between sporty riding and touring comfort.

7. Moto Guzzi V85 TT Travel

Description: The Moto Guzzi V85 TT Travel represents a marriage of classic charm and modern adventure touring capabilities. Its iconic transverse V-twin engine delivers a unique riding experience. The bike’s rugged adventure styling, comfortable ergonomics, and an array of touring accessories make it an embodiment of classic aesthetics paired with modern touring capabilities, appealing to riders seeking distinctive style and practical touring features.

Important Features:

  • Available at 13,999 euros
  • Iconic transverse V-twin engine for a unique riding feel
  • Rugged adventure styling with touring-focused accessories
  • Comfortable ergonomics suited for long-distance travel
  • Blend of classic aesthetics and modern touring capabilities
1. Distinctive Design: Iconic transverse V-twin engine with a unique riding feel.1. Weight: Relatively heavy compared to some other adventure touring bikes.
2. Touring Capabilities: Rugged adventure styling with touring-focused accessories.2. Electronics: May lack certain advanced electronic features found in competitors.
3. Classic Aesthetics: Blends classic aesthetics with modern touring capabilities.

From Experts’ House: 4 Facts to Remember Before Motocross Spare Parts Shopping

Lastly, a fleeting glance at certain ‘pre-shopping facts’ for motorcycle parts. Be it from an aftermarket place or the respective farm, you must abide by the necessary premises to deter future obstacles. 

Active safety: Active safety features play a crucial role in ensuring a secure riding experience. When considering motocross parts or bikes, prioritize elements like ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) for preventing wheel lock-ups during sudden braking. Traction control systems are equally important, managing power delivery to prevent wheel spin on slippery surfaces. Additionally, the quality of grips and clutches significantly impacts handling and gear shifting, contributing to overall safety on off-road tracks.

Suspension Control and Engine Potency: These are pivotal considerations for motocross enthusiasts. Seek out parts or bikes offering adjustable suspension systems to adapt to diverse terrains and riding preferences. Evaluating engine performance in power and torque is essential to ensure it aligns with your motocross or off-road riding requirements.

Electronics Safety: E-safety concerns encompass various features crucial for rider safety and communication. Look for bikes or parts equipped with an SOS button, providing immediate access to emergency assistance. Optimal lighting systems with powerful headlights, tail lights, and turn signals enhance visibility, while audio alerts or speakers aid in receiving warnings and communication during rides. Accessibility to the power on/off button contributes to quick and easy control over the bike’s functions, promoting safety and convenience.

Controlled Security Measures: These are vital for protection and monitoring. Consider parts or bikes integrated with GPS systems for navigation, tracking, and security purposes. Mapping monitors or dedicated displays facilitate better navigation and real-time monitoring during rides, enhancing overall security and route management. Considering these essential parameters before purchasing motocross parts ensures a comprehensive evaluation of safety, performance, electronic aids, and security features, optimising the riding experience across diverse terrains and conditions.

Henceforth, with the extensive discussion above now, I am pretty confident that you are clear with essential factors on motocross parts and choosing the best store for shopping. So, wipe confusion from the head and go ahead with a fine shopping experience. Enjoy.