Find Cheap Car Rentals & Drive Happy

Waiting prolonged in a public transportation stop has become a passe! Say, happily goodbye to that nerve-wracking situation! Rather smartly scheme your time and reach your destination without wasting a second. You can always lend help from Alamo in this regard. 

Set up in 1974, Alamo is ‘that’ service store that starts providing all kinds of rental cab facilities decades back from the era of the internet. Starting from the USA, today Alamo is a popular name for rental cab service across the world that presently is spread over 1,100+ locations. 

As from the beginning, the major focus of Alamo is to provide cabs for rent at low cost, users get to access a vast catalog of cars of both vibrant sizes and models before finalizing one. So, when you’re in a genuine hurry to reach the destination, take your phone out and book a car from Alamo in a few clicks.

How does Alamo work?

If you’re obscure about the service policy of the Alamo, then it’s okay. There is no clear-cut rule enacted. You’ll glean a clear idea of the way it gets operated from the discourse underneath. Just keep in mind that getting a cab of personal choice can be accomplished in two ways; by normal reservation, and by accelerated check-in. Now go ahead with the steps below.

Step 1 Download the Alamo app either from the play store or the app store
Step 2 Sign with personal information, mobile number, address, and driving license number.
Step 3 Find an Alamo rental store nearby your house and pinpoint the location after counting the distance from your door.
Step 4 Select a car size and model as per your own needs. For example, pick one among hatchback, sedan, or SUV. Similarly filter and narrow down preference for car models like Nissan, BMW, Chevrolet, etc from the list of 31 displayed models.
Step 5 Verify and cross-check the pickup and drop-off schedules
Step 6 Move ahead for accelerated check-in through pre-submission of your driving license, in case you’re running out of time
Step 7 Accept with the TCs of Alamo and confirm your reservation. That’s all.

Note: Presently, the service of the Alamo is spread over Europe, both Americas, African and mid-east countries, and the Pacific rim.

Additional benefits while booking an Alamo ride

Any time prior to riding your Alamo car, you can always access another list of additional benefits. Which are as follows.

  1. You can always track/modify/cancel your reservation if the booking gets accomplished by a third party
  2. You can indulge in the facility of accelerated check-in. In that case, just keep in mind to authenticate your driving license beforehand. 
  3. You can also move forward with the ‘skip-the-counter’ facility to accomplish all essential formalities like submitting fees, taxes, etc. All these can be done on its official site only. However, the facility is open only to ‘accelerated check-in’.


Alamo Rides| Latest Deals & Offers

Despite availing promptous services as per user’s stake, Almo offers plenty budget worthy deals with a concern to trim users’ costs as much as possible. These deals are handy in vibrant ways. Such as.

  1. Alamo last-minute deals

Alamo last-minute deal is a special budget trimming initiative, available in selected places. These deals are applicable for daily, weekly, and weekend rentals. However, associated terms and conditions are different for all these three. These are as follows.

  • In case of a daily ride, the discount would be accepted upon a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 4 rentals
  • For weekly deals, a minimum of 5 bookings should be considered with a Saturday overnight keep
  • Weekend deals start after 9:00 AM on Thursday and continues till 11:59 PM on Saturday. Extra charges are applicable for overnight keeping up. And the car should be returned to the requested drop-off locations.


How to find a last-minute deal nearby your locale?

  • Insert the name of your place, zip code, postal code, or nearest airport
  • Enter pickup timing, date, and return location along with time
  • Use the exclusive Alamo discount code, if available and press the ‘GO’ button
  • If there is any last-minute deal going around the location you’ll be pinged.


  1. Alamo plan ahead deals

Conditions of this deal are much alike the last-minute deal except for the consequence and modes of operativeness. That is instead of the last-minute booking, users will be given special discounts upon booking early. However, to ensure the availability of this deal you’ve to first check and verify it at the respective portal.

  1. Alamo free single car rental upgradation

Access and enjoy a free ride upgradation by this exclusive facility which is valid till 31st May 2022. Ensure a minimum booking for 1 whole day to a maximum of 27 days to grab the service. However, keep in mind that the upgradation is applicable to compact, intermediate, and midsize car classes. 

How to access the free car rental upgradation?

  • Enter the name of locale, zip code, postal code
  • Complete the reservation by filtering the cars, eligible with the offer
  • Set ‘GO’ and verify its availability near to your places
  • You may have to insert a coupon code if remains

Note: All these three offers are redeemable only by the persons above 25 years of age.

  1. Alamo Insider program

Get enrolled with the exclusive Alamo Insider program and save 5% extra off against the ‘Pay later’ reservation system. Remember, the ‘pay later reservation’ facility is open only to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and Caribbean countries. 

  1. Alamo email special deals

Sign up with Alamo’s email newsletter and receive early notifications of the latest offers, discounts, and extra-saving deals. 

Types Of Available Veichels At Alamo

Alamo enlisted 4 types of transportation vehicles. All these can be used vibrantly as per users’ stake. Take a glance at the varieties available within each vehicle. 

  • Cars| At this moment 31 cars are available which showcases vibrant styles, sizes (Hatchback, Sedan, midsize cars), and models. Such as Toyota, Sports car, etc.
  • SUV| A list of 25 SUVs from different companies are being displayed
  • VAN| You’ll be given a list of 8 vans which are can be used variably; both for transportation and goods carriage.
  • Truck| As of now a total of 5 trucks are marshaled. Stay tuned at Alamo to receive the latest updates.

Hence, stab all those annoying commuting chaos, simply book a car at Alamo and drive away to your destination without any delay or any hustle-bustle. Enjoy your ride.