Jochen Schweizer: Find and experience the perfect gift idea!

Looking for a startling gift idea for your dear ones? Great news, folks! You’ve come to the right place. Feel excited with mesmerizing gift ideas of Jochen Schweizer and enthrall the special person in the family in the most remarkable way!

Wait! No clue about Jochen Schweizer and what it is about? Calm down! We’re here to answer and feed all your queries. Jochen Schweizer is one of the opulent shops for adventure sports in Germany. Founded in 1987 it is effortlessly satisfying all Germans availing all essential gears for rip-roaring outdoor games like hiking, bungee jumping, paragliding, and vice-versa. Along with this, the shop also makes and dispenses interesting vouchers and offers dedicated to all its embedded outdoor games which are applicable to all corners of the country. 

Recently, the shop has started receiving a notable amount of praise for enlisting remarkable and pathbreaking gifting ideas that are all associated with adventure trips and sports. Thus, in order to take a break from daily hustle and bustle and so it is for your dear ones, skim through the thrilling gifting ideas from Jochen Schweizer and be ready to get goosebumps.


Find the perfect gift ideas with Jochen Schweizer

The gift ideas of Jochen Schweizer are imparted into various categories. Let’s unfold these and exploit the adhesive exclusivities one by one.


  1. Best outdoor gifts

Jochen Schweizer has always been lauded for its brilliant outdoor gift packets. Starting from alpine trekking to arranging super thrilled rafting tours on highland brooke or a simple enchanting plain land trailed hiking, the shop has thrived with all splendid packages that will enable you a lifetime adventure experience. Take a glance at the trending packages.

Trending outdoor gifts & packages  What will receive/ list of inclusions  TCs & additional information
Alpaca hike for 2| €76.90 A profound view of the realm and close contact to the alpaca mammals

Tours to the animal firms and a golden chance to communicate with them

Minimum age should be 5 years

The gift is applicable on 2 people & valid for 3 hrs

Isar rafting| 54.90 Whitewater cataract rafting following the route from Leniggries to Bad Tolz

It is suitable for beginners 

Voucher is applicable to a single person. 

Experience rafting hours is max. 4. 

Climbing course in the forest ropes| 51.90 An introductory course on rope climbing in the realms of wild nature. The surrounding nature of the spot is often triggered by gusty winds, and gushing rainfall.  Minimum age should be 14 years. Below it, parents’ consent is required.

The voucher works upon 2.

Trail riding| 104.90 Unforgatobbale trail riding experience on horseback. At present total of 8 places are included Applicable to a single person and suitable for both beginners and advanced.

**Click here for details. 


  1. Best gift boxes

Another engaging initiative of Jochen Schweizer is clearly visible in its gift boxes. The gift boxes mainly ensemble an array of adventure trip vouchers for all ages. Besides, the fact these gift boxes can be customized as per distinct occasions such as birthdays, love in a double pack, etc. Like the vibrancy of gifting occasions, the vouchers are applicable over a vast spectrum of areas as well. Such popular spots encompass; from Alpine Germany to rolling meadows and grassland. Let’s carry out a smart glance on the gift boxes are on hype.


  1. Jochen Schweizer exclusive gift vouchers

The best and simplest way to overwhelm your beloved ones and push them dozing off of daily cacophonies for a few days. Hence, the concept of gift vouchers by Jochen Schweizer is most cherished out of all. Gift vouchers are available both in electronic and hard copy and they can be directly mailed or shipped to the recipient’s address without charging additional pennies. 

Details of the gift vouchers are as follows

  • Gift vouchers start from €50 and scale up to €1000
  • It holds a validity of 3 years and is redeemable both in digital and PDF format
  • It is applicable to any kind of adventure activities
  • The vouchers can be gift wrapped as per the customer’s choice
  • Once purchased it can’t be canceled or refunded


Jochen Schweizer gift vouchers| Snapshot

  1. Jochen Schweizer| special gifts

Jochen Schweizer does not just get tired after releasing the above three kinds of gifts. There are many more left to uncover yet. However, the sect of special gifts is unlike others. It clubs gifts and gifting ideas of multiple niches, encompassing diverse topographies and locations. For example, a city trip package for couple, a paragliding tandem flight, a voucher for candlelight dinner, etc. In fact, there are a plethora of ways to celebrate and surprise the special person you want in accompanied by the special gifts bundle of the shop. Below, a few of the most demanding gifts are inscribed. Take a look.


  1. Experience gifts under €50

Crazy to step out from the house but is the budget heads out as the main constraint? Relax, Jochen Schweizer solves your problem with great ease. It organizes a special alcove for gifts which all are accessible for under €50. Here again, it covers vibrant aspects as well namely sports, outings, vouchers, etc. The best part of these gifts is that they can be purchased multiple times.


Gifts under €50| Take a glimpse

So, this was an overview of Jochen Schweizer and its services. I hope it’s clear to all of you now. Therefore, don’t be late, get off the sofa, and start your voyage towards the world of unknown! Enjoy your trip.