Shopping for a mattress for beds is a bit challenging. Because your attention should be fixed on two major aspects at one time. On one side, the mattress should be slumber-friendly, and on the other side, it should be supportive in improving bodily alignments while sleeping. According to experts, good adjustments between the hinge points of the body and supine position work like a booster for getting deep and uninterrupted sleep. And right bed mattresses hasten the process at a very fast pace. 

We all know that everyone has a unique physical structure. Thereby, the sleeping posture does vary accordingly. And here arises the main concern. It is because the selection of bed mattresses should suit each and every hinge point of the stature, hereby should be very prudent while shopping for it. 

However, with Casper, the problem seems to reach an end. Its warehouse of bed mattresses is just full of heterogeneities types considering a huge throng of shoppers with countless requirements. Not just this, Casper does also provide important pre-shopping guidelines encompassing all possible aspects. We’ve found 6 of these best tips and are going to discuss all of them one by one. So, let’s start. 

6 Shopping Tips For Bed Mattresses| Casper Mattress

1. Review and identify various types of mattresses

At Casper, you’ll find four different types of mattresses. All of these are manufactured with vibrant materials, and layers, adopting vibrant sewing techniques. So, before you unlock your shopping you must gather some basic information about mattresses and their types. Otherwise, there may arise numerous problems regarding bodily adjustments, and vice-versa. Therefore, skim through the details of the 4 mattress types.

The most traditional types of mattresses which made up of a combination of coils, and springs under a thick layer of foam, fabrics, or latex. Most mattress makers adopt this design technique. These are made up of various layers of foams that assure vibrant nodes of buoyancy and body support. These foams are a combination of plushness and firmness, hence greatly aiding in controlling bodily motion and temperature. 
These have infused both innerspring and foam mattress structures. Hence, robustly flexible and adjustive as per various body types. These mattresses boon spinal alignments with greater intensity. These types of materials are made of layers of latex that are sleek and swift. These are more like memory foam mattresses and are also designed with air channels for better transmission of body temperature. 

2. Know your body structure and assess your sleeping positions

A mattress is more than just a bedding essential. It is a fine volunteer in fixing spinal alignments, cervical problems, and so many related corpus problems. Therefore, prior to investing in one, it’s better to have an idea about your sleeping positions, if you want to proceed scientifically, of course. Till the present day, on average four sleeping types have been addressed. And considering this factor, you can find the best mattress to meet your needs.

As back sleepers are supine sleepers any kind of mattress regardless of thickness is favorable for them. It is because the tension of spinal as well as angular misalignment is very low for this sleeping position. Thus go for any kind.Side sleepers are a bit rigid in terms of their sleeping positions. Here, the worry of inappropriate adjustment of all corpus hinge vertices is constant. So, for better support for both head–back and other parts of the body, firm thickened mattresses are recommended
Stomach sleepers more or less face similar problems as side sleepers. But as most of them feel early morning soreness and sprains, a firm mattress with better durability and plush controllability is welcome.Since they are very fickle during sleeping a mattress balanced with both plush effect and impressive firmness is the best way to go. 

3. Evaluate mattress thickness and choose the best one 

In the market you’ll find numerous mattresses with a wide variety of thicknesses. But if you’re intended either to mope out sleeping disorders or assorting spinal problems if must take the mattress thickness seriously. On average estimation, the basic thickness of a mattress varies between 6” to 12”. And ideally, you must incline for the one less than 6” in thickness. However, a mattress with 12” thick is addressed as a ‘thick profile mattress’. Wave mattress or Nova mattress are true examples of it. Mattresses with 8 to 11” thickness are known as ‘standard profile mattresses’ and the one with 6” thickness is called a low profile mattress. Choose as per your requirements and affordability.

4. Choose between firmness and softness

Now, it’s a witty riddle. Because everyone wants a firm-soft mattress. But if you’re keen to be adequately supported by the underlying mattress you’ve to compromise with the softness or sinkability of the mattress. For, the more sinkable a mattress is, the poorer it would be to provide the required support. So, go for a standard firm mattress that balances enough supportiveness with decent softness together. In the following, an image of zonal corpus adjustment as per the mattress firmness is depicted below. Take a look.

5. Select a mattress size

This one is another crucial factor to keep in mind. Casper mattress has showcased an array of sizes for its mattresses. Based on your personal preference, you can choose any of these. A quick glimpse about the sizes is comprised below. Go through these for better clarity. 

Twin size: is of 38”x75” size. Hence ideal for teenage and children

Twin XL: covers a 38”x80” area. Still a good recommendation for kids at home

Full: circumference area is 53”x75”. Ideal for singles or couples who prefer a compact fitting

Queen: total area covered is 60”x80”. Good for couples as well.

King: holds 76”x80” space. Best recommended for enjoying maximized space comfort

California King: the size is 72”x84”. It is quite an expensive option.

6. Determine your budget

The last and utmost factor. Because while a very expensive mattress causes financial suffocation, a mattress of a very low budget may generate an unsatisfied feeling later on. Therefore, try to get a clear idea about the price indices and your personal budget scale. The good news is that even if you undergo a confined budget line you’ll receive ample discounts and perks while shopping at Casper. For example, at present, it waves out a flat $600 discount upon all its mattress collections. In the following, a tentative outline of the price scale of mattresses and their types is put forth. Take a look. 

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So, this was about the six tips for purchasing a mattress. I hope, you find it useful and relevant. All the best for your venture and have a memorable shopping experience ahead. Enjoy.