St. Patrick’s Day is looming first on March 17th. So like in other years, you must have planning for something fun and special once again. By the way, if throwing an at-home party is whirling in your mind, you have a blast for you! Because we’ve dedicated our full attention to delivering unique hacks and tips for a soulful home party that your guests will recall till the end of the year. So, with handpicking baskets of chocolates along with finalizing the menu with relishing platters, you must start evacuating the space of the house you want to put and set the party. And below ideas would serve as the greatest aids to meet your endeavor. 

7 Unique Ways To Host An At-Home Party On St. Patrick’s Day

Schementing an at-home party is not as easy as it sounds. Multiple tasks of myriads of niches are involved with each other. And the turmoil simply doubles up in case the party is theme-based or event-based like St. Patrick’s Day. So, with these 7 steps below we’ve tried to appease your confusion and help you to land a successful St. Patrick’s Day potluck party ever. Here you go! 

Plan Early And Be Organised

There is no harm in pre-planning any upcoming assignment; be it a party or a special occasion. In fact, it’s been found that early planning of anything often leads to a successful ending. Therefore, make a propel of all to-do’s for the upcoming home party on St. Patrick’s Day and devote yourself thoroughly from start to end. You may find the following steps helpful in duly organizing it. 

i. Keep The Numbers Of Sorted & Finalise The List Early: This is the first and foremost step. As everything afterwards is going to depend on it. Make the guest list early, pinpoint the total numbers and also decide what kinds of guests you are excepting on the day. I mean would they only be adults, kids, or family?

ii. Delineate An Apporax Budget Line: Budget is one thing you must consider after shortlisting the list of guests. This is because a little miscalculation in the budget may cause an acute problem later. Therefore, considering all major premises of the party i.e. decoration, food, drinks, and other miscellaneous aspects, make a tentative budget and proceed accordingly.

iii. Keep The Food & Bar Menu Ready Early: Good food and rich drink are like heart of a social event. Therefore, a tiny fluctuation in taste simply stabs the whole charm of the event. And since St. Patrick’s Day is a core expression of Irish culture, a strong essence of everything-about-Iirish would be reflected in the a-la-carte as well. So, invest some time in research and keep the menu ready.

iv. Send Invitation In A Green Background: The iconic symbol of St. Patrick’s Day is green and shamrock. Therefore, order shamrock-printed invitation cards or let these tinted with green, gold, and rainbow. You can also opt for homemade cards.

Step Out For A Special Home Decoration

Home decoration is another preeminent factor to pay attention to while planning a home party. First of all, decide the area you want to fix for the whole set-up. Like rooftop, balcony, courtyard, portico, etc. Then choose the peripheral part wisely. Since the tenet of St. Patrick’s Day is to spread blessings and good hope you can sway and pin lots of luck-bearing talismans, and chimes throughout the area. Be sure to grab then green, gold, or yellow or you can DIY these. Then pacing up with decor charms find green lights or cute lanterns. Lastly, occupy the void spaces with bundles of balloons, green confetti, and more.

Choose The Right Theme

Before deciding on a theme first affirm the type of crowd you’re going to have at St. Patrick’s Day home party; is it a mixed family party, for adults or just with kids? In correspondence to these ideas pick the next step. However, we’ve mentioned three themes with soaring popularity.

i. Shamrock Everywhere: While the shamrock is presented as the emblem of St. Patrick’s Day, being gooey with the shamrock themes would be the best idea ever. Hence, you can decorate the home space either with various tints of shamrock leaves, else can paint the area with shades of yellow, green, and gold.

ii. Irish Pub Night: Hire a bartender and dedicate the night to Irish culture only. Serve Guinness, green cocktails, beer, whiskey, Irish coffee, and other traditional drinks. As sides, you can keep Irish shepherd’s pie, Reuben crescents, nachos, shamrock puffers, and more.

iii. Irish Folklore Theme: Irish mythology is all about fairytales and fantasy stories. Thus, this St. Patrick’s Day, if you are keen to throw a special blast for children you can also manage a special scoop on one side of the party dedicated to the fairytale theme. Decorate the space with shamrocks, clovers, and lots of greeneries along with favourite folklore characters like Leprechauns, fairies, and valiant warriors.

Set The Menu & Bar Ready

Irish cuisine has been crowned with true connoisseurial delicacy. Thus, put special attention while deciding the menu. There is a plunge of options well spreaded among breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with quick hungry pangs in between the meals. According to the timing of the party, you can custom a little modulation in choosing platters. Else go for an overall mixer with all three major courses. However, don’t miss out to put boxty or potato pancakes, colcannon, slow cooker corned beef and cabbage, Irish stew and certain appetizers including Leprchruans and green velvet cake from the menu. Their presence is simply a must. The same treatment is applicable to drinks as well. Put traditional Irish whiskey and beers on the priority.

Shortlist The Music List Beforehand

While food and drinks are the heart of a party, music plays a role towards a satisfactory completion. Therefore keeping a special space for music is a must. While the selection of music talks a lot about the person or the host, you must not miss this opportunity to show your artistic sensibilities in front of the guests. Based on the personal choice of Irish music such as Irish folklore, pop music, old country classics, keep the list either segregated or make a fusion pair. You can also make a shuffle list from the bands for traditional music such as The Irish Rover, Wild Colonial Bay, Molly Malone, etc.

Plan Fun Games & Activities

These indeed encounter myriads of genres which can either be distinguishable according to age or regardless of any classification. Popular games you can put into the event are as follows

i. Themed Scavenger Hunt: You can arrange the game either in the party space or throughout the courtyard of the house. This fun game is a real cherishable one for all ages.

ii. Cooking Events: This would be a fun game for adults although keeps open feasibility to children as well for participating. Set some time-based snacks making contests or baking events.

iii. Musical Chair Contest: This is a real amusement and everyone will enjoy it without any doubt. Explain the rules prior to the event start that players have to roam by chairs; which are kept in a circular nest, with the rhythm of the music playing in the backs and take the immediate chair of the corresponding participant once it stops. 

Cute And Warm Irish Favors

Sets goodbye to the party and the guest with sweet notes and by gifting some beautiful Irish Talismans like a green bead necklace with a pendant of shamrock. You can also wrap and send some mouthful Irish cookies and bakeries.

Hence this was a precise idea in a nutshell regarding celebrating a memorable St. Patrick’s Day party. Do follow these properly and enjoy them to the fullest. Happy St. Patrick’s Day beforehand.