Online skilled pros for events, home services, lessons, wellness and much more.

Getting things done have never been easy since ages and the days of using bulletin boards and phone directories have long been replaced by platforms like Thumbtack claiming to be smarter to hire local pros. This free to join platform connects consumers with service providers & professionals specializing in a variety of categories including pets, home improvement, wellness, photography and more by delivering services for all your needs.

Apart from hiring professional, Thumbtack offers an array of online resources, where one can even view cost estimates for popular services and read how to guide on a number of projects for you. So, get started by visiting the Thumbtack website or by downloading the app for iOS & Android.

Categories of Services Offered by Thumbtack

Since its inception in 2008, the company’s goal is to make hiring a plumber, gardener, handyman, dog groomer, roofing, pest control to name a few as easy as ordering products from Amazon. A lot more focussed than other websites, this modern home management platform offers a host of services namely:

Thumbtack Benefits for its consumers

Free to Join: Users and professionals don’t have to pay anything to join. Payment is only made for the lead you want to communicate with.

Flexibility for the pros: Pros who are willing to take bookings for the jobs have the flexibility to set the number of hours and days they want to work.

One Stop destination: Consumers have the advantage to have access to local professionals from all service backgrounds.

Great platform for professionals with no Online Presence: Those with no online presence who are new in the business industry or own a small business can offer their services at Thumbtack.

Manage all projects in the app-With the Thumbtack app, consumers can access the complete tool set even while on the move.

Launch of Front Desk in 2022

During the pandemic, persistent shortage of labour has deeply impacted the home improvement, repair and maintenance industry. So, to overcome this shortage Thumbtack has recently launched the Front Desk service to help small business owners to turn their operations to be more efficient and profitable. This launch has become phenomenal where customers reach to the front desk all through the day & night. With the launch of this new assistant, your business keeps growing even while you are offline. With the efficient Front desk team responding to enquiries under 2 minutes, customers get a personalized experience depending on the professional they have reaching to 28% higher customer satisfaction ratings, with chat being just the beginning.

Cost Estimates at Thumbtack

Thumbtack’s pricing works in favour of the customer. Some rough estimates to what people have paid for projects like yours.

More options for other Services

Movers & Packers

Thumbtack network of packers & Movers have got you all covered whether you are moving within the city, intercity or International. Rest assured that your moves are going to be in good hands, book your service now and leave the folding, boxing and organising to taskers who will make all that stress disappear for you. Other categories involve Office moving, Piano moving, and more.

Thumbtack Project Guides

To keep your house in good working order all year through you can find experts at Thumbtack who will complete your project

Home Maintenance essentials by season

Fall: Gear up for the colder months ahead and go in for a complete roof inspection to check for cracks on your roof to save you from nasty surprises at the first snow fall, getting your HAVC system serviced before the extreme cold weather hits.

Winter: Get your place ready for the cooler days ahead and the Thumbtack handyman does a great job by handling all the indoor projects you’ll be putting off for a year.

Emergency home Repairs

An emergency strikes without any warning & to tackle that situation is the hardest part that one can face if the need arises. To help you keep an eye out for the signs of emergency, Thumbtack comes to your rescue and assists you in sharing with you qualified professionals who can handle the issues and resolve them in no time.

Wedding Planner

In simple words, the role of a wedding planner can be defined in one word-Everything. Covering everything related to logistics they are expected to handle all creative specifics and requirements to turn your wedding into a memorable event. So, to make your big day perfect it takes a whole team at Thumbtack to pull off with wedding photographers starting from $400 to the catering, wedding venue, they have pros for everything. All you have to do is to just handle the guest list.

As we learn about the tech solutions each day, stay tuned with Thumbtack where homeowners can effortlessly manage their homes when looking for a local service provider of any kind. Connecting local professionals with busy homeowners, helping small businesses thrive, the platform aims to give everyone a fair shot of success. Fully coordinated from the start to the finish get consistent results as their team works the same way every time regardless of the home, or any other project to ensure a healthy environment for the customers and pros.