Finding a best and safe spot for parking is a challenging task across the entire UK. In fact, it’s often observed that people are being harassed and moving around one after another safe sheds just to make out a space to perk their veichels. However, finally, the problem ends and subsides. And thanks to the venture of JustPark which takes the initiative to stab day-to-day parking challenges and replace it with a safe and long-term parking solution.

Established in 2006 with a crew of a handful of people JustPark started its service and today is one of the largest platforms for hassle-free parking services. It has already been reviewed 4.6 plus on Trustpilot. So, on the query of what exactly JustPark does, can satisfyingly be answered as UK’s no.1 service app management system with the best, smart, and intelligent parking solutions

In the following, a smart overview of JustPark is described. So, take a quick reading at your convenience.


JustPark| How does it work?

 Fetching the favorable space with the help of JustPark is a matter of only a few minutes. Whether at the adjacent parking space of a shopping complex or around the periphery of workspaces, you can keep your car safe for a whole day while acquainted by it. You just have to download the JustPark app from the Play Store or Apk store in order to proceed next. Below, the comprehensive outline is mentioned. Take a look. However, prior to reading just keep in mind that till now, JustPark has covered more than 45K locations across various parts of the UK and happily served 5 millon consumers! So, there is no point to be skeptic about its service. However, here is how it works.


  1. Download the JustPark app 
  2. Register either with an individual account or a business account. Do whatever requires next
  3. Enter the location and select the date and the estimated time of occupied service
  4. Choose and then select the space from thousands of options
  5. Book in advance, get a 30% on-hand discount, and enjoy the seamless glitch-free services. 



  • In the context of payment, you can choose hourly, daily, and monthly, whatever seems convenient to you. 
  • In case of advanced booking you’ll enjoy a 30% discount as compared to ad hoc parking and for monthly parking, you’ll save a total of 43% against your bill. 


JustPark| Why should your try it?

It’s absolutely normal not to be much affirmative about JustPark even after hearing endless positive reviews. After all, who can say that the app is not associated with phony practices? Well, calm down! There is nothing to worry about such scams. JustPark is indeed a trusted platform. The reasons are underlined below.

  • It avails the most stress-free and safest parking facility just in a wink
  • Offered services to over 45K locations at feasible prices. 
  • It enables a daily/ monthly booking facility at up to 43% discounts
  • Pre-reservation of the space is possible in case of advanced booking
  • The enlisted parking spaces include 
  • Airport parking| City parking (inside & periphery)
  • Stadium parking| Station parking 
  • Not just the parking facility JustPark does also enables a number of ways of smart earning. These are 
  • Renting out personal unused space like garage, driveway, basements
  • Letting go personal EV charger and making some extra bucks
  • Extra space and facility is given to business uses 
  • Individual guidelines for parking management systems are also provided

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JustPark| Featured facilities & extra benefits

  1. Book in advance and get 30% off

Since it’s already been mentioned that JustPark enables a 30% instant discount on advanced booking, now it’s time to skim through all underneath facilities of this parameter.  So, before setting the location go through the below pointers.


You will receive…

  • An average 27% extra discount against daily and hourly booking 
  • Prioritized access to millions of spaces of the enlisted 45K+ locations
  • Get a specified reservation and enjoy self-recommended reserved space
  • Access to a very smooth service and feasible touchless payment modes


  1. Save up to 43% on monthly booking

It’s needless to say that the layer of benefits would be thickened up in the case of monthly booking. Here are the details go.

  • Manage a sizeable amount of 43% on monthly reservations instead of daily booking
  • Fetch direct access to the monthly bills rather than daily nuisances regarding payments and all
  • Experience a safer and touchless parking facilities
  • You can cancel your booking and stay out of the policy at any time
  • The service is happily used by 5m users till the time


  1. Rent your driveway and earn extra bucks

It is always feels good while folding some extra bucks in pockets apart from the main earning. JustPark avails a similar opportunity for all folks. By letting the unused space of their houses to use as a parking space they can enjoy extra bucks. However, the earning is calculated per single space and for the first £1000, your earning will be tax-free. And for onwards after it will include VAT, taxes, etc. Read out the page for more details.


  1. Rent out your EV charger and get some additional earning

Just like ‘renting the personal driveway’ you can put your EV charger for rent as well and make some extra money. However, here again, your first £1000 will be tax-free and you can earn a lump sum of £3000 a year. Just be prudent about the associated TCs below.

  • Check the charge type; Type 1 or Type 2 and mandate its present conditions along with further needfuls
  • You can customize the kinds of charging you would like to provide JustCharge, FleetCharge, etc
  • Mindfully provide the details of address, condition of the charges, contact details, along with a recent photograph while applying for it
  • Do set desired scale of prices beforehand. No negotiations would be entertained afterward


JustPark| Perks given to business accounts

Just like the individual customers, JustPark devots an unbiased treatment to the business forums as well. In fact, it brings extraordinary offers for this space, i.e. it counts only £2 per driver per month and saves a bulky amount from the redundant expenditure. In the following, the guidelines regarding creating a business account at JustPark are given below.

  • Create a business account at the personified JustPark portal and fill in the needed information
  • Do input the number of cars and required space
  • Set the modes of payments; daily or monthly
  • JustPark will monitor the rest onwards after. That’s all.

So. with this let’s hope you’ve got a lucid idea about the serving policy and working pattern of JustPark. So, say good buy to awful quests for favorable parking spaces. Take advantage of the app and stab all the adhesive problems. Happy driving.