Questing for a smart solution to feed your wanderlust? Great news folks! Europcar is here at your service. Book a car from here and move your way wherever your soul wants. It’s that simple.

Purchasing a car is not everyone’s cup of tea all the time. And even it is so, many more other nuisances such as maintenance costs, parking space paucity, etc overburden the situation. To aid relief from all such chaos, Europcar takes the venture of letting you drive from alleys to lanes and across the whole of Europe taking zero responsibility. The best part is, you can book a car of your choice from its warehouse and keep it as long as you want just by paying a minimum amount. Therefore, let’s carry out a generic overview of Europcar, featured services, and perks. 

Europcar| how does it work?

Booking a car at Europcar and fetching a service from here is a matter of a few clicks. All you have to do is, download the app and select the vehicle of your choice and just move on. Here is how you can proceed.

  • Download the Europcar app from the Play Store or Apple store
  • Register with your details and the age which must be above 26
  • Find the nearest station and sort your search by inserting 
  • Car types; fuel-based, deluxe, or van
  • Price along with picking up and drop off locations
  • Get the car ready at your service within 5 mins
  • Mindfully carry essential documents such as driving licenses before hopping into the car


Why should book your next trip with Europcar?

It’s a relevant question indeed! Well, in order to be satisfied with the answers, take your glance down to the pointers.

  • You can access a plunge of cars of multifarious types and brands at one time
  • Can start your journey by paying an affordable amount. Remember, the rental price does vary as per car models and brands.
  • You’ll hit with exclusive price drop alerts and membership discounts
  • No responsibility regarding insurance, maintenance needs to be paid off. Just keep it safe and well parked. That’s all.


Eurpocar| Featured cars & varieties

At present, Europcar fleets 4 kinds of cars. All these kinds display a heterogeneous variety of models, and brands. However, the rental prices do vary a little as per model, design, and engine. Let’s discuss them one by one.


  1. City cars

City cars are mainly fuel-based and are good for long tracks. All the enlisted models under this catalog are recently manufactured and highly eco-friendly. From hatchbacks to the chic smart sedans, you can find any model of your choice through its vast display. Some of the popular brands are Hyundai, Fiat, Renault, Volkswagon, etc.


  1. Luxury cars

Your car has to be compatible with your gesture, and get up while attending a special occasion, else the total flavor would be a mess. Europcar understands the situation better than you and henceforth, scoops out a special archive for luxury cars of renowned brands like Mercedez, BMW, Audi, and Porsche. Models enlisted under these brands are sedan models with extra-large rooms, convertibles with foldable hoods, sports cars, and SUVs. As their glams are more resonant than other cars you’ll get priority service at some particular locations. Click here for more.


  1. Electric cars

Covid has significantly changed the modes of life and lifestyles in these two years. People are trying to strive across nature and be outspoken more about environmental benevolence. Therefore, the use of electric cars and hybrid cars has become a factor of social embracement these days. At Europcar as well, you will witness a plunge of electric cars with great potency which are put up to astonishingly envious designs. The best part out of all, these are the cheapest of others and there is no annoyance of fuel refilling. Just jack in the EV charger with the cable and wait for a while to start. 


  1. Vans & trucks

The service by vans and trucks of Europcar is mainly aimed to serve business sectors. However, this does not keep individual needs as underprivilege or unnurtured. You can easily book a truck or a van during shifting, house moving, or similar conditions. From sprinter to 120-ton trucks, Europcar keeps its garage with decent models of cars to suit consumers’ needs.


Europcar| current offers & perks

It’s time to disclose and go through the roster of ongoing perks enabled by Europcar. From members to individuals, everyone is eligible to drag the offer at their own stake. So, stay tuned with the underneath details.


  1. 15% discount on upcoming trips

Pamper your wanderlust with Europcar. Plan your trip via it and grab a 15% discount on any kind of car; small, sedan, SUV, and electric. Details are as follows

  • The offer is valid on reservations and valid till July 6, 2022
  • Associated conditions are:
  • Get 10% off on 1-4 days rental booking
  • And 15% discount on 5-24 rental days booking
  • The discount is applicable on 1-day advance booking
  • The offer is applicable only to cars


  1. Save 10% on early booking

Book a truck at Europcar in advance and get an instant 10% discount. However, before catching up on this early bird offer skim through the associated TCs below. 

  •  Commence the booking before 14 days
  •  The offer is valid in over 300 locations in Germany
  • Only select trucks are put in under the offer
  • The discount is valid till 100km and beyond it, a charge worth 0.9 Euro will be applicable


  1. Subscribe with Europcar and redeem 10% off

Tying up with Eurocar will always encounter beneficial impacts. You’ll be a lifetime facilitator of a 10% discount on the entire Europcar framework followed by a slew of exciting perks which are described below. 

  • Get free access to subscription tenure: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months
  • Explore and exploit a range of huge new modeled cars
  • Get access to prioritized benefits and service
  • Agile cancellation policy at any time.

**Click here to uncover more information.

So, this was a comprehensive outline of Europcar. Hope you find it useful and make good use of its fleets and service. So, download the app right away and start booking a car. Enjoy and happy driving.