Imitating an athletic flamboyance does not require being a sports person, it can be carried out by an artisan as well. The stratling fact is, nowadays fashion tycoons, especially those who are in their early twenties devote a significant proclivity to be drawn with sporty styles and looks! 

There are several hundred sports stores in Malayasia which are flawless in putting a feather in your athletic quos of flamboyance but finding the best among these, is quite tricky and painstaking as well. But to sort this problem and assort the essentials for an aesthetic athletic flaunting JD Sports picked up the initiative.

With its undepletable list of sports apparel and shoes, you can hit the hit ground with sheer vain and put your fellow friends into utter envy! Not just the flamboyance, JD is quite impressive in terms of quality as well. Moreover, you will uncover a jaw-dropping cabinet of shoes from the most renowned global brands such as Nike, Addidas, Jordan, etc. The best part is, every single product never crosses the line of affordability! What else a person can more ask for while questing for a new style trend? Therefore, let’s not wait for more, straight delve inside the store, and explore trendy picks for this season.

JD Sports| Exclusive picks for men

The exclusives for men are compiled with shoes, t-shirts, tanks, and shirts. Albeit, the diversified number of sports shoes dominates the list among all. So, take a sneak peek at the picks that are on the highest trend.

Adidas Originals Ozweego Knit| MYR 579

Adidas is always unbeatable in the context of grabbing superior sports shoes at decent prices. This is a classic model of Adidas Originals and found only in JD’s exclusive cabinet. Modeled in the grey-black, the upper half of the shoe is tailored with 3D breathable mesh with a lace-knot style while the sole is textiles with synthetic and soft rubber which avails a cushiony impact throughout. While the wide midsole is mainly to provide a stable grasp on the ground, the outsole is to deter traction and friction. The shoe is additionally supported with an ankle collar in order to release extra supportiveness to the ankle and knees duly playing.

Puma Anzarun| MYR 329.00

Whether for regular college days or blowing the dust away on the playing court, the Anzarun of Puma is always a remarkable choice. Featured in a beautiful blending of black, white and grey the shoe is also enduring enough except for only being chic in look. The upper part is stitched with Anzarun DNA mesh along with a grey suede collar in the middle portion while the sole is made up of EVA foam sole technology. In one sentence, the shoe balances a perfect concordination of both breathability and bounce.

Nike Air Max 90| MYR 609.00

Do you really have any gut to overboard with Nike when it comes to staying consistent on the sports ground? No right? Therefore, Nike Air Max 90 is recommended for you. Portraying the 90’s look with a blend of contemporary style, the shoe is not about style but also massive resistance and power. While the upper is stitched with plush mesh, and coarse-textured suede which triggers relaxing ventilation, the flat, parallel sole with a wide midsole provides extra support to the ankle, and leg calf. In a nutshell, it’s a brilliant choice for a long-court game.

Nike Sportswear Club T-Shirt| MYR 89.00

The classic fit club t-shirt of Nike is a perfect grab for day-to-day wear. Weaved with 100% cotton fabric it avails an airy and comfortable feeling throughout the day and at the same time is a smart choice to impinge your silhouette. 

McKenzie Essential Swim Shorts| MYR 109.00

Made up of 100% polyester, the short is perfect for a day out with friends and family. It may seem a little quirky in the context of color if you’re not quite open to flashy and bright colors but it’s okay to find the odd out of even! 

JD Exclusives for women

Like the men, the celestial of JD’s women’s collection is full of vibrancies. From shoes to apparel to accessories, you will experience a mind-boggling array of their collection. Top picks among them have been enlisted below.

Adidas Originals Forum Low Women’s| MYR 399.00

If sweating out like crazy at the basketball court is your favorite timepass, the forum low of Adidas is an exclusive choice for you! Comes designed in lace and an extra strap the white-orange monochrome shoe has made up of synthetic and soft suede on the upper half and a wide flat foam sole. The suede is breathable enough and keeps your feet away from sweating inside. While the broad wide sole bolsters enormously while you’re busy with dribbling.

Vans Authentic Washed Women’s| MYR 279.00

It’s okay not to be a sports fanatic all the time. In fact, your athletic style may be lenient more toward a simple outlook. In such a case, go for this classic par of Van’s. Stitched with enduring printed canvas cloth with metal eyelets to be more snugging to your feet when required and with the soft flat footbed your entire day at the college would be both relaxing and stylish.

Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Essential Women’s| MYR 415.00

The Air Force of Nike is intentionally made to make your day more radiating. Comes in a completely white, the upper body of the shoe is stitched with soft, plush suede while the sole with corrugated footbed assures decent firmness while in a performance and in this way keeps the body sturdy. The shoe can be addressed with the tagline of style with strength! 

Nike Varsity T-Shirt Dress Women’s| MYR 175.00

Nike varsity t-shirt is apt to chisel your attitude more with carefreeness but without any audacity. It is stitched with 100% cotton and comes in faded blue. Despite this, the t-shirt is exceptionally airy and comfortable to carry.

So, this was all about the glimpses that are currently swirling inside the store. While grabbing any of these also keep in mind that you’ll receive free delivery within 2-3 days after the delivery and can enjoy the Buy Now pay Later option. Now– you know what to do next? So, stay accompanied by JD and keep on flaunting! Enjoy!